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Save On Commercial Insurance Coverage With ThinkInsure

At ThinkInsure we know that your business is different. Our business insurance experts will ask the right questions and to help you get the best coverage for your business needs.

With our large insurance partner network we can offer unique and flexible coverage options and shop for the lowest rates. Discover the ThinkInsure Advantage and see why so many businesses trust ThinkInsure for their commercial insurance.

  • Savings : We can save your business money. We will shop & compare your insurance needs with our large partner network to get you the lowest rates and save you money.
  • Selection : Flexible coverage options. We partner with over 40 insurance companies which allows us find you custom tailored insurance solutions designed to meet your business needs.
  • Service : Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are experts in business insurance. We will work very hard to make sure all your insurance needs get taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Made Easy : We strive to make insurance easy for our customers. Our team of business insurance brokers is there to make all aspects of insurance as easy as possible for you.

Getting flexible & affordable insurance that is tailored for your business is easy with ThinkInsure. Request a quote OR call toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and a business insurance expert will be happy to help you.

Gavin really helped me understand what coverage would be best for my contracting business. He quickly got me quotes from a few companies and helped me choose the best coverage. Thanks for making the whole process easy Gavin!
Peter - Contractor, Toronto, Ontario

What Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a form of coverage, available to all types of businesses, that provides them with protection from loss as a result of unforeseen events that happen during the process of doing business. There are many types of business insurance coverage, including :

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto and property coverage
  • Worker compensation
  • Business income and loss
  • And more

Why Do I Need Business Insurance Coverage?

There are well over 1 million employer businesses in Canada, with more than 40% of those companies residing in Ontario. That is a lot of businesses. What do all of these businesses have in common? The need for reliable commercial insurance to protect your best interests.

Business insurance protects your investment in your company. You’ve put in countless hours of work, invested your hard earned money, and done everything you can to make your business a success – business insurance coverage ensures you stay successful and that your business is protected.

No business owner wants the future of their company to be at risk because of an unforeseen accident or event. Business insurance ensures your business is covered!

Business insurance protects your business from a variety of risks, including :

  • Unforeseen events
  • Injuries to customers, employees and others at your place of business
  • Fire, theft, vandalism
  • Liability claims
  • Other perils

Perhaps most importantly – business insurance gives you the peace of mind in knowing your business is protected now and into the future.

Flexible Insurance Solutions For YOUR Business Needs

The business insurance experts at ThinkInsure know that each business is different and needs different types of commercial insurance solutions to be properly protected. Some businesses may be exposed to higher risks than other businesses because of the type of industry they are in or the number of employees they have.

No matter the type or size of your business, we will work hard to get you the best coverage for your needs. Talk with one of our commercial insurance experts today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Business insurance rates are unique to your specific business. Every business has a unique combination of insurance coverage needs. The products and services offered, the size and number of employees you have, your industry and the risks you face will all play a role in determining business insurance cost.

With so many variables at play, to ensure you get the best business insurance rates and save money on your policy, it is best to shop around for business insurance quotes. We’re happy to help you with this process. After all – it’s what we do best!

How Do I Compare Business Insurance Quotes?

Working with a broker who specializes in business insurance quotes is the best way to compare your options. Shopping around for insurance is the best way to explore the market, see what insurers have to offer your business and compare your business insurance policy options.

At ThinkInsure, we can help you compare business insurance quotes online. All you need to do is request a business insurance quote, and we will help you find dependable and affordable business insurance.

Compare business insurance quotes today and start saving now! Call toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and a business insurance will be happy to help you or request a quote online.

Small Business Insurance Solutions You Can Trust

Every small business in Ontario can benefit from business insurance coverage. Whether you are a small retailer, up and coming marketing firm, home contractor, hairdresser, or operate a home-based business, business insurance will protect your investment in what you have built.

Learn more about how our insurance experts can help you get small business insurancein Ontario .

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

If you or your employees drive, then you need affordable commercial auto insurance you can rely on. The last thing you want to happen is have an accident and have it put your business at risk. At ThinkInsure, we work with business owners to help them compare commercial auto insurance options and find coverage that make sense for their business. Whether you have a business in Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario, we can help.

Learn more about commercial auto insurance in Ontario.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your place of business is one of your most important assets, and you need to ensure it is protected with commercial property insurance coverage. We understand that choosing the right level of commercial property insurance can be difficult – how much coverage should you choose? Which types of coverage do you need? Which coverage makes the most sense for your business?

We offer flexible insurance options to ensure you get the right commercial property insurance for your business. Talk with one of our insurance brokers today to learn more about commercial property insurance options.

Benefits Of A Commercial Insurance Broker

Ontario businesses choose to get commercial insurance through insurance brokers because of the advantages they offer, including :

  • Assistance choosing insurance products that make sense for your business.
  • Unbiased business insurance advice.
  • Options – brokers can help you compare commercial insurance products from multiple insurers in Ontario.
  • Cost savings.
  • And much more!

At ThinkInsure, our commercial brokers in Ontario want your business to thrive. Let us help you protect your business. Get a business insurance quote and have the peace of mind in knowing you are protecting your investment.

What Are The Different Types Of Business Insurance?

There are many different types of business and commercial insurance to consider when exploring your coverage options :

How Does Commercial Insurance Help My Business?

Beyond providing your business with protection against unforeseen events, liability and other threats, buying commercial insurance helps your business in a number of additional ways, including :

  • Credibility
  • Trust with customers
  • It could be required to earn business
  • It provides you with peace of mind in knowing you are covered

These benefits are commonly overlooked by business owners, however, they also play a key role in the overall development and growth of your company.

What Are The Top Risks To My Business?

Understanding the biggest risks to your business is the first step to protecting your business from these risks and ensuring you have the right business insurance coverage in place to mitigate these risks. Some of the top risks for businesses in Ontario today include :

  • Business interruption : every minute that your business is not open during normal business hours puts your company at the risk of lost revenue, lost customers, and incurring loss.
  • Climate change : with unpredictable weather increasingly becoming the norm, your business needs to have a business continuity plan and take steps to prepare for weather events and natural disasters.
  • Cyber liabilities : data breaches, identity theft, and ecommerce issues are increasingly important risks for which to have protection.

These and other risks all pose a threat to your business. We can help you mitigate these risks by helping your choose a commercial insurance plan that addresses all your business needs.

Business Insurance No Matter What Size Your Company

ThinkInsure provides business insurance coverage for all size businesses. Whether you are just starting out and run a business out of your home in Toronto, have a small business with a few employees, or are well established and have a medium or large size company, we have commercial insurance solutions for you :

Commercial Insurance For All Types Of Industries

If you own and operate a business, then you need commercial insurance, regardless of which industry you work in :

  • Auto Repair
  • Contractor
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Home Based Business
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Service & Professionals
  • Large Office
  • Small Business
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing

Discover why many Ontario businesses are turning to ThinkInsure for their insurance needs. Request a business insurance quote or call toll free 1-855-550-5515 and a ThinkInsure broker will be happy to speak with you about your needs!

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