Blog Does A Speeding Ticket In Ontario Increase Your Insurance?

Sep 21, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Speeding Tickets And Insurance

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For the safety of yourself and others, you should never speed. But the reality is, it still happens. Even as the fines for speeding tickets become more severe, people still drive above the speed limit. In fact, 27% of traffic fatalities on Canadian roads are the direct result of speeding.

If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding, we’re sure that you’ll agree there is nothing worse than getting that feeling in your stomach when you zoom past a cop or see a police car in your rearview and then see those lights start flashing.

The next question is what type of speeding ticket you will get and how much will it impact your car insurance.

Does A Speeding Ticket Affect Insurance In Ontario?

Yes, a speeding ticket can affect your Ontario car insurance. The degree to which it will impacts you will depend on the severity and the effect is not always immediate. It’s important to understand which tickets will affect it and those that will not – there is a difference between getting a ticket for over 15 km/h and 50 km/h over.

It will only affect insurance if your provider finds out about it. In most cases, they will not find out about your speeding ticket until you pay it or are convicted in court – when it’s added to your drivers abstract.

Often, insurers become aware of a speeding ticket when it is car insurance renewal time. Insurers can contact the Ministry of Transportation during the renewal process.

How Much Does A Speeding Ticket Increase Car Insurance?

It depends on your insurer and the fine. How much a speeding ticket will increase your costs will vary based on your insurer's rules. For minor tickets, you may only see a slight increase or no increase at all. If you receive a major speeding ticket or have multiple tickets, you can expect your costs to increase.

Can Speeding Tickets Impact The Type Of Insurance I Need?

Speeding tickets could not only impact your monthly costs, but they can also have an impact on the type of coverage you need.

While a minor speeding ticket won’t have much impact, getting two or three minor speeding tickets in a short time or getting one major speeding ticket for 50 km/h or over, could put your policy in jeopardy.

Too many speeding tickets or one major conviction could get your insurance cancelled and you may require high-risk insurance. Whether or not this happens to you will vary based on your provider and their rules about the number of convictions they will accept.

It’s not just the fine and demerit points you have to worry about if you get caught. So, check the speed limit and slow down. It is not worth the penalties and increased costs.

Types Of Speeding Tickets In Ontario

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In general, there are three different types that can be issued by a police officer :

  1. Ticket With A Fine On It (Part One Provincial Offences Notice) : This is the most common type. The ticket has the fine and associated points on it. You must appear in court if you want to dispute the ticket.
  2. Summons To Appear In Court (Part One Provincial Offence Summons) : This is not a common. The ticket has a court date on it, and the driver must appear in court. The maximum fine is $500. The judge may suspend the driver's license for up to one month for excessive speeds of over 50 km/h.
  3. Summons To Appear In Court (Part Three Provincial Offence Summons) : This is generally for speeds over 50km/h such as stunt driving or infractions in Community Safe Zones. It has the court date, and the driver must appear in court. The max fine is $12 per km over the speed limit. The judge may suspend your license for up to one month.