About CAA Insurance

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For more than 115 years, CAA has been dedicated to ensuring Canadians' safety, mobility, and protection. They advocate strongly and act as a voice for our members on road safety infrastructure and consumer rights issues. CAA offers a range of products and services, including Roadside Assistance, home and auto insurance, travel services, and travel insurance.

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and the CAA Insurance company have a long history. Their origins began in 1903 with the Toronto Automobile Club, a group of drivers who lobbied to increase the speed limit from eight to ten miles per hour.

In 1913, the CAA was born through the amalgamation of the Manitoba Motor League, the Saskatchewan Motor Club, and the Ontario Motor League (OML). Since then, over 6 million Canadians have become members of CAA and benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance and discounts to retailers, local attractions and events.

CAA Insurance has been offering Canadians affordable car insurance since the 1930s. CAA Insurance has become more than car insurance and roadside assistance. They are advocates for safe driving. They were at the front of adding seatbelts and continued to educate about driving high and distracted driving.

They have over two million Members in South Central Ontario and 200,000 Members in Manitoba, making them Canada’s largest not-for-profit automobile association.