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We know you want to save on home insurance. Comparing home insurance quotes is the best way to find the right coverage and save. For over 45 years we’ve helped homeowners just like you get the coverage they need at a low rate.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Protect it with an effective home insurance policy. Whether you need to renew your current house insurance policy or you are comparing quotes for the first time, we have your back. Have comfort in knowing you have coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Get the cheapest home insurance quotes

We’ll find you the cheapest quotes based on your policy needs. We’ll look for cost savings and discounts to help you save.

Expert home insurance coverge advice

Have questions about your policy? Looking for new ways to save? We’re an independent brokerage. Get unbiased coverage advice.

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Get help you with all your home insurance needs. Call us to update your policy, get claims advice or compare quotes. We’re always here to help you.

Get The Best Home Insurance Discounts And Savings

Bundle Home And Auto To Simplify and Save

Bundle to simplify and save

Want to save even more money? Make it easier to manage your insurance coverage. Combine your home and auto insurance coverage with the same insurance company and save on both policies. Get instant savings!

Good credit Good credit

Have good credit? Allow your insurer to do a credit check and it will reduce your insurance policy costs.

Home alarm Home alarm

Protect your home and insurance budget. Install a monitored security or fire alarm system in your home to qualify.

Claims free Claims free

It pays to be claims free. Stay claims free for a specified period of time and save. The longer you are claims free the more you’ll save.

Loyal customer Loyal customer

Renewing your policy and keeping your coverage with the same insurer can save you money. Get rewarded for your loyalty.

Mature homeowner Mature homeowner

Age is a factor when setting homeowners insurance rates. Get a discount for being a mature homeowner. Age qualification varies by insurer.

Water damage prevention Water damage prevention

Install water damage prevention measures such as a sump pump, backflow value, and other leak prevention steps to save.

Multiple policies Multiple policies

Own more than one property? Bundle them all with one insurer. Combine coverage for all types of properties – primary residence, condo, cottage, rental unit, more.

Mortgage free Mortgage free

Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! You’ll also qualify for a home insurance discount!

Brick house Brick house

Homes constructed with bricks are less prone to accidents and damage. If you own a brick home you could qualify for a policy discount.

New home discount New home

Buying a new home? Save money on your policy for owning a newer build because they are less likely have issues.

How To Get Home Insurance Quotes

We make it easy for you to compare home insurance quotes from Canada's top insurers. Find the best quotes in 3 minutes and get your coverage.

Please have the following information to get the best quote :

  1. Information about your home details.
  2. Any past home insurance coverage details.

Finding the best quotes is quick and easy.

Quickly provide your details
Start your home insurance quote

Enter some personal and home information to get started with your quote.

We will search for the best savings
Compare quotes from top home insurers

Compare quotes and coverage from Canada's leading home insurers.

You select lowest price and buy your policy
Choose the lowest quote and get a policy

Select the best rate and coverage. Then get your home insurance policy. We'll be there to help you and make sure all your home insurance needs get taken care of.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost In Canada?

Home Insurance Costs

Determining an average cost for home insurance is challenging. Since there are so many factors used to set home insurance costs, rates can vary significantly. Where you live, risk factors, the size and type of home, replacement value and many additional factors impact policy costs.

Home insurance can range from as little as $800 or less per year to more than $2000, depending on your home and where you live. The average for Canadian homeowners is about $850 annually. Quebec residents tend to pay the cheapest rates, Ontario, BC and Alberta tend to have the highest home insurance rates.

Choose From The Top Home Insurance Providers

Shop and compare quotes and coverage options

We know you have specific coverage needs. Having more options is always better. We’ve partnered with the leading home insurance providers to ensure you get the best rates and coverage. We'll make sure you protect your home with the right policy.

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Get 24/7 Home Insurance Claims Assistance

Quotes From 50+ Insurance Providers

We’re here if you need us.

You never know when something could go wrong at home. Whether is unpredictable. Break-ins happen. Water damage can occur in many ways. If you need to file a claim, we’re ready to help. Get claims advice, guidance and information. We advocate for you and we’ll help you throughout the claims process.

Get Your Home Insurance FAQs Answered

Here are some common questions we get :

You can legally own a home in Canada without home insurance coverage. However, not having house insurance is extremely risky. If your home was damaged, you would have to pay for repairs out of your pocket. Here’s why you should always have home insurance coverage :

  • Protect your investment : Insurance protects your home from a variety of risk and threats. It protects your investment in your property.
  • Reduce financial risk : Insurance reduces the risk of financial loss. Without coverage, a fire or flood could cripple you financially.
  • Proof of coverage to get a mortgage : Mortgage lenders require proof of house insurance in order for you to secure a mortgage.
  • Claims are on the rise : There has been an increase in flood, fire, and other weather related claim risks. Insurance protects you from these risks.
  • Peace of mind : Simply having peace of mind in knowing you are covered if your home is damaged is reassuring.

The amount of home insurance you need is unique to your situation. You need enough coverage to cover the cost to rebuild your home if it was damaged beyond repair. You need enough coverage to completely rebuild your home from the ground up after a loss due to fire and other significant sources of damage.

The replacement cost of your home is based on your property, home structure, and its features. To get a detailed assessment of the cost to replace your home, get it appraised by a professional.

The insurer who offers the cheapest insurance will vary based on your coverage needs, home location, type of property and many other factors. Home insurance rates change over time. One insurer may have the best rates today, but another company could offer better rates in the future. Comparing quotes helps you find who has the best rates when you need coverage.

To get an accurate home insurance quote you will need to provide :

  • Postal code
  • Policy type
  • Policy date
  • Personal contact information
  • Replacement cost
  • Distance from fire hall, hydrant
  • Building details (build and construction type, heat source, alarms)
  • Home insurance and claims history
  • Additional information may be required

Gather this information before starting a quote to speed up the quote comparison process.

Home insurance deductibles typically range from $500 to $2500 or more. A good deductible is one you can afford to pay in the event you file a claim. For example, if your deductible is $1000, you should feel financially comfortable paying this amount out of your pocket when you file a claim.

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