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Learn all about car insurance in Ontario and getting affordable coverage

There are more than 13.5 million residents in Ontario and this number continues to grow. This means more drivers, more traffic congestion, and a greater risk for auto accidents on roadways. You need a car insurance policy that provides the best coverage and protection so you can drive with confidence.

We know Ontario drivers are tired of paying too much for auto insurance. Finding affordable coverage doesn’t have to be difficult. ThinkInsure helps hundreds of drivers save on car insurance coverage every month.

Do you drive in a large city like Toronto? Live in a small town like Bracebridge? You need to understand your auto insurance options. Below you will learn about Ontario car insurance :

  • Learn about Ontario car insurance and coverage options.
  • Understand the Ontario rules for car insurance and how rates are determined.
  • Learn how easy it is to compare auto insurance quotes and coverage.
  • Get the best savings tips and advice.
  • Find out about getting coverage for different types of drivers.
  • And much more.

How To Get Cheap Ontario Car Insurance Quotes

It's easy to get the cheapest Ontario car insurance quotes. Quickly compare rates in 3 minutes or less from the leading providers to save.

To get the most accurate quote it is helpful to have :

  1. Your driver’s licence
  2. Your vehicle information

Simply fill out information about yourself, your driving history and vehicle :

Step 1

Start Your Quote

Enter your postal code and some basic information.

Step 2

Enter Your Driving Information

Enter details about your driving and vehicle information.

Step 3

Compare The Cheapest Quotes

Compare quotes from the leading companies.

Step 4

Choose The Best Rate

Choose the lowest rate and get your policy.

What Are The Best Tips To Get Cheap Car Insurance In Ontario?

We understand that you want to get the cheapest car insurance rates. Here are some great tips to help you get the lowest rates and save on Ontario auto insurance :

1. Shopping Around For Ontario Car Insurance Quotes Pays Off

Insurance rates vary between providers. When you shop around, you’ll get different rates for the same car and driver. An insurance expert can help you quickly find and compare quotes based on your:

  • Driving record
  • Vehicle
  • Coverage needs

2. Compare Quotes With A Car Insurance Expert

Licenced insurance experts have a wealth of knowledge and a network of providers. They use their knowledge to source insurance that meets your budget and needs. You have more options and greater opportunity to save.

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Ontario

3. Benefit From The Experience Of An Insurance Professional

Licenced professionals continually update their education and knowledge. They provide unbiased savings advice based on your situation. Get the clarity you’ve been looking for. Get your insurance questions answered.

4. Stay Up-to-date With The Latest Developments In The Car Insurance Industry

Things change quickly in the insurance industry. Staying up-to-date allows you to make the best decisions. You'll capitalize on new discounts, rate changes, and cost saving opportunities.

5. Be An Educated Car Insurance Consumer

Know what your policy means and the type coverage you need. If you are not sure about a specific insurance term, talk with your provider to get clarity. Never make assumptions about your coverage. You don’t want to be under insured.

6. Focus On Value When Comparing Quotes

Price is important, but it’s not the only thing. When comparing policies, make sure you understand value - the level of coverage you will receive for your quoted car insurance rate.

7. Consider Insurance Factors Before You Buy A Car

The car you drive will impact your rates. Inquire about the insurance rates of vehicles you are considering before you make your final vehicle purchase decision. The vehicle you drive could impact your rates by hundreds of dollars.

8. Review Your Policy Each Year

A lot can change in a year. Review your policy each year prior to renewal. Does your coverage match your driving needs? Do you need to add or remove coverage types?

9. Pay In Advance

Pay your insurance premium in advance to avoid administrative fees. Some insurers offer a slight discount for paying in full.

10. Complete Driver Training

This is particularly important for new and young drivers. Completing driver training with an accredited driving school helps to lower your rates.

Save With The Best Ontario Car Insurance Discounts

Take advantage of discounts and you could save 30% or more

Are you taking advantage of eligible discounts? Our insurers offer many types of car insurance discounts. Here are some of the top discounts we offer. Find out which discounts you qualify for.

Bundle Auto Insurance With Home Insurance Bundle Auto Insurance With Home Insurance

Combine your auto and home policy with the same insurer. Save up to 20% on auto insurance and up to 50% on home insurance. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of having all policies insured with the same provider.

Winter Tire Discount Winter Tire Discount

Insurers offer a discount for drivers who use winter tires. Install winter tires on your vehicle and save up to 5% right away.

Multi Car Discount Multi Car Discount

If you have multiple vehicles you can qualify for a multi-line insurance discount. This includes the vehicles of family members living at the same residence. Insure all your vehicles with the same insurer. Save up to 15% on all vehicles included in your policy.

Green Vehicle Discount Green Vehicle Discount

It pays to go green. Reduce your impact on the environment and reduce fuel costs. Save up to 10% when you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Loyalty Discount Loyalty Discount

It pays to be loyal. Get rewarded for your loyalty with up to 10% in savings. Your savings can increase each year you renew your policy and stay with your current provider.

Driver Training Discount Driver Training Discount

All drivers who pass an MTO approved driver training course save up to 10%. Young drivers can also take advantage of graduated licensing discounts. If you are in school, save up to 10% on a good student discount. Maintain a “B” average or better.

Retiree/Senior Discount Retiree/Senior Discount

Retired? Qualify as a senior? Insurers reward driving experience. Save up to 10% on your insurance policy. If you are over 65, you may qualify for a senior or retiree insurance discount.

Anti Theft Device Installation Discount Anti Theft Device Installation Discount

Anti-theft devices reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Insurers reward you for reducing driving risks. Save up to 15% by installing an anti-theft or burglar deterrent device. You may require proof of purchase and installation.

Good Driver Discount Good Driver Discount

Staying claims, accident, and ticket free will qualify you for a discount. Through telematics or usage based insurance (UBI) programs, insurers reward you for good driving habits. Save up to 30% when you drive safe and sign up for UBI.

See a complete list of Ontario car insurance discounts.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Ontario?

Auto Insurance  Ontario Coast

The average cost of Ontario car insurance is $1,505 according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Car insurance rates are higher for drivers who live in large cities such as Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton. Rates tend to be cheaper in more rural areas and in Northern Ontario.

Ontario Car Insurance Costs By Type Of Driver

Car insurance rates vary significantly based on the driver profile and record. Younger drivers often pay higher premiums as they have less driving experience. Mature drivers with good records pay less pay much less as they get in less accidents.

Here’s a sample of car insurance rates from Ontario drivers who did an online quote with us.

Driver Type Average Quote (per year)
Mature Drivers (35-45 years old) $2,220
Senior Drivers (60-70 years old) $1,642
Young Drivers (20-25 years old) $4,128
Male Drivers (all ages) $2,890
Female Drivers (all ages) $2,515
Drivers With 2 Tickets (all ages) $2,940
Drivers With 1 At-fault Accident (all ages) $3,065

Recent Ontario Car Insurance Quotes

Wondering how much you could save on your auto insurance? Here are some recent quotes and savings from Ontario drivers who used ThinkInsure.

Shopper Province Vehicle Cheapest Rate Highest Rate Savings
Female, 45 years old Ontario 2015 BMW 328D $1,214/yr $2,460/yr $1,214
Male, 32 years old Ontario 2016 Volkwagen Golf 1.8 TSI $811/yr $1,327/yr $516
Male, 50 years old Ontario 2017 Acura TLX $1,440/yr $2,568/yr $1,246
Female, 33 years old Ontario 2018 Honda CRV EX-L $1,256/yr $1,746/yr $490
Male, 58 years old Ontario 2018 Audi Q5 $992/yr $1,812/yr $820

What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Ontario

Ontario is the second most expensive province to get car insurance in behind British Columbia. The average annual car insurance rate in Ontario increased by $60 in 2019 to $1,505 from $1,455 in 2018. It's not only Ontario drivers who face increased rates as they are increasing in most provinces.

The average rates data comes from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Average 2019 car insurance rates by province

Province Average Annual Rate
British Columbia $1,832
Ontario $1,505
Alberta $1,316
Saskatchewan $1,235
Newfoundland & Labrador $1,168
Manitoba $1,140
Nova Scotia $891
New Brunswick $867
Prince Edward Island $816
Quebec $717

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario FSRA regulates the insurance industry and car insurance in Ontario.

Insurers can apply to have their rates increased. This occurs because of changes in coverage offerings. It helps to offset claims costs. Requests to increase rates must be reasonable. The FSRA can require insurers to lower rates when auto insurance system changes occur.

Ontario rates have increased for 9 consecutive quarters (Oct 1, 2017 to Dec, 31 2019). Here is a summary of insurance rate changes since 2014 :

Quarter Overall Rate Change
Q4 2019 +1.56%
Q3 2019 +2.60%
Q2 2019 +2.00%
Q1 2019 +2.70%
Q4 2018 +3.35%
Q3 2018 +2.06%
Q2 2018 +1.10%
Q1 2018 +2.23%
Q4 2017 +1.03%
Q3 2017 -0.10%
Q2 2017 +0.76%
Q1 2017 +1.24%
Q4 2016 -0.14%
Q3 2016 +1.50%
Q2 2016 +0.33%
Q1 2016 -3.07%
Q4 2015 -0.15%
Q3 2015 -0.50%

There are a number of key factors that affect rates in Ontario :

  • Insurance fraud : Fraud drives up the cost of coverage.
  • Increasing claims costs : There is an increase in the number and cost of auto insurance claims.
  • Greater driving risk : There is a higher volume of drivers and traffic. High population density and poor road conditions are also factors.
  • Increased auto theft : Auto theft rates are on the rise.

Getting a car insurance quote online is simple. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, you can easily follow the steps. Save time and take advantage of the convenience of shopping for quotes online :

  • Set aside some time : All you need is a few minutes to complete a quote. Have your information handy to speed up the process.
  • Use your preferred device : You can compare quotes online using your smartphone, tablet or desktop. The choice is yours!
  • Follow the steps : Fill out the requested information. Be as detailed as possible to get an accurate quote.
  • Review your coverage and discount options : Make sure you choose the right level of coverage and take advantage of qualifying discounts.
  • Get coverage : Choose your insurer and policy. You’ll receive an email notification with a summary of your policy. You can request to speak with an insurance expert to look for even more cost savings.

Insurers use many factors to set car insurance rates across Ontario. Here are some of the key factors that impact the cost of a policy :

Experience Behind The Wheel

Driving experience is a key factor. Experienced drivers are less likely to get into accidents compared to novice drivers. How long have you been driving? What level of graduated licence do you have? A clean driving record and a longer insurance history lower rates over time.

Your Age, Gender, Marital Status

Insurers consider personal information such as your age, gender and marital status. Why? New drivers have less experience. Younger drivers, males, and single people are more likely to engage in risky driving. They are more likely to be in accidents and get tickets. Studies show that women are less likely to be in accidents.

Driving Record - Do You Have Traffic Violations?

A clean driving record can make a huge difference in how much you pay for coverage. How is your driving record? Do you have recent tickets or claims? Accidents, traffic violations, and claims will increase your rates. Rates can decrease when tickets are removed from your driving record. Drive safe!

The Vehicle Your Drive

What vehicle do you drive – SUV or a sedan? How old is your car? Is it a common target for thieves? Does it have a good safety rating? The car you drive, its MSRP, vehicle features, repair costs, and vehicle type can make a big difference.

How You Drive And Use Your Vehicle

Do you use your car to drive to work? How many kilometers do you drive per year? Do you use your car for business? If you drive occasionally, you may qualify for a low kilometer discount.

Insurers consider :

  • Length of your daily commute
  • How you use your vehicle
  • How many kilometres you drive annually

Where You Live And Drive

Location, location, location. It can matter just as much for insurance as it does for real estate. Insurers consider where you live. If your neighbourhood has higher statistics for car theft and accidents, your insurance premiums will reflect the higher risk. City, neighborhood, and even postal code matter.

Coverage Limits And Deductible Amount

The type of coverage you select will impact your rates. More coverage will increase costs. It will also provide you with greater protection. Adjusting your deductible amount for collision or comprehensive insurance will impact premium costs. As a general rule, increasing your deductible will lower your premiums. Choose your coverage and deductible amounts wisely.

Your Insurance And Claims History

Your history as an insured driver matters. Gaps in coverage, payment issues, or too many claims will impact your ability to get coverage. It will also increase your rates.

Ontario is home to more people and drivers than any other province. There are more than 14 million people and more than 10 million registered drivers across the province.

Do you commute daily on the 401 or QEW? Spend your weekends driving in the country side or cottage country? Enjoy Niagara wine country? Or, do you love to head up north to explore the natural wonders of Northern Ontario? You need a good insurance policy.

Drivers need to understand driving and auto insurance in Ontario. Here are key stats and facts :

  • Licenced drivers and registered vehicles : According to MTO, there are 10,417,581 licenced drivers. There are 9,855,487 registered motor vehicles in the province.
  • Private coverage : Drivers get insurance from private insurers. There is no public insurance coverage.
  • No fault : Ontario operates on a no fault insurance systems. Drivers deal with their own insurer for accidents and claims.
  • Rates are increasing : There has been a large increase in auto insurance rates since 2004.
  • Rates are higher in the city : Drivers pay more for auto insurance if they live in the GTA. Rates are cheaper up north and in rural areas.
  • Insurance fraud : Its estimated fraud costs the insurance industry about $1.3 billion a year in Ontario. Insurers use between 15-20% of insurance premiums to cover the increasing cost of fraud and theft.
  • Vehicle theft : Police reported about 85,000 vehicle thefts in Ontario in 2007. According the IBC, car theft occurs every 7 minutes in Canada.
  • Distracted driving : According to, deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have doubled since 2000. Injuries in a distracted driving collision happen every 30 minutes.
  • Accidents : According to the MTO, in 2018, there were 35,746 reported collisions.

Ontario Car Insurance Rules

Cheap Car Insurance Ontario

All drivers are subject to car insurance rules in Ontario. Insurance laws are regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). These rules are in place to help regulate drivers and insurers.

There are rules for :

  • Insurance eligibility
  • Coverage requirements
  • Buying coverage
  • Filing claims
  • Consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Proof of coverage
  • Cancellations
  • And much more

All drivers should become familiar with all Ontario car insurance rules and laws. Breaking these rules could result in fines, loss of coverage, increased premiums, and even criminal charges.

Why Use ThinkInsure To Compare Car Insurance Quotes And Get Coverage?

Get trusted coverage and customer service

ThinkInsure car insurance experts are on your side. We work for you, not the insurers. We are an independently owned company so we’re unbiased. We can help you compare quotes from many insurers. Find the cheapest rates and best coverage.

Here are some great reasons to choose ThinkInsure :

Get The Cheapest Quotes And Save Money

Get The Cheapest Quotes And Save Money

Drivers can save up to $500 or more on their auto insurance policy when comparing quotes. We can quickly get quotes from the best insurance providers in Ontario. It only takes 2 minutes to compare the lowest rates and save. It’s that quick and easy.

Expert Savings Advice

Expert Savings Advice

Our auto insurance experts are licenced and trained professionals. We can answer all your insurance questions. We provide you with the guidance you’re looking for.

One Stop Shopping And Personal Service

One Stop Shopping And Personal Service

All customers get a dedicated personal service representative. We’ll take care of ALL your insurance needs. We take pride in helping our customers and by providing top level customer service. If you need assistance, just give us a call!

Safe And Secure

Safe And Secure

Your information is safe with us. We never share your information without your consent.

24/7 Claims Service

24/7 Claims Service

Accidents can happen at any hour. You can get 24/7 claims service from the leading insurers in Ontario. We will be there to help you in the event of an accident when you need us most.

Car Insurance Needs Coverage Assessment

Car Insurance Needs Coverage Assessment

Get a car insurance needs assessment to find the proper coverage and understand your policy details. We will also recommend ways for you to save with our wide range of products and discounts.

We can compare auto insurance quotes and much more!

ThinkInsure is much more than a comparison site for auto insurance rates. Unlike other comparison sites, we do not sell your quote information to insurance providers.

We want to help you with all your auto insurance needs. From getting the best rates and coverage to providing top level customer service, we will be there for you when you need help. We’ll work hard to save you money on your insurance year after year.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

ThinkInsure is a leading provider of Ontario car insurance coverage. We have helped thousands of Ontario drivers quickly get the coverage they need at the lowest rates. See what our customers are saying about ThinkInsure on Google.

We Have Hundreds Of 5 Star Reviews!

Review Rating Review Rating

Average of 4.7 out of 5 stars in 708 Google reviews

What Does Your Ontario Car Insurance Policy Cover?

Auto insurance policies have different levels of coverage. All drivers must have a minimum amount of coverage. It may not be enough to fully cover costs of an accident, injuries, and lawsuits. Car insurance policies cover the repair/replacement of your vehicle, medical costs, and liability.

Get the auto insurance policy that meets your unique driving needs. Choose from standard, optional, and enhanced coverage to customize your policy.

What Is Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage In Ontario?

In Ontario, there are four types of coverage required by law to be included in your policy. They are liability coverage, accident benefits, direct compensation property damage, and uninsured motorist. This applies to vehicles leased, financed or owned by the driver.

Third Party Liability

All drivers must have a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability coverage. This coverage protects you in the event you cause damage or injure someone. You can increase your coverage amount for added protection.

Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage In Ontario

Statutory Accident Benefits

Drivers get certain medical benefits and other expenses if injured or killed in an auto accident. You can purchase additional coverage for most accident benefits.

Here is the minimum coverage included in a standard auto insurance policy :

  • Medical payments : Up to $65,000 for non-catastrophic injuries or up to $1 million for catastrophic injuries.
  • Funeral expenses : Up to $6,000.
  • Disability income benefits : $185/week for 104 weeks.
  • Death benefits : Minimum of $25,000 to spouse and $10,000 to dependants.
  • Income replacement: 70% of gross wages. Maximum of $400 per week.

Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

This covers damage to your vehicle in accidents where you are not at fault. For this coverage to take effect, the accident must occur in Ontario and must involve another insured vehicle.

Uninsured Automobile

This provides coverage in the event of injury or death by an uninsured driver. It also applies if you’re involved in a hit and run.

Enhanced Coverage And Endorsements

What additional types of car insurance coverage can you get in Ontario?

You have insurance options. Choose from a variety of policy options to get more coverage above and beyond the minimum :

Accident Forgiveness

Your rates will not increase if you have you first at fault accident.

Rental Car Insurance

Ensure you are covered when you drive a rental car.

Roadside assistance

Get access to roadside assistance through your insurer.

Coverage For Business Use

Run a small business? Get coverage for your vehicle when you are driving for business purposes.

Disappearing Deductible

Your deductible will decrease each year you don’t make a claim.

Replacement Value

Get coverage for the actual amount of money it will cost to replace your car without depreciation.

Optional Car Insurance In Ontario

What is optional auto insurance coverage in Ontario?

Ontario drivers can add extra coverage that is above and beyond the minimum insurance. Optional coverage includes :

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides you with protection for vehicle damage by weather events, theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, and falling objects.

Collision Or Upset

Collision coverage protects against damage from a collision by another car or object. This coverage applies to most types of accidents. This includes hit and runs and if you hit stationary objects such as a street sign.

Specified Perils

Specified perils protects against pre-defined risks outlined in your policy. Specified perils can include theft, fire, wind, hail, water, and other types of damage. You have coverage for the perils listed in your policy only.

All Perils

All perils coverage combines comprehensive and collision. You have coverage for all types of risk unless they are explicitly excluded in your policy.

Get A Car Insurance Quote
Car Insurance Policies Ontario

What Is The Difference Between Standard And Non Standard Auto Insurance Coverage In Ontario?

Some drivers do not qualify for standard auto insurance. Accidents, tickets, and too many claims can affect your rates. It can affect your ability to qualify for a standard auto insurance policy. It could also require you to get high risk auto insurance coverage. Our insurance experts can help you compare quotes from ALL high risk insurers.

How Much Is My Car Insurance Deductible In Ontario?

All car insurance policies in Ontario include a deductible. This is the amount of money you pay when to file a claim. Deductible amounts can vary based on your insurer and your preferences. The standard amounts are:

  • $500 for collision coverage
  • $300 for comprehensive coverage

Your deductible amount will impact your rates. Opting to increase your deductible will lower your rates. But, it also means you will pay more out of pocket when you file a claim. Choose a deductible amount you are comfortable paying.

Do You Have The Proper Auto Insurance Coverage?

Do you have the right amount of coverage? You could be under or over insured. Get your car insurance needs assessed by an insurance expert to ensure you are getting the coverage you need.

Learn about coverage options and adjust your policy to serve your specific driving needs. You will also be able to compare quotes and find new savings.

Ontario Car Insurance Coverage
Get 24/7 Assistance With Car Insurance Claims In Ontario

Get 24/7 Assistance With Car Insurance Claims In Ontario

Get into an accident? Is your vehicle damaged? The insurance claims process can be stressful. We can help you, when you need us the most. We help make the claims process worry free for you. Get step by step guidance throughout the claims process.

Get expert advice about if you should file a claim and how to file a claim. Get answers to your questions. We’ll advocate on your behalf, ensure insurers manage your claim fair and you receive compensation promptly.

How Does The Auto Insurance Claims Process Work?

In general, here is how the basic car insurance claims process works :

  • Report the accident to police or accident reporting centre.
  • Open a claim by providing the accident information to your insurer.
  • Get an estimate for the repairs. Determine if repairs are needed or the car is a total loss
  • Your insurer will determine who is at fault if it's an accident.
  • Your vehicle is repaired.
  • The insurance claim will be closed.

Claims with injuries can require additional steps.

Ridesharing Insurance Coverage In Ontario

How Does Ridesharing Insurance Coverage Work In Ontario?

Making a few extra bucks on the side working as an Uber or Lyft driver? Ontario drivers can get ridesharing insurance for Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services.

Now Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, and other ridesharing providers can have the ridesharing insurance they need. You are covered when on the clock.

Uber Insurance Coverage

Uber drivers require specific coverage. Get coverage the second you log into the Uber app to accept a ride. When you are not driving Uber, your normal insurance policy will take effect.

Lyft Insurance Coverage

Get ridesharing coverage as soon as you turn on your Lyft app and accept passenger rides. When the app is off, use your personal car insurance policy.

Save Up To 30% With Usage Based Insurance In Ontario

Drivers in Ontario can choose usage based insurance (UBI) coverage to help lower their insurance premiums. The safer you drive, the greater the reward. Get immediate savings when you sign up for the program with your insurer. You could save up to 30%.

There are no penalties based on the information collected about your driving habits. How UBI works varies by insurer. Speak with your insurer for more details.

Use a Driving App best savings

The Graduated Licence System In Ontario

Ontario has a graduated licence system. All drivers must complete all levels to become a fully licenced driver.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Ontario Graduated Driver’s Licensing System :

G1 Driver’s License

The G1 is your learners permit. You must be at least 16 and pass a written test. A fully licenced driver must accompany you to drive. Driving restrictions apply.

G2 Driver’s License

To get a G2 licence, you must have your G1 for one year. It can be 8 months if you complete driver training. You must pass the G1 exit road test. Driving restrictions apply.

Full G License

To get a full licence you must have your G2 for at least one year. You must pass the G2 exit test. No driving restrictions apply if you are over 21.

Does Adding A G1 or G2 Driver To My Insurance Affect Premium Costs?

Adding a new driver to your policy will increase your insurance costs. Teenage drivers with a G1 or G2 have the highest insurance rates. Ensure they complete driver training to qualify for an insurance discount.

Ontario Car Insurance FAQs

Still have questions about Ontario car insurance? Check out these frequently asked questions and answers we get :

Auto insurance rates in Ontario are some of the highest in the country. British Columbia is the only province more expensive car insurance rates. One of the main reasons why it is so expensive is the prevalence of insurance fraud. This increases claims costs.

Other factors that impact car insurance rates include higher repair costs, more accidents, and increased average claims costs.

Getting the cheapest car insurance in Ontario is unique to each driver. There are many factors that contribute to getting lower rates. Insurance deductibles, coverage limits for collision and comprehensive coverage impact how much you pay.

Other factors like your driving record, claims history, vehicle, and insurance discounts also affect your insurance premiums.

The cheapest cars to insure in Ontario change on an annual basis. Insurance friendly vehicles have strong safety ratings, are more affordable to repair and are not targets for theft.

Vehicles that appear on the list of most affordable car insurance include :

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Chevy Cruze
  • Nissan Versa.

Your driving record, claims history, and other factors will also impact the cost of your insurance premium. Learn more about the cheapest cars to insure in Ontario .

Toronto and the GTA is the most expensive region. Other cities like Ottawa and Hamilton also have higher rates.

Smaller towns in rural areas have the most affordable rates. So areas in Southwestern and Northern Ontario tend to have lower auto insurance rates.

The Ontario Government has announced significant changes to the auto insurance system as part of the 2019 Ontario budget. The proposed changes seek to simplify the auto insurance system. The aim is to make it more competitive and reduce insurance costs for drivers.

The key areas of the plan are :

  • Driver care plan
  • Fraud prevention
  • More insurance coverage options
  • More ways for drivers to save
  • Reduced regulation
  • Increase online access to insurance services, payments, and better communication

Read more about the proposed auto insurance changes in the 2019 Ontario budget.

No. Credit score checks are not required to get car insurance coverage in Ontario. They also have do not have any impact on the price of premiums.

Ontario uses a no fault insurance system. This means you deal with your insurance provider for all claims. Your insurer pays for your damages and other drivers deal with their insurance provider.

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