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Rates and coverage from over 50 top insurance providers

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Save on personalized insurance designed just for you

We understand that Canadians have unique insurance needs. We'll work with you to create a personalized policy tailored specifically for you. Our large partner network of over 50 top insurance companies means you get the best protection and rates possible.

Finding the best insurance savings is quick and easy with ThinkInsure. Start by comparing quotes online or give us a call and we'll do it for you. Our team of licensed insurance brokers will answer all your questions and compare rates to get you the lowest premium. Get a free quote and save more on your insurance today!

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Insurance solutions for all aspects of your life

Insurance is about you. It’s about finding the right level of protection, coverage, and best prices quickly.

We have all types of insurance. Our insurance brokers will find the most affordable premiums for your needs. We take the guesswork out of the quote process. We help all customers get insured in minutes - new customers, renewals, switching providers, and even high risk.

We'll make sure you get properly insured and explain your policy details. We believe you don't have to sacrifice your insurance protection to get a great rate!

If you live in Ontario or Alberta, we've got you covered for car insurance quotes or for any other type of insurance. Start saving by comparing rates online or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.

Why choose ThinkInsure for your insurance?

Insurance is about you. For over 50 years ThinkInsure has helped Canadians save by comparing the lowest quotes from the top providers. Our brokers will help you get personalized insurance and ensure you are covered properly. We are an independently owned insurance brokerage. This means we work for you and not an insurance company or third-party. Our job is to help you with all your insurance needs.

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We've got all types of insurance

We pride ourselves in helping all types of Canadians get insurance – new customers, people looking to switch insurers, renewals, and even those in the high-risk category. We don’t discriminate.

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Find the lowest rates from top insurers

Saving money is a top priority for you. Every little bit counts. Check prices from the top insurers in Canada and keep more money in your pocket.

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You get customized insurance designed for you

We know you have unique insurance requirements. We’ll help you get the coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Getting insured is quick and easy

No one wants to spend hours comparing prices for insurance. We'll help you find the cheapest insurance online or over the phone in a just few minutes.

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Get trusted and unbiased expert advice

Have questions about your policy? Ask away! Our licensed insurance brokers are here to help you! We work for you so we put your interests first.

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We’re committed to serving you better

You are our top priority. We are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. You can expect great rates, coverage, and service when you get your policy with us.

What you need to know about getting insurance in Canada

Insurance touches many aspects of our lives, so it's important to have a good understanding of what it is and how it works. Your need for insurance is dependent on your lifestyle.

You must have car insurance if you want to drive. Home insurance protects your property and commercial insurance ensures your business has protection. While on vacation it's important to have travel insurance so you can relax, knowing you're covered. Life insurance creates financial security for your family.

We know insurance can also be confusing. There’s a lot of terminology and difficult concepts to understand. But we have you covered. Here is a basic overview of what all Canadians should know about insurance:

Insurance is an important form of financial protection for individuals and businesses. It is available in several forms, but its essence is the same. You receive protection from loss or threats you may encounter for your car, house, business, and other types of insurance, in exchange for paying a premium.

Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance provider. It's in the form of a policy. This outlines the types of protection you have and the perils you are protected against, up to your policy limits. How much you pay and the types of threats you have protection against will vary based on your plan details.

The Government of Canada defines insurance as:

“Insurance is a contract, called a policy, between you and an insurance provider, under which you can be compensated for certain losses. You pay a fee called a premium. In exchange, the insurance company agrees to pay you a certain amount of money if the event you are insured against happens during the term of the policy.”

Insurance can be mandatory or optional and you can customize it to serve your specific purpose. For example, auto insurance is a requirement in all provinces to drive. You need car insurance in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and any other city you call home.

Home insurance is not mandatory, but if you have a mortgage, coverage will be required by the lender. Business insurance may be required based on your industry and business type. Life and travel insurance are optional but are recommended. So, your need for insurance depends on the product.

The concept of insurance is actually rather simple. You make payments in exchange for protection against certain risks and threats. You pay an insurer, who then agrees to pay you (or beneficiaries) in the event of a loss event.

The amount of money you are entitled to will depend on your insurance plan and other details in your insurance contract.

However, how insurance works can differ slightly based on where you live. For example, the rules for car insurance in Ontario is different than in other provinces. The same is true for home insurance in Ontario. All types of policies have unique distinctions that make them slightly different depending on the province and insurer.

All people are inherently exposed to a certain level of risk. Insurance can provide you with protection in many areas of your life.

If you drive, there is a risk of a car accident, theft, or damage to your vehicle. Businesses and homeowners are at risk of damage from storms; break-ins, and liability issues if someone is injured on their property.

There are many other unforeseen events, threats, and risks you need to protect yourself against. Insurance provides you with protection against common threats and perils. Insurance provides you with:

  • Protection for you and your family: Insurance helps protect you and your family when driving, relaxing at home, travelling, and in many other situations.
  • Financial security: Insurance helps protect you financially if damage is caused to your property, belongings, or vehicle. Rather than fully pay out of pocket, your policy will cover some or all the costs related to a claim.
  • Reduced risk, liability, and loss: Insurance provides you with risk management. It protects you against life’s uncertainties.
  • Peace of mind: Life can be stressful. Insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing you are covered if something unforeseen occurs. Protect the life you’ve built with a strong insurance plan.
Yes. The insurance industry is regulated at the federal and provincial levels. Rules and regulations vary based on where you are in the country, including minimum and mandatory coverage requirements. Each province has a regulating body that oversees insurance companies and brokers.

For example, Ontario has the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO) and Alberta has Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB).

There are a number of ways you can shop for insurance and buy it in Canada. All options are not created equal. Here’s an overview of how each option works:

Use a direct insurer

Some insurers sell their products directly to consumers. But you are limited in your choices. You also will not know for sure if you are getting the best deal because you didn’t compare prices.

Use an aggregator

While aggregators offer you choices, you may be limited in the number of insurance partners they work with. Aggregators are not insurers and they don't provide coverage or insurance advice. They are lead generation sites that show estimates from brokers and providers that buy the leads.

Use an insurance broker

Insurance brokers offer one-stop shopping for insurance. You can check quotes from many providers, allowing you to find the cheapest rates. Brokers will then ensure you have proper coverage and help you buy your policy. You get advice on all your insurance matters and have access to customer service when you need it. Make sure you find out how many insurers your broker works with. ThinkInsure has a very large selection of over 50 providers you can get insured with.

We've got you covered for all your insurance needs

ThinkInsure has you covered for all types of insurance in Canada. We'll find you the lowest insurance rates for your property, auto, and business to help you save more. Get insured for a cheaper rate today.

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Auto Insurance

Saving on auto insurance in Canada is quick and easy. Premiums and coverage can vary significantly by provider. With ThinkInsure you can choose from the top providers to find the best price. You could save up to 25% or more.

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Home Insurance

Our large selection of insurers not only means you get great home insurance, but you can save hundreds. We'll search for the lowest rates for your house and property and give you expert advice to ensure your home is protected properly.

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Business Insurance

We can help you protect your business by searching for commercial insurance from the leading providers in Canada. We'll help you compare plans to get the best protection for your business for most affordable price. Speak with a ThinkInsure advisor today to explore your options.

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Reasons to compare insurance rates with multiple providers

Insurance rates are always changing. The rates you were quoted a few years ago could be different today. They could be higher or lower.

Shopping around and exploring your insurance rate choices is just part of being a smart consumer. There is no "one-size fits all" solution out there. When you compare you are in a better position to reduce your payments. Here are some reasons to check the latest rates:

  • Coverage varies by insurer: The type of protection, endorsements, and plans are different. Some insurers specialize in a particular type of protection while others offer more far-reaching solutions.
  • Premiums are different for each provider: Insurers use different formulas to determine how much they charge for a policy. They use a range of factors and weigh things differently. This means two providers could use the same information and produce completely different prices.
  • Insurers are competing for you: Insurers operate independently. They are competing to have you as a customer. When there is competition, you can get a better rate.
  • Find more discounts: The types of discounts offered are different for each insurer. Some may offer you a lot of savings, while others may not.
  • Compare to make the best choice: How much you pay for insurance can change by hundreds of dollars based on the insurer. Reviewing your options allows you to see what is being offered so you can make a good decision based on your specific situation.
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Bundling is a better way to save on your insurance

Are you looking to bundle home and auto insurance together to save more? Insurance premiums can be one of your biggest monthly expenses. One of the fastest, simplest ways to reduce your premiums is to combine them. Bundling your house and auto policy together with the same provider lowers your costs by up to 25% or more.

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Choose from the top insurance companies in Canada

We know you want insurance options. ThinkInsure partners with more than 50 of the leading insurance companies in Canada. With our wide selection of insurers, we can offer you better insurance solutions. We will shop the market to make sure you are adequately insured at the lowest rate.

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Ready to save more on your insurance?

Get a better rate today on your insurance. See quotes for home, auto, business, life & travel insurance from the leading providers and save more. Get started online or speak with one of our advisors.

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Insurance help when you need it

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24/7 Claims Service

Life happens, sometimes unexpectedly. When it does, we’re here for you. Get into an accident? Have a flood at home? That's why you have insurance, right? Don't worry, we have your back.

We have 24/7 claims services so you can make a claim at any time. You can also get advice from our insurance brokers before making a claim. We'll advocate on your behalf and help you through the process.

We're registered insurance brokers

We’re focused on providing the best insurance solutions and expertise to serve you better. Here are some of our professional memberships and accreditations. Our team of registered insurance brokers follows all industry rules and guidelines in Ontario and Alberta. They also receive regular training on the latest coverage, products, and information.

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Get a free insurance quote today

Comparison shopping is the best way to find a better price for your insurance. ThinkInsure can help you compare quotes and coverage options from Canada’s top providers. Get expert advice and ensure you are properly insured for the best rate.

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