Learn about auto insurance in Nunavut

Even though the territory is the most recent addition to the country, car insurance in Nunavut is just as important as any other area of Canada.

As the largest territory, there are a lot of open roads. You need to ensure you have the right policy to protect you when driving in the city of Iqaluit, or one of the many hamlets such as Rankin Inlet and Arviat.

Here, you will learn how car insurance works in the territory. You’ll learn how to get the lowest premiums.

NOTE: Auto insurance is not available through ThinkInsure in Nunavut.

Key takeaways about Nunavut car insurance

  • The car insurance rates in Nunavut are less than the Canadian average.
  • Auto insurance is mandatory. Coverage is available through private insurers and brokers
  • Direct compensation property damage (DCPD) does not apply in Nunavut. It's a combination of a tort and no-fault system.