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At ThinkInsure.ca, we want to help you stay up to date with the latest insurance news, savings advice, driving tips and much more. Our team of insurance brokers update the site regularly with helpful and informative content. We want to help you stay informed on insurance matters, help you save money and most importantly help keep Ontario roads safe!

Ontario Graduated G, G1, G2 Drivers Licencing System Sep 20, 2016:   Ontario’s Graduated or G licensing system can be a bit confusing for parents who have children learning to drive. Read on and learn more about some basic details of Ontario’s graduated licensing system.   » Read More

Average commute times in Canada Sep 8, 2016:   Commuting to work is something that millions of people do each day. For some, it’s a short drive, walk, or ride on public transportation, but for many of us, especially in large urban areas like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and across the GTA, commuting takes up a lot of our time.   » Read More

What to do when in a car accident in Ontario Aug 31, 2016:   So you’ve had a car accident. Now what? Read about what to do when a car accident happens in Ontario. Great advice for dealing with car accidents in Ontario.   » Read More

Tips for buying a new house and home insurance coverage Aug 16, 2016:   Buying a home is the largest, single, financial decision you will make in your lifetime. There are many things to think about when you’re going through the purchase process, including home insurance considerations.   » Read More

Will Self-Driving Cars Lower Insurance Rates Jul 28, 2016:   The self-driving car is closer than you think. You can count on autonomous cars to impact your insurance rates. Learn the good, bad and ugly about how your car insurance might be affected.   » Read More

intact uber and ride sharing insurance in ontario Jul 12, 2016:   Uber drivers in Ontario are now insured automatically. Ontario is the second province in Canada, joining Alberta in approaching car insurance coverage that comes into effect when the Uber app is turned on.   » Read More

Guide For Buying A Used Car Jul 8, 2016:   Did you know that the cost of depreciation is the biggest car expense you'll have? Buying a used car can be a great way to save on that expense. Read this helpful guide to learn how to buy a used car.   » Read More

Top 15 Restaurants Worth A Drive Jun 29, 2016:   Summer weather, Ontario scenery and fine food make for the perfect day trip. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant nearby or you’re taking a summer drive, here are 15 restaurants that will make it worth your while.   » Read More

Top Summer Driving Tips For Safety Jun 22, 2016:   Many of us make that long, gruelling drive to cottage country for our summer holidays or for the weekend. Use these 15 tips to make your road trip safer and more pleasant and fun.   » Read More

Lease or buy a new car, leasing or financing guide Jun 10, 2016:   To lease or to buy? This is the question everyone is faced with when it comes time to shop for a new ride. Of course, depending on who you talk to, you’ll get a completely different opinion on which option is best and why. Learn which option may be best for you.   » Read More

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