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About Intact Insurance Company

Intact Insurance – Canada’s largest insurance company – has provided insurance help to more than 4 million Canadians. Intact Insurance offers auto insurance, home insurance and business insurance nationwide.

Formerly known as ING Canada until 2009, the company has roots dating back to the early 1800s. The company was first established as Halifax Fire Insurance Association in 1809. The company was acquired by Dutch insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden (NN).

Intact also operates under the following brands : Allianz Canada, belairdirect and BrokerLink.

The Benefits Of Intact Insurance For ThinkInsure Customers

  • Intact’s Outstanding Customer Service : In 2015, Intact Insurance highest scoring company among Canada’s insurance companies for customer satisfaction.
  • Intact 30-minute Claim Guarantee : Intact Insurance will start your insurance claim within 30 minutes of your claims call.
  • Savings : Lower your insurance rates with My Driving Discount & My Lifestyle Advantage Home Insurance.

Intact For Vehicles

With Intact, you can insure almost any type of vehicle and you can choose from a variety of coverage types and limits that go above and beyond standard coverage :

Your Intact insurance policy comes with even more features and protection :

Intact my Drive Program - Save 30%

Your price is based driving habits, not on other drivers typical driving behaviour. So if you have good driving habits you’ll be rewarded with much lower rates.

There is immediate savings of 5% for signing up with the ability to save up to 30%.

Learn more about the Intact my Drive discount program.

Intact For Homes

Intact offers a number of products to protect your home, contents, and you. Boost your coverage with specialty products :

  • Enhanced Water Damage Package
  • Lifestyle Advantage
  • my Identity
  • my Extras

Why Choose ThinkInsure For Intact Insurance?

  • Maximize insurance savings : We’ll make sure you are taking advantage of all available Intact insurance discounts.
  • Save even more : Combine your home and auto insurance coverage with Intact to save 20% or more on both types of coverage.
  • Find the best coverage for you : We will help you find the right combination of coverage to ensure you have the right policy to meet your unique insurance needs.

Intact Insurance Contact Information

Intact Insurance FAQs

How Do I Contact Intact Insurance?

There are a number of ways to contact Intact. You can contact them through their website, email, phone, or get assistance from a ThinkInsure advisor.

Does Intact Insurance Have Accident Forgiveness?

Yes. Intact offers a Responsible Driver Guarantee. This means your first at fault accident does not increase your rates.

Does Intact Insurance Cover Uber Drivers?

Yes. Intact offers coverage specifically for Uber drivers. Intact was the first insurer to offer coverage for drivers using ridesharing.

Where Can I Get The Intact Insurance App?

You can download the Intact Insurance app using App Store or Google Play.