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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule Jun 19, 2020:   The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Ontario ensures certain benefits are available to any person injured in a car accident. In this blog we’ll discuss what the statutory accident benefits schedule is and the role it plays in car insurance coverage and accident benefits claims.   » Read More

Ontario Drivers Ed Benefits For New Drivers Jun 17, 2020:   Drivers training has many benefits for young and new Ontario drivers. Learn about MTO approved training schools, insurance savings and more!   » Read More

How To Cancel Insurance In Ontario Jun 15, 2020:   Many policyholders in Ontario are unclear about the rules when cancelling insurance coverage. The following explains reasons why you may want to switch, how to cancel your insurance policy, and other considerations to factor into your decision.   » Read More

disappearing deductible Jun 9, 2020:   Looking for ways to save on insurance? Consider adding the disappearing deductible policy endorsement. Lower your deductible each year you’re claims free.   » Read More

Direct Compensation Property Damage Jun 4, 2020:   Not familiar with direct compensation property damage in auto insurance? Learn more about DCPD coverage and how it impacts accident claims and insurance deductibles?   » Read More

How to save on car insurance Jun 2, 2020:   Do you want to save money on your car insurance? Tired of overpaying for auto insurance? Check out our Top 45 list of tips to help drivers save more on car insurance.   » Read More

Ubrella Insurance May 28, 2020:   Considering umbrella liability insurance coverage? Get an explanation of what umbrella insurance is and how it works. We’ll discuss what it covers and answer common questions about this policy type.   » Read More

OPCF 27 May 26, 2020:   If you rent or borrow other vehicles regularly, should add the OPCF 27 endorsement to your policy. Learn about OPCF 27 coverage and get answer to common questions about this optional coverage.   » Read More

Making Car Insurance Claims May 15, 2020:   Thinking of filing a car insurance claim? Want to learn more about the auto insurance claims process? Get tips and answers to common questions about auto claims.   » Read More

Rental Car Insurance May 12, 2020:   Renting a car? Need rental car insurance? You may already be covered in your personal auto insurance policy. Learn about the types of rental car coverage, your options, and get answers to common questions.   » Read More

OPCF - Ontario Policy Change Form May 8, 2020:   There are situations where you will want or be required to have additional coverage, often in the form of optional enhancements to your current coverage – called Ontario policy change form (OPCF), a rider, or policy endorsement.   » Read More

Gap Insurance For Your Car Or Vehicle May 4, 2020:   Gap insurance is an often overlooked and misunderstood form of auto protection. Learn about how gap insurance works and if it's something you should consider adding to your coverage.   » Read More

Vehicle write off and car insurance May 2, 2020:   Has your car been totaled in an accident? Is your car a write off? Learn about a vehicle write offs for a total loss and the insurance claims process.   » Read More

What Is An Insurance Premium Apr 29, 2020:   Learn all about insurance premiums and get tips to lower your premium and answer other commonly asked questions about insurance premiums.   » Read More

OPCF 43 Apr 27, 2020:   Learn about OPCF 43 replacement value and waiver of depreciation. Not sure what they mean? Confused? They are important to know when it comes to total loss and theft claims if you have a new car.   » Read More