What you need to know about home water damage insurance in Canada

Does your insurance cover you for all types of water damage? It's not guaranteed that it does. Water can be a homeowner's worst enemy at times. So, it's important to ensure you have the proper amount of water damage insurance in place.

Water damage insurance policies are not all treated the same – that’s why you need to trust that your policy will cover you no matter what happens to your home. With the drastic increase in severe weather such as heavy rain, fail, freeze-thaws and flooding cycles, homeowners are becoming more concerned about how water damage can affect their property.

Water is the most common cause of damage in homes. It accounts for 50% of property insurance claims costs for Canadians. With ThinkInsure, our experts will make sure you have the best water damage insurance in place to protect your home. We work with the leading insurance providers in Canada so we'll compare quotes and plans to get you the lowest rate for your policy.

Keep reading to learn more about water damage insurance and get some great tips to protect your home against water damage.