Find the right vacant home insurance

Not sure if you need vacant home insurance? Do you own a vacant dwelling or have an unoccupied property? Planning to leave your home or condo empty? If you plan to be away or leave your house or a property uninhabited for an extened period, you will need to notify your insurer and make sure your insurance covers vacant dwellings.

Thieves often target vacant properties. In 2019 alone, there were well over 1 million property crimes reported in Canada. Without taking the necessary precautions or having the right insurance in place, you're vacant home could at risk.

Many property owners assume they are covered if they leave their primary residence empty. Your home insurance could be affected if you leave your home vacant, unoccupied, or uninhabited.

Insurance for vacant homes will provide you with the protection you require while you’re away. Whether you’re travelling, in between tenants in your rental unit, you’re renovating, or your property is vacant for other reasons, our insurance experts can help. Compare quotes from Canada's top provider for vacant home insurance and get covered for a great rate. Keep reading to learn how vacant property insurance works and how to get coverage.