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Find The Best Travel Insurance Rates For Canadian Travelers

Make sure you are protected while you travel outside of Canada with travel insurance coverage from ThinkInsure. We'll get you flexible and affordable coverage based on your unique travel needs so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Don’t Leave Canada Without Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not mandatory, but that’s no reason not to purchase it. You never know what you could happen during your trip. Even if your flights are cancelled, bags are lost or illness strikes, travel insurance provides you with the protection you need when travelling abroad. When you buy travel insurance, you’ll be covered for more than just health insurance. Travel insurance gives you :

  • Peace Of Mind : There is no substitute for having the peace of mind in knowing you are covered if your trip doesn’t go according to plan.
  • Financial Protection : You are protected from expensive out of country medical bills and other unforeseen travel expenses that could pop up during your trip.
  • Cancellation Coverage : Trip interruption and trip cancellation ensures you’ll recover your investment in your trip. For example, you are covered if there is a natural disaster, your airline goes out of business while you’re travelling or you encounter trip delays due to severe weather
  • Missed Flight Coverage : Missed and cancelled flights are part of travelling. Get protection for missed flights.
  • Protection For Your Baggage : Bags get lost during trips. Protect yourself from lost, stolen or damaged baggage.
ThinkInsure quickly got our family travel insurance coverage for our last minute trip to Mexico. It was easy and not very expensive. So it gave us peace of mind knowing that we would be covered if we needed to get healthcare for an reason.
Roger, Toronto, Ontario

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance Coverage?

Making travel insurance part of your trip planning is a must. Whether you are planning a cross-border shopping trip to the U.S., planning a cross-Canada road trip or are heading south for vacation, travel insurance provides you with the coverage you need to have a safe and worry free trip.

The main reason you need travel insurance is that you never know what could happen before or during your trip. A job loss, sudden illness, or death in the family could force you to cancel your trip before it even happens. Once you leave, severe weather, flight delays, lost luggage, or even a medical emergency could bring your trip to a halt.

Without travel insurance coverage, your dream trip could become a real life nightmare, and one that will leave you disheartened and left with an expensive bill to overcome your travel issues.

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel insurance for Canadian travelers is that they only need it when they are travelling outside of Canada. However, this is not true. Anytime you travel outside of your home province, you should get travel insurance to protect the investment in your trip.

Travel Facts – More Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

There are many reasons to get the proper travel insurance coverage. Here are somethings to be aware of when you travel outside of Canada :

  • Limited OHIP Protection : Your government health insurance plan (OHIP) covers only very limited amounts for hospital, health facility and physician services outside of Ontario and Canada. OHIP does not pay for ambulance services, transportation costs, or out-of-hospital food/accommodation/drugs or prescriptions.
  • Flight Delays And Cancellations Are Common : According to the Department of Transportation, since 2003, almost 2% (1.75) of flights get cancelled, and just under 22% (21.93) fail to reach their destination on time.
  • Limited Coverage From Credit Cards : Many credit cards offer travel insurance coverage. However, what many people fail to realize is that there are limits on coverage and the amount you can claim.
  • Baggage Is Mishandled Or Lost : In 2014, there were over 1.6 million cases of mishandled baggage reported in the United States in the first nine months.
  • U.S. Health Care Is Very Expensive : A four-day stay in a U.S. hospital for an appendectomy could cost $39,400 (USD) – only $1,600 (CAD) is covered by a government health insurance plan (GHIP). A one-day stay in a U.S. hospital for a broken arm and wrist could cost $32,600 (USD). Your GHIP would cover $400 (CAD). (RBC/Ipsos Reid Survey)

Why Get Your Travel Insurance With ThinkInsure?

We can quickly get you the travel insurance coverage you need for your trip. This allows you to focus more important things – like sightseeing, working on your tans and relaxing - knowing that you'll be protected.

  • Flexible Coverage Options : Mix and match the coverage you want based on your travel agenda and needs.
  • Convenience : We’ll quickly compare quotes from 14 different travel insurance companies so you get the convenience of one stop travel insurance shopping.
  • It’s Quick & Easy : You can get coverage online in 5 minutes or less. Just enter your info, tell us about your coverage needs, and you’ll be covered.
  • Cheap Travel Insurance Rates : With our large partner network, we can get you the cheapest rates and prices for travel insurance coverage.
  • Customer Service When You Need It : Get customer service any time of the day with 24/7 service hours.
  • Wide Selection Of Coverage : Get custom tailored and comprehensive coverage to meet your unique travel needs.
  • No Hidden Fees : There aren’t any hidden fees or administrative charges. What you see is what you get when you buy travel insurance with us.
  • Flexibility To Change Dates : Penalty-free travel date changes. Make as many changes as you need.
  • Cancellation Refund : Get a guaranteed full refund if you cancel your travel insurance coverage prior to your departure.

Which Type Of Travel Insurance Do You Need?

Your Canadian health insurance is certainly not valid when you travel outside of Canada. You may have some coverage from your work benefits plan. You should speak to a broker to make sure that you have the travel insurance coverage that will give you the best protection for your situation.

Get a travel insurance quote 1-855-504-2039 OR compare quotes online. We’re here to help you get the travel insurance you need for your upcoming trip.

Medical Emergency Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance coverage makes sure you are covered in the event of an accident or illness. You never know when you could get injured, fall ill or have a medical emergency, and having emergency medical coverage gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you can get the help you need when you need it, no matter where you are travelling. Medical insurance also covers repatriation (bringing you back home).

Learn more about Medical Emergency Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation and Travel Interruption Insurance

Trips can get cancelled or interrupted for countless reasons. While it’s not something you think about when booking a vacation, it is something that could happen, and if it does, this form of travel insurance will ensure you are covered and will not have to take a financial loss.

Learn more about Trip Cancellation and Travel Interruption Insurance

If you have to cancel your trip before you depart, or interrupt a trip due to a family emergency, poor weather or medical issue, you may be reimbursed for the lost finances up to the value of the trip. From the day you book your trip to just before departure, you’re covered.

Seniors And Snowbird Travel Insurance

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian seniors head south each winter to get away from the cold weather. Whether they are planning a stay in Florida, Arizona, Texas or even in Mexico, having snowbird travel insurance ensures they have access to the medical care and travel assistance they need during their time outside of Canada.

Snowbird Travel Insurance is group medical travel insurance for retirees or credit card holders. Snowbird insurance provides top-up insurance including :

  • Emergency medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Ambulance and transportation expenses
  • Paramedic services
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Brining a companion or helper to your hospital bedside

Learn more about Seniors & Snowbird Travel Insurance

All Inclusive Travel Insurance

If you really want to put your mind at ease when travelling, then all-inclusive travel insurance is your best option. It provides travellers with complete coverage for any issue you may encounter during your trip.

All-Inclusive Insurance provides coverage for the following :

  • Trip cancelation
  • Emergency medical care
  • Follow up dental care after an accident while traveling
  • Lost or stolen baggage or delayed baggage
  • Repatriation of deceased traveler
  • Family member visitation
  • Accident insurance during air travel
  • Accident insurance during public transit trip

7 Insightful Tips For Booking Travel Insurance

Here are some great tips that will help you choose the right travel insurance policy when shopping for travel insurance for your next trip :

1. Once you book your trip, book your travel insurance.
2. Give yourself enough time to make an informed decision – try to avoid booking travel insurance coverage at the last minute.
3. Don’t shop based on price alone – know what you are getting for the quoted price.
4. If you are not sure about a policy element or what is included, ask questions to get clarification.
5. Disclose all the details of your trip when getting a quote and booking coverage.
6. If you are travelling with your family, insure the whole family under the same policy.
7. If you are a frequent traveller, consider a multi-trip or annual travel insurance policy.

Compare Travel Insurance Quotes For Best Rates And Coverage

Just like any other form of insurance, it’s very important to compare travel insurance quotes and explore your options before settling on an insurance policy. No two travel insurance policies are the same, and no two travellers’ insurance needs are the same.

Comparing travel insurance quotes and policy options also gives you the chance to better understand the coverage options that are available to you. If you have any questions about your travel insurance coverage, contact a ThinkInsure broker today. We are here to help you with all your travel insurance needs.