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We'll Help You Save With The Best Car Insurance Discounts

It is expensive to drive in Canada - car payments, gas, repairs and insurance. So you probably have a lot of car related expenses. At ThinkInsure we know that every dollar you save helps. We want to do our part to help you save as much as possible on your car insurance.

Car insurance in Ontario is the most expensive in Canada. There are many reasons for the higher rates such as the likelihood of more accidents and theft. But one of the main reasons insurance rates are so high here is rates because of organized crime and fraud.

This frustrates us as much as much as it does you! That’s why we work so hard to make sure you get as many the discounts possible to get the cheapest rates.

Car insurance companies offer many types of discounts for the various types of drivers. There are discounts for good students, seniors, people who bundle their insurance coverage, good drivers and much more.

At ThinkInsure, we partner with over 50 insurance companies and our team of licensed brokers will quickly shop and compare best discounts that apply to you. So you’ll get the best value and savings on your car insurance.

We’ll Shop And Compare Discounts To Get You The Lowest Rates

Car insurance rates and discounts change all the time with insurance companies. So just because an insurance company has the cheapest rates and discounts one year it doesn’t mean they will the following year.

At ThinkInsure we can shop and compare the best rates and discounts for our customers prior to their policy renewal. This ensures that our customers get cheapest rates and best value on their car insurance every year.

Frank advised me that bundling my home and auto insurance would save me a lot. He was right! I ended up saving $542!
Paul, Pickering, ON

We Have A Wide Range Of Car Insurance Discounts

There are many different kind’s discounts available from our insurance partners. They all vary based insurance company and individual driver profile.

So please be sure to speak with one of our licensed brokers and they will quickly find you the best discounts to get you the lowest rate.

Car + Home Bundle Discount

When you bundle your car and home insurance with the same company you can get discounts of up to 20% or more depending on the company. This is also referred to as a multi-line discount.

  • Bundle Car + Home insurance – save up to 20% on car insurance and 50% on home insurance

Multi Car Family Member Discount

When you have family members who live in the same household and drive separate vehicles there are discounts available. Bundling or combining the coverage for the all cars with the same company will save you money.

  • Bundle Multiple Cars – save up to 15%

Usage Based Insurance Or Telematics Discounts

Good drivers can save significantly when enrolled in a usage based or telematics car insurance program. Driving habits get monitored and good driving habits get rewarded with discounts of up to 30%.

  • Good driving habits – save up to 30%

Payment Options Discounts

There are additional ways that you can save depending on how you pay for your car insurance.

  • Pay for full year in lump sum – save up to 8%
  • Automatic payments by Electronic Fund Transfer – save 2%
  • Pay on time consistently – save up to 15%

New Car Discount

When you purchase a new vehicle that is less than 3 years old you can save.

  • New Cars – save up to 10%

Anti-Theft Discount

The harder your car is to steal the more of a discount you can get. If you have an after market anti-theft device installed in your car you could additional discounts ranging from :

  • After Factory – save 5%
  • Satellite – save 15%

Winter Tire Discount

It’s proven that it’s safer to use winter tires.

  • Winter Tires – save up to 5%

Green Or Eco Friendly Vehicle Discount

If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle you can save more on your car insurance.

  • Hybrid / Electrics Vehicles – save up to 10%

Retiree and Senior Discount

Many insurance companies offer discounts to retirees and seniors.

  • Retired and Senior Drivers – save 10%

Driver Training Discount

New and young drivers who take a government approved drivers training course can get additional discounts on their car insurance.

  • Drivers Training Course – save up to 10%

Graduated Licensing Discounts

There are discounts available as drivers graduate through each level of the graduated licensing program.

  • Graduate from G1 to G2 - save 10%
  • Graduate from G2 to G – save 10%

Good Student Discount

Drivers who are full time students between the ages of 16 and 25 who have a “B” average or better may qualify for a discount.

  • Good students - save up to 10%

Out Of Town Student Discount

When parents have children who are away from home at university or college they can save on their coverage for that child.

  • Student Away At School – save up to 30%

Loyalty and Renewal Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for loyal customers who renew their policies each year. The longer you have coverage with a company the more you can save.

  • 1-5 years with a company – save up to 5%
  • 6 years with a company – save up to 6%
  • 7 years with a company – save up to 7%
  • 8 years with a company – save up to 8%
  • 9 years with a company – save up to 9%
  • 10+ years with a company – save up to 10%