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An increasing number of Canadians are realizing the importance of taking steps to protect their family’s financial future by investing in life insurance products. At ThinkInsure, our team of experienced life insurance brokers can walk you through the steps to get a life insurance quote, answer your questions about life insurance coverage, and help you choose the right life insurance product to protect you and your family. Get started by getting a quote for Equitable Life of Canada life insurance.

Who Is Equitable Life Of Canada?

Since 1920, Equitable Life of Canada has provided residents in Ontario and across Canada with a variety of financial services to provide them with the security they are seeking. While they don’t offer typical insurance products such as car insurance, home insurance or travel insurance, they do specialize in individual life insurance products as well as financial services for retirement and savings, investment management and group benefits.

Why Get A Quote From Equitable Life Of Canada?

Considering life insurance options from Equitable Life? Here are some reasons to get a quote :

  • They are a mutual company : The company is owned by their participating policyholders, not shareholders, allowing them to focus on your specific needs and interests.
  • They are committed to their team : The company has been named one of Waterloo’s Top Employers for eight years in a row and counting, showing they are dedicated to creating a strong and lasting organizational culture.
  • They are community focused : Equitable Life takes pride in giving back to the community through a variety of charitable initiatives. They provide financial support to local community groups and organizations as well as national charities such as the Canadian Red Cross and United Way.
  • Superior service and industry leading products : Working with independent advisors and insurance brokers across Canada, the company is able to provide life insurance solutions that work for you!

Life Insurance Coverage And Products

Equitable Life’s mission is to provide financial security to their customers, and their life insurance product options help them stay true to this goal. In total, Equitable Life offers 5 insurance products for Canadians – each of which provides people with flexible solutions that help them meet their financial goals.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance insurance from Equitable Life provides flexible coverage options, temporary coverage, and affordable life insurance for people in all situations. Equitable Life offers a number of plans to help you meet your financial obligations, including :

  • 10-year term coverage
  • 20-year term coverage
  • Term 30/65 – 30-year coverage

Whole Life Insurance

Equitable Life offers whole life insurance through Equimax, providing you with permanent protection and guaranteed premiums and death benefits. Through Equimax, you can provide for your loved ones, create and preserve an inheritance, build wealth and protect your children. Choose from two plans :

  • Equimax Estate Builder : Ideal for higher long term value.
  • Equimax Wealth Accumulator : Ideal for those seeking higher cash value within 20 years.

Universal Life Insurance

Equitable Life offers universal life insurance coverage through their Equation Generation IV product. It is ideal for those seeking affordable life insurance and tax advantaged investment opportunities. You have two plans to choose from :

  • Equation Generation IV with Bonus
  • Equation Generation IV Low Fees

Critical Illness Insurance

Equitable Life offers universal life insurance coverage through their Equation Generation IV product. It is ideal for those seeking affordable life insurance and tax advantaged investment opportunities. You have two plans to choose from :

EquiLiving provides coverage for many illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and many other debilitating illnesses and health conditions.

Simple Issue Life Insurance

Simple issue insurance is a form of life insurance where no medical exam is required to get coverage. Premiums are guaranteed, and you can get coverage by answering a few simple questions. Equitable Life offers two coverage options:

  • Living Protection : This is a form of critical illness insurance that covers the foremost common diseases – heart attack, stroke, cancer, and coronary bypass surgery.
  • Final Protection : This is a form of non-participating whole life insurance that provides up to $50,000 of permanent protection for people from age 40 – 80.

Equitable Life Contact Information

Head Office Address
One Westmount Road North
P.O. Box 1603 Stn Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 4C7

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