Small business liability insurance in Ontario

Do you need small business insurance in Ontario? Protecting your business with insurance is an essential step to reduce risk. It starts with getting a quote. Your business means a lot to you. And it should. You’ve invested time, money and personal resources.

As small business insurance professionals, we are risk assessment specialists. We know that many small businesses in Ontario operate on tight budgets, are concerned about financial security, and want protection from risk and loss.

We’ll analyze your business needs and evaluate your risk exposure. Then, we’ll give you expert advice on coverage and ways to save. We will compare business liability insurance quotes from the top insurers.

What you need to know about liability insurance for Ontario small businesses

  • All businesses have risk exposure. Commercial insurance helps to mitigate risk and prevent loss.
  • Business liability insurance is not legally required in Ontario, but it is highly recommended.
  • Business insurance costs depend on your company type, size, industry, operations and many other factors. Get a quote for an accurate premium estimate.