Save with lower Windsor auto insurance rates

Shopping for car insurance in Windsor? Even if you live in a border town like Windsor, your need for a reliable and affordable car insurance rate stays the same.

As one of the most southern cities of the province, and all of Canada for that matter, Windsor, is a busy border city with a lot of cars passing through. Known as the home of the auto industry in Canada, it has a very storied history and close ties to Detroit. This also means a lot of cross-border traffic.

Many Windsor residents question if they need extra or different car insurance if they cross over the U.S. regularly. While driving needs vary, you need to have the best coverage that protects you in both countries. But this doesn’t mean you have to pay more in premiums.

We know cheap auto insurance quotes are what drivers in Windsor want. ThinkInsure is partners with the leading insurance companies in Canada. So we can help you get insured for a great rate. You could save up to $500 or 30% by comparing quotes with us. Keep reading learn about car insurance in Windsor and find out how you can save more on your next policy.