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High Risk Auto Insurance

Do you need high risk auto insurance? Have you just gone through the unlucky experience of having your car insurance policy cancelled? Bad luck with tickets, at-fault accidents, traffic convictions and payment issues can impact on your insurance record. The result is your insurer labeling you as a high risk driver.

If you need high risk insurance, ThinkInsure can help. We have the best high risk insurance auto policy options in Canada. Get quotes and coverage from all high risk auto insurance companies. We won’t turn you away when you need the help of an insurance expert the most.

Learn all about getting high risk car insurance in Ontario.

On this page you will :

  • Get high risk auto insurance informantion.
  • Find out to get coverage.
  • Get tips and advice to find affordable rates.
  • Quickly compare quotes from all high risk auto insurance companies.
  • Get answers to common questions by high risk drivers.

What Is High Auto Risk Insurance?

High risk auto insurance is a type of coverage for drivers who are a greater risk. Insurers consider drivers riskier when they have a greater chance of being in an at-fault accident. You could also have too many tickets, payment or other insurance issues.

Insurers see you as a riskier driver. They are either not willing to take on the risk or will insure you at a higher rate. Every insurer has different measures for what makes a driver qualified for standard car insurance coverage. Some of the factors relate to driving history while others are non-driving related.

Second chance insurance is another name for high risk insurance. Some refer to it as non-standard coverage. If you’ve been labelled high risk, then you need to understand how it impacts your insurability.

What Is A High Risk Driver?

High Risk Auto Insurance Ontario

A high risk driver is known by multiple names, including uninsurable driver and non-standard driver. They have a greater risk of accidents, claims, and missing insurance payments. High risk drivers pay higher auto insurance premiums.

A less than perfect driving record doesn’t mean you are greater risk. Getting a ticket or being in a minor accident happens. While they could increase your rates, you won’t likely be labelled a high risk driver.

A couple tickets and/or accidents in a short period of time changes things. It’s the same if you are convicted of a more serious traffic offense. Insurers may classify you different. It’s all based on your risk profile.

You are a high risk driver if your insurer believes you are more likely to file a claim. You may have trouble getting car insurance. Some of the reasons you may be considered a high risk driver include :

  • Multiple at fault accidents
  • A bad driving record
  • A number of traffic tickets
  • A DUI conviction
  • A criminal driving conviction (stunt driving, excessive speeding, careless driving)

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How To Get High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes

ThinkInsure works with all the high risk auto insurance companies in Ontario. So we can compare the cheapest quotes to get you the best rate and coverage.

To get the most accurate quote please have the following :

  1. Driver’s license number
  2. Vehicle information and VIN
  3. Your insurance history

You can compare quotes online using these simple steps :

Step 1

Start Your Quote

Begin your high risk auto insurance quote online.

Step 2

Tell Us About Yourself And Vehicle

Enter information about your driving history and vehicle.

Step 3

Compare The Best Quotes

Compare quotes from all high risk insurance providers.

Step 4

Choose The Cheapest Quote And Coverage

Choose the lowest quote. Confirm the details with us and purchase your policy.

How Can You Get Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance?

Getting high risk auto insurance can be frustrating and expensive. There are some things you can do to help get the cheapest non-standard insurance coverage :

1. Get coverage with a high risk auto insurance broker.

A broker can provide you with the best options. Speak with a ThinkInsure broker and they will tell you things you can do to get the most affordable coverage and compare the quotes for you. They will also advise you on what to do to get back into ‘standard’ coverage agian.

2. Compare quotes at renewal each year.

Renewal time is even more important when you have expensive rates. Use renewal time to compare quote and coverage options. This will help you find the most affordable rates before you renew your current policy. Over time, it will also help you work toward getting your rates back to normal.

3. Work on your driving record.

Stay on top of things. Avoid accidents or tickets. Ensure all tickets and accidents get taken off your driving record when they expire. When your record improves, compare quotes again to qualify for cheaper rates.

What Driving Factors Make You A High Risk Driver?

It goes without saying you should avoid dangerous driving habits. It will affect your rates. Here are common driving factors that can get you classified as a high risk driver in Ontario :

How many speeding tickets or other driving convictions did you have in the last 3 years? If you have more than a few, insurers may view you as a high risk driver.
Impaired driving is a serious offence. You should never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or are under the influence of drugs. Do you have an impaired driving conviction? Many insurers may not provide you with insurance coverage.
Do you have at-fault accidents on your record? You could have your insurance cancelled or your insurer could choose not to renew your policy.
Have issues because of a careless driving or stunt driving ticket? A conviction for careless driving stays on your record for 3 years. You’ll need non-standard car insurance during this time.
The vehicle you drive could move you into the high risk insurance category. What type of cars? Sports cars, exotic cars, imported cars, classic cars, and vehicles that regularly appear on the most stolen list.

What Are The Non-Driving Factors That Can Make You A High Risk Driver?

It’s not just your driving habits that can get you in trouble and spike your rates. Here are some other factors that can hurt your credibility as a driver :

Had a few late payments or missed some payments? It happens. People fall on financial hardships. Most often it is out of your hands and without notice. We can still get you coverage.
You’ve had previous coverage cancelled or a provider chose not to renew your policy.
Insurance providers like drivers who have long histories of continuous insurance coverage. A lapse in coverage will cause most insurers to take a second look.
Is this your first auto insurance policy? Providers may consider you a higher risk because you don’t have any prior insurance history.
New drivers have very little experience. This increases the risk taken on by insurers if they issue you a policy.

What Is The Average Cost Of High Risk Auto Insurance In Ontario?

High Risk Insurance

The average cost of high risk auto insurance in Ontario depends on a number of factors.

First, it will depend on standard factors used to determine rates. This includes your age, gender, vehicle, and location. It also includes your past insurance history.

Second, the average cost of coverage depends on the reason why you are high risk. Reasons include too many accident claims, traffic tickets, lapse in coverage and payment issues.

The average cost of high risk auto insurance is greater than cost of standard car insurance in Ontario. In many cases, you can expect your rates to double or even triple compared to regular car insurance. Average high risk auto insurance rates can range between $2,000 to $4,500 or more per year.

Get Coverage From The Best High Risk Insurance Companies

We work with all high risk insurance companies in Ontario. We can get you coverage despite your previous insurance issues. Here are the top non-standard insurance providers :

  • Coachman Insurance Company (owned by SGI)
  • Echelon Insurance (owned by CAA)
  • Jevco Insurance Company (owned by Intact)
  • Pafco Insurance Company (owned by Pembridge)
  • Perth Insurance Company (now Economical)
  • Facility Association

What Are The Top Tips To Save On High Risk Car Insurance?

Here are the best tips to help you save on high risk car insurance. Please call us if you have any questions. Our brokers are experts in high risk insurance and will be happy to help you.

  1. Stay claims free : It’s very important to re-establish a clean driving record. Drive safe, avoid at fault accidents, and stay claims free.
  2. Be patient : Some things take time. This is one of them. Wait for your tickets and claims to come off your record. When they do, you will see your rates drop.
  3. Complete driver training : Take certified driver training courses if you are a young driver. This will qualify you for an insurance discount and lower your rates.
  4. Take a defensive driving course : Taking extra driving courses could help drivers with poor driving record get lower rates. Check for approved courses and driving schools.
  5. Drive An Insurance Friendly Vehicle : Drive a car that is less expensive to insure. Now is not the time to be driving a sports car or expensive vehicle. Consider trading in your car for a model with a better safety record or safety features. See this list of the cheapest cars to insure.
  6. Pay your insurance premiums on time : Avoid missing a payment or having payment issues. Insurers often require you to pay your premium in full upfront.
  7. Get advice from a broker : Every situation is unique. Speak with a broker about your unique case. They can provide you with expert advice. They can also find you ways to lower your premiums.
  8. Shop around : While they may be fewer, you still have options. Comparison shop to find the right policy and cheapest rates.

Where Is High Risk Car Insurance Most Common?

This type of insurance is more common in large cities in Ontario and Alberta. In Ontario, the most common areas are Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga and other parts of the GTA.

Why are these areas more prone to high risk car insurance coverage needs?

  1. Traffic : There is more traffic and cars on the road.
  2. Accidents : There are more at-fault accidents.
  3. Highways : Highway driving is more common.
  4. Conditions : Poor winter driving conditions.
  5. Young And New Drivers : There are more young and new drivers. They have a higher likely hood of getting in an at-fault accident.

How Long Are You Considered A High Risk Driver?

High risk drivers can take a sigh of relief. It is not a permanent classification. It doesn’t last forever, as long as you take steps to improve your driving record.

How long you are high risk depends on the reason why you received the label :

  • No insurance : Never had insurance? Had a lapse in coverage? You can drop the high risk label by having insurance consistently and paying your policy premiums on time.
  • Tickets : Have multiple tickets? You can get standard auto insurance 3 years after the date of your first ticket. You also need to keep your driving record clean. Tickets stay on your insurance record for 3 years.
  • Major traffic violation : Have a major traffic violation, such as a DUI? It can take 5 years or more to clear your driving record.

Ontario’s Leading High Risk Insurance Broker

Every driver needs auto insurance. We can help you get it, when you need it most. ThinkInsure is the leading provider of high risk insurance in Ontario. We help hundreds of customers get insurance every month.

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  • Get back to lower premiums : We'll help advise you on ways to get back into a cheaper policy as soon as possible.
  • We'll shop and compare on renewal : We can compare quotes to get you a better rate for auto insurance coverage based on your qualifications.
  • We can help you get insured : We don’t turn you away when you need us the most. Need auto insurance in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary or anywhere else in Ontario? Our brokers are here to help you get quotes, get coverage, answer your questions, assist with claims and more!

How Do You Speed Up The Transition Out Of High Risk Auto Insurance?

High Risk Insurance Ontario

Focus on good driving and insurance habits so you can get lower rates. Here some ways to speed up the process :

  1. Focus on good driving habits : Stay within the speed limit, focus on defensive driving, and obeying traffic rules. If you’re ticket-free, you’ll lower your premium costs. Getting another ticket could hurt your ability to get coverage in the future.
  2. Stay claims free : Always be careful and pay attention when you drive. Try to stay accident free to help avoid making any claims.
  3. Put that phone away : Distracted driving is now the leading cause of accidents ahead of drunk driving. Pay attention to the road and your surroundings when behind the wheel.
  4. Don't get tickets : Convictions can double your rates. They could cause you to have your policy cancelled.
  5. Be consistent with your payments : Make your payments and keep your policy up-to-date.
  6. Drive an insurance friendly vehicle : Trade in your vehicle for a model with a strong safety record.

How Do I Get A High Risk Driver Off My Policy?

Any driver on your policy that becomes high risk will increase your car insurance rates. If the primary driver has a clean driving record, high risk occasional drivers can increase your rates.

You will need to exclude the high risk drivers from your insurance policy. Fill out the Excluded Driver Endorsement, Ontario Policy Change Form, OPCF 28A.

The policyholder and high risk driver need to agree they will not drive your vehicle. If the high risk driver does drive your vehicle and causes an accident, your claim could be denied. You could void your insurance policy. The policy will not pay for damage or injuries caused by the excluded driver.

Common FAQs About High Risk Auto Insurance

Get your questions answered :

ThinkInsure specializes in high risk auto insurance and can get you coverage from all high risk companies. So we’ll ensure you get the cheapest high risk auto insurance rates in Ontario. Speak with one of our friendly brokers to get cheap coverage.

Yes. High risk insurance is more expensive than traditional insurance coverage for vehicles and homes. It is one of the most expensive types of insurance you can purchase. Premiums can be 2 or 3 times more expensive per year.

It depends. Some insurance companies require high risk drivers to pay a portion of their insurance premiums as a down payment. The down payment could be up to 25% of your total premium or more. Others offer discounts for paying your policy in full upfront.

The Facility Accociation is an entity established by the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act in Ontario. All insurers belong to it. It is an option for high risk drivers to get coverage if they struggle to get a policy from other insurers.

Yes. At ThinkInsure you can get an online high risk car insurance quote. Start your quote, enter your information and compare quotes from the top companies.

Then we will help you with the process of getting a high risk auto insurance policy. You can also give us a call to compare coverage options.

No. If you maintain a clean driving record and you can and pay your premiums on time you will be eligible for standard insruance again. You will also see your rates decrease over time.

Get Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes Online Today

Few insurance providers can say they offer insurance quotes from all high risk insurance providers. Let our us help you get the cheapest quotes if you’ve been labelled a high risk. We’ll work with you to compare quotes, help you save and get insured so you can drive.

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