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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Used Vehicle Information Package In Ontario

Used Vehicle Information Package Ontario
Mar 30, 2020:

Are you buying or selling a used car? You need a used vehicle information package (UVIP) in Ontario. Learn about what it is, where to get it, costs, and more.

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Selling A Car In Ontario?

Selling a car in Ontario
Mar 23, 2020:

Are you selling a car in Ontario? Learn about the process for selling a used car, tips to sell privately, and get answers to common questions about selling a used car.

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Collision Reporting Centre 101 And Reporting A Collision

Collision Reporting Centre
Mar 14, 2020:

No one wants to visit a collision reporting centre in Ontario. But, if you get into a car accident, the odds are you will end up there. Learn about where collision reporting centres in GTA are located, the accident reporting process, and much more.

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G1, G2, G - Ontario’s Graduated Driver's Licensing System Guide

Teenage boy with father by a call holding car key
Mar 2, 2020:

Ontario’s Graduated or G licensing system can be a bit confusing for parents who have children learning to drive. Read on and learn more about some basic details of Ontario’s graduated licensing system.

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Average Cost For Home Insurance In Ontario

Average Ontario Home Insurance Cost
Feb 27, 2020:

What is the average home insurance cost in Ontario? We’ll take a look at the average cost of homeowners insurance in Ontario and top factors that influence the average house insurance rates.

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What You Need To Know About Texting And Driving In Ontario

Texting and driving in Ontario
Feb 24, 2020:

Texting and driving is a serious issue. While we know that texting while driving is dangerous, Ontario drivers continue to do so. Read about the dangers of this form of distracted driving, the consequences of getting a ticket, and how to prevent becoming the next texting and driving statistic.

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Alberta Driver's License System Guide

Alberta Drivers License
Feb 11, 2020:

Are you an Alberta driver? Check out our Alberta driver’s license system guide to learn about the license classes, how to renew your license, fees, and get answers to common questions about driver’s licenses in Alberta.

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Average Car Insurance In Ontario By Month, Age And Gender

damaged rear end of white car
Feb 10, 2020:

What is the average car insurance cost in Ontario? Learn about average car insurance in Ontario and key factors that influence costs.

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What Are The Safest Cars To Drive In Canada?

Safest Cars In Canada
Feb 6, 2020:

Check out the list of safest cars in Canada and the top safety picks from IIHS. Driving a safe car will help keep you safe and save on auto insurance.

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Car Ownership In Ontario - Transfer Vehicle Ownership, Cost, Lost Permit & FAQs

Car Ownership In Ontario
Feb 5, 2020:

People buy and sell cars every day. This blog post takes a look at vehicle ownership in Ontario, the types of car ownership, cost, and how to transfer it to family and when selling your vehicle.

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Distracted Driving Laws In Alberta

Stay alert sign saying text or talk on phone later
Feb 3, 2020:

Distracted driving is one of the biggest road safety issues in Alberta today. More than 25,000 drivers are convicted of distracted driving annually. Learn about distracted driving laws, rules, fines, and how a conviction can impact your driving record and car insurance rates.

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Alberta Vehicle Registration : Renewal, Costs And Other Common Questions

Alberta licence plate
Jan 23, 2020:

Is it time for Alberta vehicle registration? You can’t drive without having a vehicle registered. Get all the information you need for car registration. Learn about how to register a car, renewals, costs, and frequently asked questions by Alberta drivers.

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Are Insurance Companies Open On Saturdays? We Are!

yes we are open sign
Jan 3, 2020:

The reality is your insurance needs don’t stop Friday at 5pm. We know Saturday is an important day to get things done that you don’t have time for during the week.

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Car Accident Insurance Scams

Car Accidents Insurance Scams
Sep 29, 2017:

Protect yourself from being a victim of insurance scams! Learn about auto insurance scams, explain who car insurance scammers are, outline common car insurance claims scams, and provide important tips for how to avoid becoming a victim of an insurance scam.

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Toronto And GTA Road Closures And Restrictions Guide

Toronto Road Closures And Construction 2016
May 29, 2017:

Don’t let construction or road closures slow your Toronto and GTA driving down. Use this handy guide to Toronto and surrounding areas road closures to keep you moving!

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