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An insurance broker is always your best option to compare quotes and shop for insurance. Whether you are in need of auto, home, business, or any other type of insurance, brokers can help you find the coverage you need at the cheapest rates. How?

Insurance brokers work for you, not the insurance companies. Brokers have access to insurance policies and can get you quotes from multiple insurers. This gives you more insurance coverage options, allow you to quickly and easily compare quotes, and get the lowest rates.

Get unbiased advice from an insurance professional. Brokers will answer your questions, help you understand your insurance options and make decisions that are in your best interests. Get access to the insurance coverage need, when you need it.

Are you ready to compare quotes and save on insurance? ThinkInsure brokers are ready to help!

At ThinkInsure, we make sure you get the insurance coverage you need at the lowest price. Our insurance brokers are here to help you save!

We Are An Unbiased Independent Insurance Broker is proud to be a leading independent insurance broker in Canada. Our brokers are just like you. We are drivers and homeowners and we want to help you get the cheapest insurance rates. Compare quotes for all insurance types and locations.

For over 45 years, we’ve helped people just like you get the best insurance policy to meet your unique insurance needs. We provide you with exactly what you expect from a top insurance broker. Experience the ThinkInsure broker advantage :

  • The Most Insurance Savings : Save money and get the best rates. Get tremendous value from your insurance policy. Get the cheapest insurance quotes and maximize insurance discounts.
  • The Best Selection of Coverage : Compare quotes from 40+ insurance companies in Ontario and Alberta. Get the insurance policy and coverage you need.
  • Exceptional Customer Service : Our brokers work for you. Expert the personalized service you deserve. We can help you with all your insurance needs – policy renewals and updates, claims, insurance questions, and much more. We’re also an Insurance broker open Saturdays to serve you best.
  • Professionalism and experience : Our brokers are fully trained and licensed. We are proud members of IBAC, IBAO, RIBO and AIC.
  • Insurance Made Easy : We simplify the insurance shopping process. Compare quotes online or give us a call to compare quotes and get assistance from a ThinkInsure insurance broker!

Benefits Of Using An Insurance Broker In Canada

What Does An Insurance Broker Do?

At ThinkInsure, you’ll not only get the cheapest insurance quotes, you’ll have an insurance professional in your corner. We’ll help you with all your insurance needs :

  • Insurance needs assessment : We’ll assess your insurance needs and help you choose the right coverage for your situation.
  • Compare coverage : Compare quotes from multiple insurers to find the best rates.
  • Find savings : Brokers look for ways to help save you money. They’ll ensure you take advantage of discounts, take advantage of insurance bundles and get the best rates.
  • Get Clarity : Brokers can explain your policy to you so you understand what is included in your coverage.
  • Update your policy : Brokers can help you update your policy, adjust your coverage amounts and ensure you have the right level of coverage.
  • Expert advice : Broker can advise you on the best coverage limits, policies and offer clarification
  • Answer questions : Brokers are available to answer your insurance questions. All you have to do is ask.
  • Assist with claims : Brokers can provide you with advice about insurance claims and help you throughout the claims process.

Experience The ThinkInsure Broker Advantage

What Does An Insurance Broker Do For You?

At ThinkInsure you get the best qualities you want from an insurance provider. We take care of all your insurance needs - from getting expert savings advice, best quotes and coverage to providing superior personal customer service.

Let our team of insurance experts save you money and take all your insurance worries away.

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  • Compare quotes from over 40 insurance companies
  • Our brokers save our customers hundreds everyday
  • Get expert coverage advice from our insurance brokers
  • It's quick, easy and free

Aviva Insurance Broker
Economical Insurance Broker
Intact Insurance Broker
Pembridge Insurance Broker
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Wawanesa Insurance Broker

Savings Tip - Call A Broker

Call to get additional Auto insurance discounts and expert savings advice. A quick call could save you a lot more!

With An Insurance Broker You Get Savings, Selection And One-Stop Shopping

We are partners with over 40 insurance companies in Canada so we can offer our customers one-stop shopping for all their insurance needs. We can quickly compare insurance quotes from a selection of 40+ companies to find the best coverage at the lowest price.

We serve all of Ontario and Alberta. We have customers in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and everywhere in between We have a full selection of insurance products and solutions for ALL types of customers and markets :

  • Personal insurance for vehicles, homes, properties and more
  • Commercial insurance for various types of businesses - home business, SMB’s
  • Life insurance solutions and products
  • Travel insurance
  • And more

We’ll do all the work and quickly find you the best coverage at the lowest rates to save you money.

Get Unbiased Advice And Coverage With An Insurance Broker

ThinkInsure is an independently owned insurance brokerage so we can offer our customers unbiased advice and coverage from any of the 40+ insurance companies we partner with.

Many other insurance brokers are fully or partially owned by large insurance companies – restricting their ability to offer unbiased advice.

We are not a Direct insurance company either. Direct insurance companies are only able to sell products from one insurance company. This one size fits all approach to insurance offers limited selection for customers.

Being an independent broker ensures that ThinkInsure customers get the best selection, pricing and insurance coverage for their individual needs. We offer insurance solutions from many insurance companies, providing you with coverage options and the biggest cost saving potential.

Personalized Service - Each Customer Gets A Dedicated Insurance Broker

At ThinkInsure personalized customer service is a top priority. Each customer gets a dedicated Broker so their insurance needs always get taken care of by the same insurance expert.

We take the time to understand our customers insurance needs and go the extra mile to ensure those needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

We take the time to understand our customers insurance needs. For example, car insurance needs for a customer in Ontario can be very different than a customer in Alberta. Our brokers go the extra mile to ensure those needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

We know our customers names and we want them to know ours.

Our Insurance Brokers Are Experts In Insurance

Our team of brokers and personal service representatives are licensed insurance professionals and are experts in insurance. We are required to stay up to date on the latest insurance products and industry developments. We get extensive training from our insurance partners on product benefits and convey them to our customers.

Our team of insurance experts take great pride making sure our customers get the proper insurance coverage for their needs.

Hassle-free Claims Process With A Broker

ThinkInsure is not an insurance company and we don’t work for insurance companies. We put our customers best interests first, not the interests of the insurance companies. We act as an advocate on behalf of our customers in the event that they have to make a claim, helping ensure fair and prompt payment.

The insurance claims process can be a challenge. At ThinkInsure, we make the claims process worry-free for our customers.

We Are An Independently Owned Canadian Insurance Brokerage

ThinkInsure proudly insures customers all over Ontario and Alberta. We started in Ontario and have now expanded into other Canadian provinces, such as Alberta. We are an independently owned brokerage and believe in supporting local communities and economies. We are growing each day and have over 100 employees who live in various communities in Canada.

Proudly insuring customers for over 45 years.

Insurance Broker FAQs

Should You Use An Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is always your best insurance option. Brokers make it easy to compare quotes, provide expert advice, and give you peace of mind in knowing you are exploring your insurance options. Brokers give you the best chance to save money.

What Is An Independent Insurance Broker?

An Independent broker is not affiliated with any one insurance company. Therefore, they can compare quotes from a variety of insurers, offering more insurance options.

Why Use A Broker For Insurance?

There are many advantages to using a broker to get insurance. You can use a broker to get quotes for all insurance types. You can compare quotes quickly and find the cheapest rates.

Do I Need An Insurance Broker?

While you could shop for insurance yourself, a broker simplifies the insurance comparison process. All you need to do is provide your information and brokers will shop around, compare policy options and find you the best rates and coverage.

Should I Buy Insurance Through A Broker?

Absolutely! Our brokers make buying insurance as quick and easy as possible. You can compare quotes online or give us a call to compare your insurance options.

Who Does An Insurance Broker Represent?

An insurance broker represents you, not the insurance companies. They are your advocate and trusted source for insurance advice.

Find A Broker By Insurance Type

How To Choose An Insurance Broker

Our experienced insurance brokers can help you get a policy for all types of insurance :

Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Business Insurance
Life Insurance
Travel Insurance
Group Insurance
High Risk Insurance

Are you having issues getting insurance coverage? Been denied coverage in the past? Our expert high risk insurance brokers can help you get an insurance policy.

Find An Insurance Broker By Location

How To Find An Insurance Broker

A ThinkInsure broker is always ready to help. We’re never too far away. Connect with our local insurance brokers in your region to help you compare quotes, find the best policy and save.

Find Ontario Insurance Brokers

Our Ontario insurance brokers can help with all your business and Personal Insurance needs.

Learn more about our insurance brokers in cities across the province :

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Find Alberta Insurance Brokers

Our insurance brokers in Alberta will help you find the coverage you need at the best rates, regardless of where you live. Learn more about our insurance brokers in cities across Alberta :

Calgary Insurance Broker
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So click to compare quotes online OR call 1-855-550-5515 and save hundreds on your insurance.

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