About Wawanesa Insurance

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Before entrusting your vehicle or property to an insurance company, it's crucial to learn about them. Get to know Wawanesa insurance before getting a quote.

Wawanesa Insurance is a Manitoba-based coverage provider that brings a history of casualty and property coverage dating back to 1896. Alonzo Fowler Kempton and Charles Kerr saw that the settlers of the western plains were faced with extreme weather, prairie fires and high transportation costs. They saw that farmers were having trouble paying premiums and decided to create a farmer’s mutual company to help.

Since then, Wawanesa Insurance has evolved into offering several policyholder-specific packages and discounts for retirees, loyal customers, and multi-packages. The company continues to grow and has policyholders in the United States. They offer coverage for individuals, farm operations and businesses.

Wawanesa continues to make a meaningful impact in various ways and is also known for its prominent charitable contributions - they support an estimated 400 charities each year.

The company and its employees are marking the company’s 125th anniversary by providing $700,000 to local community organizations in Canada and the United States. These charitable funds come in addition to the $3.5 million Wawanesa Insurance has already committed to its community partners in 2021.