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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created an Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Comprehensive Insurance In Ontario

car with tree branch fallen on ir
Apr 18, 2024:

Learn about Comprehensive Insurance in Ontario. We’ll explain comprehensive insurance policies, how much it costs and when you need it. Get answers to common questions about this type of car insurance.

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Community Safety Zones in Ontario

sign displaying 20/km in community safety zones
Apr 16, 2024:

Learn about the multifaceted approach to road safety within community safety zones in Ontario. Understanding community safety zone rules, fines, and insurance impact.

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Ontario Speeding Ticket Will Increase Insurance

orange hued photo of a car driving fast
Apr 15, 2024:

Are you aware of how speeding tickets affect your car insurance? Here, we outline how speeding tickets can impact your policy.

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Collision Insurance In Ontario Explained

black car damaged from collision
Apr 12, 2024:

We’ll explain collision car insurance in Ontario. Learn about the coverage, if you need collision insurance for older vehicles, how much it will cost, and get answers to common questions.

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Will Distracted Driving Increase Your Insurance Premiums?

man wearing suit changing radio stations inside car
Apr 10, 2024:

Learn about the hidden costs of distracted driving in Ontario. Discover how a moment of distraction behind the wheel can have significant financial consequences and impact your insurance.

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Ontario Speeding Ticket Fines 2024

officer giving ticket to driver
Apr 9, 2024:

Did you forget to put the brakes on and have a speeding ticket? Here’s what you need to know about speeding fines, laws, and how to pay.

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Careless Driving Impact on Insurance

woman on phone while driving
Apr 8, 2024:

Are you wondering how much a careless driving ticket will affect your insurance in Ontario? Get our questions answered and learn how much you may see your rate go up.

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Careless Driving Charges In Ontario

man texting and driving in his car
Apr 5, 2024:

Got a careless driving ticket in Ontario? Here’s everything you need to know about careless driving charges, fines, and penalties.

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Ontario Distracted Driving Laws, Fines And FAQs

woman driving while looking at her phone
Apr 4, 2024:

Distracted driving is now the leading cause of death on our roadways. It’s a serious but preventable issue. Learn about Ontario's distracted driving laws, fines, and penalties.

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How To Avoid Hydroplaning

car hydroplaning on a rainy day
Apr 3, 2024:

You may not have control over the rain, but you can control how you handle hydroplaning (aquaplaning). Here’s how hydroplaning can happen and what to do to prevent it.

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How To Drive In The Rain

SUV driving in the rain at golden hour
Apr 1, 2024:

Our experts offer 25 safety tips for driving in the rain. You’ll discover the best lights to use, what speed limit to follow, how to drive safe when it’s raining.

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Driver Abstract And Ontario Driving Record

illustration of a car with checklist
Mar 29, 2024:

An Ontario driver’s abstract is an important document that outlines your driving record and history. It can have an impact on your car insurance. This blog post outlines everything you need to know about driver’s abstracts in Ontario.

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Ontario Parking Tickets

red car with parking ticket on dashboard
Mar 27, 2024:

Learn more about the most common parking tickets and how to pay parking tickets at your local municipality.

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How Much Does Stunt Driving Insurance Impact in Ontario?

car speeding in the city
Mar 25, 2024:

Stunt driving can increase your insurance costs. Find out why you may see an impact, how much, and if you need to tell your insurer about it.

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Winter Tires In Summer: Should I Use Them?

illustration of why you should not use winter tires in the summer
Mar 21, 2024:

Should you use winter tires in summer? Using winter tires in summer is not a good idea. Learn about the risks of driving with winter tires in summer.

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