Learn about auto insurance in Newfoundland

Newfoundland car insurance rates are the highest in the Maritimes. You pay more for coverage than other drivers in Atlantic Canada. However, insurance is not the most expensive in Canada.

Whether you live in St. John’s, Corner Brook, Mount Pearl, or Conception Bay, you must take action to keep costs down. To find the best auto insurance in Newfoundland, you need to comparison shop.

Here, you will learn how car insurance works in the province and get tips on finding the lowest premiums.

NOTE: Auto insurance is currently not available through ThinkInsure in Newfoundland.

Key takeaways about Newfoundland car insurance

  • Newfoundland car insurance is slightly more expensive than the Canadian average
  • Unlike other provinces, accident benefits are not mandatory but are highly recommended
  • Newfoundland uses a direct compensation model, similar to no-fault insurance.