Life Insurance

Why Choose ThinkInsure For Your Life Insurance?

Life insurance can be complicated and you want to get the right blend of insurance for your age, life stage and need. We’ve helped individuals and families achieve their financial and insurance goals for over 45 years. Our knowledgeable, licensed brokers first assess your unique life situation and then offer you unbiased, professional advice. With ThinkInsure, you’ll benefit from :

  • Wide-ranging Options : ThinkInsure works with many different life insurance companies. You’ll have numerous plans and mixes of life insurance products to select from.
  • High Level Of Expertise : Life insurance can be confusing. Many providers offer a wide variety of plans. We give our customers unbiased, professional advice.
  • Customized Plans & Solutions : We’ll customize your life insurance protection to ensure your financial goals are met.
  • Superior Customer Service : Every ThinkInsure customer is paired with a broker and Personal Service Representative throughout their business relationship with us.
  • Life Insurance That’s Easy & Affordable : We’ll do the research and make suggestions based on your budget and limits.

Get Flexible Life Insurance Tailored To Your Needs and Circumstances

There are several different types of life insurance available to you. A broker can help you select the right coverage for you—depending on your life stage, budgetary constraints and your goals and dreams for your future.

Life insurance is an important part of your financial security now and into the future. These are some of the advantages you reap when you have life insurance coverage. You can :

  • Build a tax-advantaged savings plan
  • Provide financial stability to your family and loved ones
  • Have access to money quickly in the event of an accident
  • Create an estate for your family
  • Can bequest to a charity you value

What Type Of Life Insurance Is Best For You?

Your life stage, your dreams and your future plan all influence the insurance coverage that’s best for you. Whether you are a young professional, an individual with dependents or a businessperson on the cusp of retirement, ThinkInsure has life insurance that meets your short and long-term needs and goals. You can choose from :

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers high, short-term protection at the lowest cost for a set period of time. It’s an affordable option, suited to young families on a tight budget or to homebuyers holding a large mortgage.
Learn more about Term Life Insurance.

Permanent Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Life protects you throughout your lifetime together with a tax-advantaged savings element. It provides a death benefit and a cash surrender value.
Learn more about Permanent Whole Life Insurance .

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance provides both permanent life insurance and a tax-advantaged investment component. The increasing cash value of your universal life policy can increase your death benefit or help pay for the cost of your policy.
Learn more about Universal Life Insurance.

Other Types Of Life Insurance

We are a full service life insurance broker and can take care of all your needs. Some other more specific types of life insurance coverage we can get you include :

  • Living Benefits
  • Critical Illness
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability Insurance (Income Protection)
  • Group Benefits
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

Not Sure What Life Insurance Is Right For You?

Sometimes a combination of term life insurance and permanent life insurance in the same policy is the best solution. If you’re not sure which type of life insurance is best for you, or if you wonder about a blend of policies, we can help you.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance Coverage?

Everyone from all stages and walks of life needs life insurance. If you have liabilities and dependents or if you are seeking to build a legacy or a nest egg, life insurance is right for you.

The type of life insurance you choose or the combination of life policies and other insurance products vary greatly. You can be sure that the ‘mix’ you and your broker design, will provide maximum protection with maximum returns.

To find out more about the right balance of life insurance products, choose the descriptor that best defines you. To learn more about potential financial needs for each profile, you can read about life insurance basics here.

  • Launching Your Career
  • Getting Established
  • Broadening Your Horizons
  • Achieved Financial Security
  • Accomplished Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Uncovering your financial needs and tailoring an insurance solution to them can be confusing and complicated. A life insurance expert can answer many of your questions and help you to define your goals.

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