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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Driving without insurance in Ontario Apr 8, 2020:   When it comes to driving without insurance in Ontario, the fines and penalties are not worth the risk. Learn about the most common questions about driving without insurance, fines, penalties, consequences and the potential impact on car insurance rates.   » Read More

No Fault Insurance Apr 8, 2020:   No fault insurance is commonly misunderstood. Are you confused about the meaning of no fault insurance? Is there no fault insurance in Ontario? In this blog, we’ll explain how it works and answer common questions drivers have about this often misunderstood insurance system.   » Read More

Impact of tickets and car insurance rates in Ontario Apr 7, 2020:   No one wants to get a traffic ticket, and when you do, one of the first things you want to know is how tickets affect your car insurance rates. Learn about the impact of traffic tickets and convictions on your insurance rates in Ontario.   » Read More

Collision Insurance Apr 7, 2020:   Learn about collision insurance in Ontario. We’ll explain collision car insurance coverage. Learn about the coverage, if you need collision insurance for older vehicles and get answers to common questions.   » Read More

Impact Of Speeding On Insurance Rates Apr 6, 2020:   Ontario drivers get speeding tickets all the time. Are you aware of how a speeding ticket can affect your car insurance rates or insurability? Here we outline the types of speeding tickets, fines, and how speeding tickets can impact your auto insurance premium.   » Read More

Comprehensive Insurance Apr 6, 2020:   Learn about comprehensive Insurance in Ontario. We’ll explain comprehensive insurance policies, how much it costs and when you need it. Get answers to common questions about this type of car insurance.   » Read More

What is a home insurance premium? Apr 3, 2020:   What is a property insurance premium? Learn about the types of home insurance premiums, factors that can impact your house premiums, how to calculate property insurance premiums, as well as tips for how to lower home insurance premiums.   » Read More

Car Bill Of Sale Ontario Apr 3, 2020:   What is a bill of sale? Learn about what it is and how to write a car bill of sale in Ontario. Get answers to common questions about a bill of sale in Ontario.   » Read More

Careless Driving In Ontario Apr 2, 2020:   Learn all about what careless driving is Ontario, the legal ramifications of being charged for careless driving and how it can impact your car insurance rates.   » Read More

Accident Forgiveness In Ontario Apr 1, 2020:   Car insurance with accident forgiveness is increasingly common today, and it is a policy feature that is offered by many car insurance companies in Ontario. We all know that at fault accidents can happen to even to the best of drivers, and having your rates increase just doesn’t make sense.   » Read More

Cracked Windshield And Insurance Apr 1, 2020:   Do you have windshield insurance? Are you covered for chips, cracks, damage? Learn about your auto glass coverage options. Get a quote. Add coverage to your policy.   » Read More

Accident Benefits In Ontario Mar 30, 2020:   What are accident benefits? Do you have them in your policy? Statutory accident benefits in Ontario compensate you if you’re injured in an auto accident. Learn about this important type of mandatory coverage.   » Read More

Used Vehicle Information Package Ontario, Mar 30, 2020:   Are you buying or selling a used car? You need a used vehicle information package (UVIP) in Ontario. Learn about what it is, where to get it, costs, and more.   » Read More

Red Light Camera Tickets Mar 24, 2020:   Red light camera tickets in Ontario can cost you. Learn about red light camera tickets in Ontario, provide information about fines, costs, prevention, the impact on car insurance, and answer commonly asked questions.   » Read More

Selling a car in Ontario Mar 23, 2020:   Are you selling a car in Ontario? Learn about the process for selling a used car, tips to sell privately, and get answers to common questions about selling a used car.   » Read More