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ThinkInsure has been proudly providing the best car insurance coverage at the cheapest rates in Mississauga and the GTA for over 45 years.

Discover why so many Mississauge drivers choose ThinkInsure for their car insurance.

  • Savings : You can save money with us. We can quickly get you quotes from over 40 insurance companies so you benefit from our large selection of insurance partners. This one-stop shopping could save you hundreds.
  • Selection : We give you lots of choice. Easily compare quotes and choose the best option for your car insurance needs. We'll get you the best coverage and cheapest rates in Mississauga.
  • Service : We value you as a customer. Customer satisfaction is a constant top priority for us. Our team of licensed insurance experts is dedicated to all aspects of customer service. We'll work hard to make sure your insurance needs get taken care of.
  • Made Easy : We make car insurance easy. We want to make all aspects of car insurance easy for our customers. From buying a policy, to getting top notch customer service, we strive to make car insurance easy.

So whether you choose an Online Quick Quote or to call our toll-free number 1-855-550-5515 and speak to a licensed insurance broker. We make it easy for you to get your car insurance at the cheapest rates in Mississauga.

I didn't think that it really mattered who my insurance company was until I got in an accident last year. I'm so glad I had my ThinkInsure broker Frank to help me through the process. He really went the extra mile to make sure everything got taken care of from fighting with the insurance company to car rentals. He made it easy. Thanks Frank!
Angela, Mississauga, ON

Shop, Compare and Save!

If you've only ever received just one car insurance quote, how can you be certain it's the best for you? At ThinkInsure we make it easy to shop and compare car insurance quotes. We can quickly compare quotes from over 40 insurance companies.

Simply enter basic information about you and your car into our Online Quick Quote . We will quickly compare multiple car insurance quotes, allowing you to choose from the cheapest rates available in Mississauga.

Or if you prefer to talk to a person you can call toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and one of our licensed brokers will be happy to help you.

Your Insurance Needs Are Important To Us

We know our success depends on satisfying your car insurance needs. We take the extra time to make sure we really understand unlike some other companies. Our team of licensed brokers are insurance experts and they will find you the best insurance solution from our vast partner network for your needs.

When you need us we are there to help you with all of your insurance needs - in a timely and professional manner. We offer unbiased advice as we are independently owned and operated so your needs get put first, not the needs of the insurance company. Learn more about The ThinkInsure Broker Advantage and why we are the best choice for your car insurance.

Coverage For All Types Of Drivers

We are partners with over 40 insurance companies who specialize in car insurance coverage for all different types of drivers. Good drivers or those who have had some driving challenges like tickets or an accident. Inexperienced new or young drivers to those who have years behind the wheel and are considered experienced drivers.

So no matter what kind of driver you are our team of licensed brokers will get you the cheapest quotes for the type of car insurance you need.

Get an Online Quick Quote OR call toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and start saving!

Mississauga Stats And Driving Facts

  • 7 Major Highways - Mississauga is the only city in the GTA served by seven major highways: Highway 401 (by far the busiest highway in Canada and North America, and one of the widest and busiest freeways in the world); 403; 407 (the world's first all-electronic toll road); 409; 410; 427; and QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way).

  • Canada's 6th Largest City - Growing at a rate of 9.1% between the years 2001 and 2006, Mississauga outpaced the GTA's growth (8.7%) and that of the province (6.6%). The sixth largest city in Canada, with a population of 741,000 in 2012.

  • Over 50% Born Outside Canada - Over half (52.7%) of Mississauga's population was born outside Canada (2006 figures). Comparatively, 19.8% of Canada's population, 29.2% of Ontario's population, and 46.6% of Toronto's population is foreign-born. The percentage of residents over 45 rose from 31.7% in 2001 to 35.5% in 2006.

  • Almost 25% Commute To Toronto - Of the city's employed labour force, 45.9% work in Mississauga. Almost a quarter of the workforce - 24.3% - commute to Toronto.

How Do These Facts and Stats Impact Rates?

Whether or not these stats and facts are news to you, they help convey the reality of a bustling city with a lot of cars, roads and highways. This means there's a considerable amount of driving going on in which can lead to car accidents and people getting injured. Plus there's traffic tickets, theft and insurance fraud which all increase the costs of insurance claims. So car insurance can be expensive in Mississauga.

Ontario has the highest car insurance rates in Canada and the average rates in Mississauga are $1,998. That makes it the 5th most expensive city to buy car insurance in behind Brampton, Woodbridge, Vaughan and Toronto.

Get an Online Quick Quote or call toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and speak to a friendly ThinkInsure broker. Start saving now!

Car Insurance Quotes By Province And City

We are a licensed Alberta and Ontario car insurance broker. So if you are an Alberta or Ontario driver we can get you coverage. Since we work with so many insurance companies you'll be able to compare mutliple quotes for your region and get the lowest rate.

Fort McMurray
Grande Prairie
Medicine Hat
Red Deer
Richmond Hill
St. Catharines
Thunder Bay

Mississauga Car Insurance Testimonials

"I have dealt with Lee for 4 years now and have no reason to go elsewhere."

"This was our first experience with a car insurance broker after leaving my long-standing provider. We're really happy about my decision!"

"How does Thinkinsure help me? They improve my understanding of insurance by keeping me up-to-date on insurance matters."

"The site is so easy to use. I would recommend Thinkinsure to a friend."

"I was expecting a big hassle when I was choosing and purchasing car insurance but I found it very easy. I have had a couple of reasons to call my dedicated broker in the past and always had prompt and very courteous help over the phone. Yes I would recommend Thinkinsure to everyone, in fact I have."

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