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Quotes From Over 40 Insurance Companies

Home And Auto Insurance Quotes - Compare The Best Insurance Bundles

Combine Insurance And Save Up To $700 Or More!

One of the fastest, simplest ways to save on your home and auto insurance is to bundle them together under one insurance provider. Car insurance premiums, especially if you live in Ontario, can be one of the your biggest car expenses.

You can lower that cost when you bundle your auto insurance with home insurance. The added bonus is that you will also save on your home insurance. That’s a double savings for you.

Combining Your Home And Auto Insurance You Can Save Hundreds Per Year

Insurance companies offer saving incentives to encourage their customers to sign up for auto insurance when they purchase home insurance and vice versa. Annually, you can save up to :

  • Save up to 20% on Auto insurance
  • Save up to 10% on Home insurance

That’s a significant savings discount for you.

We'll Find You The Best Bundle Discounts From 40+ Insurance Companies

Shop and compare to find the best auto insurance for your circumstances or speak to a broker who will shop and compare for you. Your broker will advise you on the best bundle to save you the most. You’ll know that you’re getting the best coverage at the best price.

Your broker, who understands your personal situation and insurance needs, will shop and compare from a wide selection of insurance companies. We will find the best fit for you – that suits your budget.

Frank advised me that bundling my home and auto insurance would save me a lot. He was right! I ended up saving $542!
Paul, Home + Auto Insurance Bundle - Pickering, Ontario

Interested in exploring your options for combining your insurance coverage? Call toll free to speak to a broker 1-855-550-5515 OR get a quote online.

Bundling Can Flex Beyond Home And Car Insurance

Most insurance companies provide different options on bundling different types of insurance. You may start with bundling your home and auto insurance but some insurance companies offer additional bundles such as your cottage or your RV. Some providers even offer travel insurance in a package.

Some insurance providers offer tenants packages (home insurance) with auto coverage. Why not speak to a broker to find out what options are available to you?

Bundling Insurance Makes Life Simpler

When you combine your home and auto insurance, you spend less time managing your life. Your home and car insurance are bundled into one policy, one payment with one renewal date. This is another big reason our customers choose to bundle their home and auto insurance.

Check with your broker to find out if you can add other insurance coverage to your bundle for even more savings!

When You Combine Insurance – You Combine Your Payments

When you purchase your home and auto insurance together, you can make one easy payment for both policies. You’ll get one insurance package in the mail and one payment schedule for both insurances.

Some providers will accept one deductible for home and car in the event that both are impacted by an accident. This can be a substantial saving for you.

Tips For More Insurance Discounts

Car insurance can be costly. Still, Ontario law requires that we have some kind of insurance. For information on more cost savings tips, go to our Car Insurance Discounts page.

Bundle your Car and Home insurance and save 20% more! Call toll free to speak to a broker 1-855-550-5515 OR get a quote online and start saving.

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