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Mar 27, 2024

The dos and don'ts of dealing with Ontario parking tickets

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Getting a parking ticket can be a frustrating experience, but knowing the regulations, rules, and your rights can make the process smoother.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about parking tickets in Ontario, including how to pay them, dispute them, and how they can affect your driving privileges.

Whether you're an experienced driver or new to Ontario roads, this blog aims to provide the knowledge and resources you need to navigate parking enforcement.

Three main takeaways about parking tickets in Ontario

  • You can receive a parking ticket if you park in an unsuitable or restricted area or location.
  • Most parking tickets won’t increase insurance.
  • If you don’t pay the fee in full, you may face issues renewing your licence or registration.

What’s on this page

What is a parking ticket?
What are the types of parking tickets?
How much is a parking ticket?
How to pay a parking ticket
What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?
How do you fight a parking ticket?
Parking tickets in Ontario cities
Ontario Parking Ticket FAQs

What is a parking ticket?

A parking ticket, a parking violation, is issued when a vehicle is parked in an inappropriate area or exceeds the time limit in an appropriate location.

What are the types of parking tickets?

Not all parking tickets are the same. There are many different types of tickets, some unique to cities across the province. Here are some you could receive:

  • Meter/time expired
  • Parking in a no parking zone
  • Parking in a no stopping zone
  • Parking in an accessible parking spot without the proper permit
  • Parking too close to a fire hydrant or fire lane

How much is a parking ticket?

A parking ticket can range from $20 to $450 depending on the type you receive, the city you get the ticket in, and other factors. A standard parking ticket for having a meter expire anywhere from $20 to $40 based on the municipality.

Parking in an accessible parking spot without a permit can cost you up to $450. Check with your municipality for a list of parking infractions and fees in your area.

How to pay a parking ticket

When you receive a parking ticket in Ontario, you must handle it within 15 days. Municipalities are responsible for parking tickets, not the province. You can pay the fine through your city's local parking services department. Specific payment instructions will be included on the ticket.

Several payment options are available, such as mail, in-person at a local parking services office, or online. If you choose to pay online, visit the website indicated on your ticket or the municipality’s site and follow the outlined steps. You will need your ticket number and plate number for identification. Make sure you get a receipt as proof of payment.

If you fail to pay the fine within the given timeframe, you will have an extra 15 days to request an extension for the payment due date. However, late fees will accrue with each subsequent payment period until the bill is settled.

Some municipalities, including Toronto, allow you to contest the ticket online. It's important to remember that missing the dispute deadline specified on your ticket will result in a mandatory fine payment.

How do you pay parking tickets online?

To pay your parking ticket online, you need to visit either the website listed on your ticket or the municipality's website. Once you're there, follow the steps provided. You'll be asked to enter your parking ticket number and plate to find your ticket in the system.

Finally, select one of the payment options provided to complete the transaction. Ensure you get your receipt, as this will confirm your payment.

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What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?

Most parking tickets in Ontario give you 15 days to pay your fine. If you fail to pay, you will receive a reminder in the mail before your information is provided to the Ministry of Transpiration. Some cities even offer incentives, such as reduced fees, to pay off your ticket early.

Even though your driver’s license cannot be suspended if you fail to pay parking tickets, it can prevent you from renewing your driver’s license and from getting your plate stickers. You will be required to pay all outstanding parking fines before you can renew your driver’s licence or plate sticker.

How do you fight a parking ticket?

Many drivers want to know how to dispute a parking ticket. Can you fight a parking ticket? When you receive a parking ticket, much like other traffic tickets, you are provided with an option to pay the fee in full or dispute it. Some cities in Ontario allow you to dispute your ticket online. But you must dispute your ticket before the printed deadline.

Parking tickets in Ontario cities

The type of parking tickets, fines, payments, and dispute options vary from city to city. Here’s a quick outline of parking ticket information for top cities in Ontario:

Toronto Parking Tickets

Toronto Parking ticket costs can range from $30 to $450 depending on the infraction. The average fine for a parking ticket in the city is $53. Get more information about parking tickets in Toronto through the City of Toronto website.

Ottawa Parking Tickets

Ottawa parking tickets can cost $35 to $450, depending on the type. You can pay your fine online. Get more information about parking tickets in Ottawa through the municipal website.

Mississauga Parking Tickets

Parking fines in Mississauga can range from $30 to $400 depending on the type of ticket. Learn more about Mississauga parking tickets, fines, and payment through the city website.

Kitchener Waterloo Parking Tickets

Parking tickets in the tri-city area vary based on your location. For example, the average parking ticket in Waterloo is $38. In Kitchener, the average cost is $26, and in Cambridge, the average is $25. Depending on where you received the ticket and the type, costs could range from $20 to $400.

Hamilton Parking Tickets

Hamilton parking tickets can be as low as $24 and as high as $350. Learn more about fines, payment options, and parking tickets in Hamilton through the city website.

Ontario Parking Ticket FAQs

Yes. You can dispute a parking ticket - if it's worth it, depends on the type of ticket, fine amount, situation, and other factors. Disputing a parking ticket will cost you additional time and money. The process of dispute can vary from city to city. Check with your municipality about the required steps and seek professional legal advice.

No, your driver’s license cannot be suspended for an unpaid parking ticket. However, the MTO will not allow you to renew your driver's licence until you pay for unpaid parking tickets.

You can check parking violations through your municipality website or online at ServiceOntario. You will need your parking ticket number, licence plate, or driver’s licence to access your tickets.

You are still required to pay your ticket. Your municipality will issue you a notice of payment required for your parking ticket if you have not paid within 15 days.

They could. Outstanding parking tickets from your municipality could be sent to collections and show up on your credit rating report. Each city has a different process for dealing with unpaid parking tickets.

Follow parking rules to limit ticket expenses

If you have received a parking ticket before, you know it can be a frustrating and expensive experience. However, by following these tips and tricks you can avoid getting more tickets in the future. Don’t forget to pay any parking tickets on time so you don’t rack up more fees!