Get the best Waterloo auto insurance

It's no secret Waterloo residents are looking for ways to save money on things like car insurance. With rates increasing along with the cost of living, every little bit of savings counts. The great thing about insurance is that you can look for ways to reduce your premiums yearly. ThinkInsure helps you pay less and makes your renewal process quick and easy.

We make comparing quotes and coverage options for Kitchener auto insurance easy. We'll check prices from the top insurance companies in Canada to save you more. Get started by comparing quotes online, or give us a call. Our advisors will ensure you get the coverage you need for the lowest rate.

Top things to know about Waterloo car insurance

  • Waterloo car insurance rates are higher than the provincial average but similar to other cities in the tri-cities region.
  • Waterloo South is the area with the cheapest car insurance rates in the city.
  • Car insurance costs are increasing but you can keep rates down by comparing quotes with a broker.