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Car Insurance Calgary

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About Auto Insurance In Calgary

Auto Insurance Calgary

Driving in Calgary is only becoming more congested and challenging. Affectionately referred to as Cowtown and home to the world famous Calgary Stampede, the city is the fastest growing city in Canada – this means more cars, more rush hour traffic, and greater risk for drivers.

Add to this constant construction as the Calgary Ring Road is being constructed and unpredictable Alberta weather and drivers need to be alert and drive safe to keep car insurance rates down.

But regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, where you drive, or how often, drivers in Calgary need auto insurance they can depend on.

At ThinkInsure, you can quickly compare car insurance quotes and find the coverage you need at the cheapest rates. We’ll help you save on insurance even when rates in Alberta are on the rise.

How To Get A Calgary Car Insurance Quote

Getting a car insurance quote in Calgary is easy. Just enter some basic information about yourself and driving habits and you can compare quotes from the leading insurance providers. Then you can choose from the lowest rates and get the best coverage for your needs.

To get an accurate quote it is helpful for you to have the following :

1) Your Alberta drivers license
2) Your vehicle information

Compare auto insurance quotes in a couple of quick and simple steps :

Step 1

Start Your Quote

Start your car insurance quote.

Step 2

Tell Us About Yourself And Vehicle

Provide us with some basic personal, driving and vehicle information.

Step 3

Compare Quotes

Compare quotes, coverage and discounts from the best Calgary insurance providers.

Step 4

Choose The Best Policy

Choose the quote with the best rate and coverage. Confirm the details with our experts and purchase your policy.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Calgary?

Car Insurance Quotes Calgary

Calgary car insurance rates vary from driver to driver. In general, premiums in Calgary tend to be higher than other Alberta cities. The population, amount of traffic, and risk all play a role in how rates are determined by insurance providers.

The best way to know how much your car insurance premium will cost is to a quote from multiple insurers.

What Are The Average Car Insurance Premiums In Calgary?

The average car insurance premiums in Alberta are about $1,250 annually, or about $105 per month. Since rates tend to be higher in Calgary than in other regions, drivers can expect to pay at or above the average rate for their car insurance premiums.

Calgary Car Insurance Coverage Options – What’s Required And What’s Optional?

Car insurance in Calgary is divided into two types of coverage :

Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage

Drivers are required to have a mandatory amount of coverage. At a minimum, you must carry $200,000 in third party liability and accident benefits coverage. Mandatory coverage is determined using the grid rating program.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

The majority of drivers in Calgary have more than the minimum car insurance. Optional coverage rates do not apply to the grid rating system. Drivers are free to get quotes for optional or additional coverage. The amount of optional coverage you get is up to you.

Get more information about the specifics of Alberta car insurance coverage and requirements.

What Are Some Insurance Coverage Tips To Protect Your Vehicle in Calgary?

Car Insurance Calgary Alberta

Insurance coverage needs vary based on where you live in Calgary. Unpredictable weather makes it important have more than the basic amount of coverage required to legally drive in Alberta.

  • Increase third party liability coverage : Most drivers in the province carry $1 million in third party liability coverage.
  • Get comprehensive coverage : Get added coverage to protect your vehicle against wind, hail, flooding, and flying objects.
  • Make sure you have windshield coverage : Cracked or chipped windshields are common in Calgary. Frigid temperatures and flying rocks are threats to your windshield.

Why Is Car Insurance In Calgary More Expensive?

Calgary drivers have some of the highest insurance rates not only in Alberta, but in all of Canada. As a major city, large traffic volume and unpredictable weather in the region increase risk.

The city also has one of highest rates of vehicle theft in Canada. These factors, among others such as age, vehicle type, and driving record, increase the cost of car insurance in Calgary.

Which Factors Impact Calgary Car Insurance Costs?

Cheap Auto Insurance Calgary

There are many factors that impact premiums :

  • Personal information : Age and gender.
  • Driving experience : Number of years you’ve had a driver’s licence.
  • Driving record : Tickets, driving convictions, lapse of insurance coverage,
  • Location : Where you live within the city of Calgary,
  • Driver training : Completion of an accredited driver training program.
  • Vehicle : Type of vehicle you drive and what it’s used for.
  • Deductible : Insurance deductible amount.
  • Coverage : Insurance coverage limits.
  • Drivers : The number of drivers included on your policy.

These and other factors are used by insurers to determine the cost of your insurance premium.

Who Determines Calgary Car Insurance Rates?

Auto insurance rates in Alberta are set by the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB). They manage the Grid Rating System to set the maximum premiums insurance providers can charge drivers.

How Do I Get The Best Auto Insurance In Calgary?

Best Car Insurance Calgary

All drivers in Calgary want to get the best auto insurance rates. Here are some tips to get the best coverage in Calgary:

  • Use a car insurance calculator : An Alberta car insurance calculator can help you get a better grasp on costs.
  • Know how the grid rating program works : The grid program is designed to help you save on premiums as you gain more experience.
  • Keep a clean driving record : Be a safe driver – obey traffic laws, get winter tires, avoid texting and driving, don’t drink and drive.
  • Choose coverage limits wisely : Choose coverage that meets your personal needs.
  • Compare rates with a Calgary insurance expert : Comparing rates and coverage options will help you get the best policy and price.
  • Get insurance quotes for optional coverage : Always get quotes for extra coverage you may need to make sure you are getting the best price.

How Can I Lower My Car Insurance Premiums in Calgary?

There are a variety of discounts and incentives offered by insurers in Calgary you can take advantage of to get lower rates :

  • Bundle coverage : Combining policies for other types of insurance will immediately save you up to 15% or more on all coverage.
  • Install winter tires : Using winter tired will not only qualify you for a discount, they will make driving safer.
  • Install an anti-theft device : Theft rates are high in Calgary. Installing an anti-theft device will qualify you for a discount and make it less likely your vehicle gets stolen.
  • Choose an insurance friendly vehicle : The vehicle you drive matters. Choose one that is not a target for thieves, has a strong safety rating, and is affordable to repair.
  • Shop around : Comparing car insurance quotes in Calgary is always the most effective way to find the cheapest car insurance premiums.

Why Get Your Calgary Car Insurance Policy From ThinkInsure?

Cheap Car Insurance Calgary

ThinkInsure helps you compare quotes and save on the coverage you need. We offer many advantages :

  • We work for you : Our auto insurance experts are on your side. They work for you. Their job is to help you save on premiums and get the best coverage.
  • Expert insurance knowledge : Our experts stay on top of the car insurance industry. They are licensed professionals. They make impartial coverage recommendations.
  • Access to the cheapest car insurance : We compare rates to give you the best chance to save. We have access to coverage and rates from many insurance providers.
  • Assistance with insurance issues : We will help you with claims, policy changes, payments and more. We can act as an advocate for you and answer all your insurance questions.

Car Insurance In Calgary Area Neighborhoods

The City of Calgary is a big place. There is a large downtown core and many different neighborhoods. Where you live, how and where you drive within the city matters.

This means that car insurance rates can vary based on where you live in the city. Rates can be higher in some neighborhoods than others. We offer car insurance for :

  • Downtown Calgary
  • Downtown East Village
  • Downtown West End
  • Downtown Commercial Core
  • Stephen Avenue Retail Core
  • Entertainment District
  • Government District
  • Beltline
  • Chinatown
  • Eau Claire

We also offer coverage for residents in :

  • Northeast Calgary : Bridgeland/Riverside, Crescent Heights, Mayland Heights, Renfrew, Tuxedo, Winston Heights – Mountview
  • Northwest Calgary : Banff Trail, Bowness, Crescent Heights, Capitol Hill, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Montgomery, Mount Pleasant, Parkdale, Point Mckay, Rosedale, St. Andrews Heights, Sunnyside, University Heights, University of Calgary, West Hillhurst
  • Southwest Calgary : Altadore, Bankview, Bel-Aire, Lincoln Park, Elbow Park, Elboya, Erlton, Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Glendale, Killarney/Glengarry, Lower Mount Royal, Mayfair, Meadowlark Park, North Glenmore Park, Parkhill/Stanley Park, Richmond, Rideau Park, Rosscarrock, Roxboro, Rutland Park, Shaganappi, South Calgary, Spruce Cliff, Sunalta, Upper Mount Royal, Westgate, Wildwood, Windsor Park
  • Southeast Calgary : Albert Park/Radisson Heights, Alyth/Bonny Brook, Dover, Erin Woods, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, Highfield Industrial, Inglewood, Manchester Industrial, Manchester, Ogden, Ramsay, Southview

Calgary Driving Stats and Facts

Cheap Insurance Calgary
  • Calgary is recognized as the best city for drivers in North America : According to a major survey in 2017 that examined the world’s top 500 cities, Calgary ranked 10th best major city to drive in the world and number 1 in Canada and North America.
  • Calgary is a major transportation hub : This city is located at the junction between the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) and the “Canamex” highway system.
  • Close to 1 million licensed drivers : As of 2016, there were more than 940,000 licensed drivers in Calgary, the most in any city in Alberta.
  • Calgary is home to the busiest road in Alberta : Over 160,000 vehicles pass over sections of Deerfoot Trail every day in Calgary.
  • SUVs and trucks reign supreme : Over 75% of the vehicles on Alberta roads are SUVs or trucks. This hold true in Calgary.
  • Calgary is a young city : Calgary has the youngest population of all major cities in Canada. The median age is 36.8. This means there are a lot of younger drivers on the road.
  • Calgary has the highest vehicle theft rate in Canada : On average, 111 cars and trucks are stolen per week in the city. Over 5700 vehicles were stolen in 2017 alone.
  • Calgary is a commuter town : 80% of people drive or commute to get to work. The average commuter time for drivers to get to work in Calgary is 26.5 minutes. This is less than Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
  • Calgary is a cyclist haven : The city has the largest outdoor pathway and urban bike network in North America. Watch out for cyclists while driving.

What Are Some Calgary Car Insurance Savings Tips?

Cheapest Car Insurance Calgary
  • Winter tires are a must : Calgary is known for its significant snowfall and treacherous winter road conditions.
  • Winterize your vehicle : With temperatures getting as low as -30 degrees, it’s very important to winterize your vehicle.
  • Watch out for lane reversals : There are a number of areas where lane reversals are in effect. Pay attention to which lanes are open.
  • Avoid hitchhikers : Hitchhiking is not allowed on major highways or within Calgary city limits.
  • Drive safe on Deerfoot Trail : Expect delays and traffic on Deerfoot Trail, Calgary’s busiest road.
  • Watch out for wildlife : Wildlife frequently cross busy streets and highways in and around the city.
  • Check the road conditions before driving : Get traffic report and road closure information on the City of Calgary website. This will help you avail congestion, accident scenes, and get to your destination quicker.

Calgary Car Insurance FAQs

Still have questions about auto insurance in Calgary? Here are some frequently asked questions we get:

Car insurance in Calgary is approximately $105 per month on average. Premiums can vary significantly for each driver based on a number of factors such as age, gender, postal code, driving record, vehicle driven and more. Speak with a car insurance advisor or compare rates online to see how much your monthly costs are.

Working with an insurance advisor to compare auto insurance quotes and coverage is the most effective way to help you find the best auto insurance. They will be able to provide expert insurance advice to make sure you have the best coverage for your specific driving needs. They can also help you save by comparing the best rates and discounts.

Car insurance rates are determined on an individual driver basis. There is no single provider of car insurance that is the cheapest. Rates are set based on your personal driving needs, driving history, vehicle and other factors. Comparing quotes is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance in Calgary for your situation.

It can. Having a history of poor credit can affect your car insurance rates. You are viewed as higher risk of missing a payment. How much your credit will affect your rates depends on your specific situation.

Yes. You are required to be listed as a driver on an auto insurance policy to drive or register a vehicle in Calgary.

You need car insurance to protect yourself against driving risks and threats. One accident or having your vehicle stolen could put you at financial risk.

Plus, you are legally required to have minimum insurance coverage to register your vehicle.

It depends on your driving needs and what you use your vehicle for. If you use your vehicle for work, you may need commercial auto coverage. If you have a poor driving record, you may need high risk coverage. Speak with our insurance experts to discuss your needs. We’ll help you find the right type of car insurance for you.

Getting car insurance in Calgary is the same as getting coverage anywhere else in Alberta. You need to apply for coverage with an insurance provider. Contact us to compare the best quotes and explore your coverage options.

It depends. The make and model, cost for repairs, safety features, and how often the vehicle is stolen are all considered when setting car insurance rates. A new vehicle may be cheaper, it may not. Get a quote to find out if your new vehicle is cheaper to repair.

All drivers want to get the cheapest rates. The insurer that offers the lowest rates depends on your car insurance coverage needs and situation. Comparing quotes from multiple providers is the most effective way to find the cheapest price for your coverage needs.

No. Insurers do not offer month to month car insurance in Alberta. You can pay your car insurance policy monthly and you are free to make changes to your policy at any time. The shortest policies offered are usually 6 month terms.

Yes, it’s possible to get same day car insurance. Getting a quote only takes a few minutes of your time (if you have all your information handy). Depending on your policy needs, it could be issued on the same day of the request.