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There are well over 1 million employer businesses in Canada. That is a lot of businesses. What do all of them have in common? You worked hard to build your brand. You’ve invested a lot time and money. You need reliable commercial insurance to protect your financial wellbeing and best interests.

Why choose ThinkInsure? We know your business is different. Our commercial insurance brokers ask the right questions to help you get the custom insurance coverage your business needs.

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More choice is better. Compare quotes and get coverage from a large selection of Canadian business insurance companies. Find the coverage you need at the best price.

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We partner with over 50 insurance companies. We’ll find custom tailored commercial insurance solutions designed to meet your business needs.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make insurance easy for you. Get your questions answered. Get expert advice. We make commercial insurance easy.

Why Do You Need Commercial Insurance Coverage?

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In 2019 alone, there was more than $10 billion in claims by Canadian businesses. The reality is the vast majority of businesses will not survive a major loss without the right commercial policy.

Business insurance protects your investment in your company. You’ve put in countless hours of work and invested your hard earned money. You’ve done everything you can to make your business a success. Business insurance coverage ensures you stay successful and that your business is protected.

No business owner wants the future of their company to be at risk. Business insurance ensures your business is covered!

Business insurance protects your business from a variety of risks, including :

  • Unforeseen events
  • Injuries to customers, employees and others at your place of business
  • Fire, theft, vandalism
  • Liability claims
  • Other perils

Compare The Best Commercial Insurance Rates And Coverage

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It's easy to get coverage. Just enter some business information and answer a few questions. Then our commercial insurance brokers will quickly help you find the best coverage package and rates.

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Provide your business details and insurance needs. We'll help you if your not sure.

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What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is a form of coverage available to all types of businesses. It provides protection from losses as a result of unforeseen events and risks. You can get coverage for business interruption, financial loss, damage, injuries to employees and more.

There are many types of business insurance coverage options. Choose coverage that is best for your business type, industry, risks and perils.

What Is A Commercial Insurance Broker?

A commercial insurance broker helps businesses compare insurance quotes and coverage. They act as an intermediary between the insurance company and your business. They work for you, not the insurer.

Commercial insurance brokers do more than just help you compare quotes. They can :

  • Assess your business insurance needs.
  • Provide you with expert advice.
  • Find you custom insurance solutions.
  • Assist with claims.
  • Ensure you are getting the best rates.

How Much Does Commercial Insurance Cost?

Commercial insurance rates are different for every business. Each company has a unique combination of insurance coverage needs. Costs are dependent upon :

  • Your business type and industry
  • Company size and number of employees
  • Risk factors
  • Type of coverage you need
  • Your insurance and claims history
  • Available commercial insurance product bundles and discounts

Ensure you get the best business insurance rates and save money on your policy. Shop around for business insurance quotes. We’re happy to help you with this process. After all – it’s what we do best!

How To Choose The Best Commercial Insurance

Your business is unique and so is your insurance policy. It’s important to find a policy that addresses your specific needs. Here are the steps to choose a business insurance policy:

  1. Assess your risks : All businesses have risk exposure. Insurance can help protect against it. Consider the types of accidents, threats, risks and lawsuits that could affect your business. This will help you better understand your coverage needs.
  2. Industry requirements : Some industries, professionals and provinces many require you carry a certain amount of insurance to operate. Be clear about these requirements.
  3. Choose a commercial insurance broker : Find a broker to help you with your search for coverage. This one’s easy. Give us a call!
  4. Shop around : Consider policy options, coverage needs, and compare quotes. Choose the best policy for your company.
  5. Re-assess every year : A lot can change in a year. Reassess your coverage needs each year. Compare quotes and ensure you have the coverage you need.
Commercial Insurance

Why Choose ThinkInsure To Be Your Commercial Insurance Broker?

Getting commercial insurance with ThinkInsure offers many advantages. Our commericial insurance broker will help you with everything you need to get your business insured :

  • Expertise : Assistance choosing insurance products that make sense for your business.
  • Unbiased Advice : We are an independant commercial insurance brokerage and only recommend the best insurance solutions for your business.
  • Options : Our brokers can help you compare commercial insurance products from multiple insurers.
  • Savings : Cost savings by comparing rates from many companies.
  • Support : Advocacy and support when dealing with insurance companies.
  • Claims Assistance : Our brokers will help you through the claims process if something happens and you need to make a claim.
  • And much more!

At ThinkInsure, our commercial brokers want your business to thrive. Let us help you protect your business. Get a business insurance quote and have the peace of mind in knowing you are protecting your investment.

How Does Commercial Insurance Help My Business?

Insurance gives you protection against unforeseen events, liability and other threats. Buying commercial insurance also helps your business in a number of additional ways :

  • Credibility
  • Build trust with customers
  • It could be a requirement to earn new business
  • It provides you with peace of mind in knowing you have coverage

Business owners can overlook these benefits. Coverage also plays a key role in the overall development and growth of your company.

What Are The Top Insurance Risks To My Business?

Understanding the biggest risks to your business is the first step to protecting it. Ensure you have the right commercial insurance coverage in place to mitigate these risks. Some of the top risks for businesses in Canada today include :

  1. Business interruption : Every minute you are not open during normal business hours puts your company at the risk. Lost revenue, lost customers, and incurring loss could cripple your company.
  2. Climate change : Unpredictable weather has become the norm. Your business needs to have a business continuity plan. Take steps to prepare for weather events and natural disasters.
  3. Cyber liabilities : Data breaches, identity theft, and ecommerce issues are important risks to address.

These and other risks all pose a threat to your business. We can help you mitigate these risks. We’ll help you choose a commercial insurance plan that addresses all your business needs.

Commercial Insurance Coverage For All Industries And Professions

If you own and operate a business, then you need commercial insurance, regardless of which industry you operate. Our commercial insurance brokers can get coverage for all industries :

icon of car and tools Auto repair, garages
icon of construction worker and crane Construction and contractors
icon of office building and shop Commercial real estate
icon of farm field Farming
icon of woman and home Home business
icon of a meal Hospitality services
icon of charts and graph IT, sales, marketing, and consultants
icon of factory Manufacturing
Icon of ship Marine
icon of id badge Offices
icon man with tie Professional services
icon of retail shop Retail
icon of stop light Transportation
icon of products in warehouse Warehousing

Commercial Insurance FAQs

Here are some answers to top questions we get about commercial insurance :

Commercial insurance works similar to other insurance products. It is a contract between your business and insurance company. You pay a premium in exchange for the insurer covering you against risks. When you file a claim, you get compensation for losses based on your coverage limits.

You will need to pay a defined deductible amount. Policies typically are effective for one year. You can make adjustments to your coverage at any time.

You can get affordable business insurance coverage by following these steps :

  • Compare quotes each year
  • Take steps to reduce risk
  • Speak with a business insurance expert
  • Choose the right coverage

It depends on your business type, industry, and risk exposure. Every business has unique challenges. Consider getting a risk assessment. A business insurance expert can help you assess your coverage needs. With knowledge of your risks, you can then choose the best coverage for your specific needs.

It’s important to work with a reputable commercial insurance broker. Look at their credentials. Ensure they have a license and experience. Look into the insurers they partner with and the types of coverage offered. Check out reviews online to see what others have to say about working with the broker.

Use this information to assess if they are a good fit to work with your business.

Shopping for commercial insurance is quick and easy. Simply start a quote, enter the requested information and compare your policy options. Shopping online allows you to identify types of coverage that may be ideal for your business type. It can also help you find ways to save money on your policy.

It depends. Some businesses require some level of coverage. Others are not. Research insurance requirements in your industry and for your location. All businesses, at a minimum, should have commercial general liability insurance.

You can. But, you’ve worked too hard to let your business suffer because you didn’t have insurance coverage. Business insurance protects your business from common risks and unforeseen events. Business interruption, climate change, injuries on your property, fire, theft, cyber liabilities are all risks. They could cripple your business without the right coverage.

No. You can get commercial insurance without a business license. However, you may need to show proof of insurance to get a business license in some professions. Speak with a business insurance expert or your industry governing body to get clarification.

If you don’t have commercial insurance, you are increasing your exposure to risk. You are putting the financial stability of your business in jeopardy. Without coverage, all it takes is one legal issue, cyber-attack or other threat to shut you down.

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