Find lower auto insurance rates in Thunder Bay

Living in Northern Ontario, Thunder Bay residents have a greater reliance on their vehicle, and car insurance as a result. The great news is the cost of auto insurance in Thunder Bay is significantly cheaper compared to the rest of the province.

The city is home to close to 110,000 people who have the privilege of seeing amazing panoramic views of the country regularly. It is located on the edge of Lake Superior. With driving being the preferred mode of transportation, you need reliable and cheap auto insurance in Thunder Bay.

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How car insurance in Thunder Bay works

Thunder Bay auto insurance rules at set at the provincial level. All drivers must have valid insurance and need to carry at least $200,000 in third-party liability. A no-fault system is used, and the industry is regulated by the FSRAO. Drivers can get insurance through private insurers and brokerages.

There are two parts to your coverage – mandatory and optional coverage. Here is what is included in each:


This is legally required to be included in all policies :


You have the option to add one or more of these types of coverage to enhance your policy :

You have the choice to increase your coverage limits. You can also include endorsements to personalize your plan. Get more information about Ontario car insurance rates and how the system works.