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Not all drivers have a squeaky clean driving record. Some drivers just get into more accidents and have more claims that others. Unfortunately, this also has a big impact on how much you pay for car insurance rates. It could also hurt your ability to get affordable insurance, and you could be labelled a high-risk driver by insurance companies in Ontario.

If you find yourself in this situation, then working with an insurer that specializes in non-standard car insurance is your best option to get the coverage you need at insurance rates you can afford. This is why drivers choose Jevco Insurance.

About Jevco Insurance – Offering Specialized Car Insurance Coverage and Solutions

For more than 30 years, Jevco Insurance Company has provided high quality and specialized insurance coverage solutions to drivers across Ontario. Through their insurance broker model, they have helped thousands of drivers get the high risk auto insurance coverage they need, even if they have a blemish or two on their driving record. Jevco also specializes in non-standard auto insurance coverage for :

  • Commercial vehicles and fleets
  • ATVs and snowmobiles
  • Taxis
  • Tow trucks
  • Driver training cars
  • Motorcycles – Jevco is the leading provider of motorcycle insurance in the country

Jevco Becomes Part Of The Intact Financial Corporation (IFC)

In 2012, Jevco became part of the Intact Financial Corporation (IFC). Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest provider of auto, home and business insurance coverage.

The deal provides Intact Insurance with the opportunity to increase its product offering in Business Insurance and Personal Automobile insurance – in particular, recreational vehicles. This will allow Intact Insurance to offer even more solutions to its customers, says Intact.

Long time Jevco customers still receive the same car insurance coverage options. Since the merger, the company has remained focused on providing high quality and accessible insurance solutions for drivers who do not fit the standard car insurance profile.

Reasons To Choose Jevco Insurance

Through Intact, Jevco offers a variety of unique auto insurance coverage options for drivers in Ontario :

  • High Risk Drivers Insurance : Whether you have been convicted of a driving offense, have multiple claims, or have been labeled a high risk driver, Jevco can help you get insurance when other insurance companies are not willing to insure you.
  • Specialize in Non-standard Auto Insurance : Jevco works specifically with drivers who have unique insurance needs.
  • Part of Intact Financial Corporation (IFC) : As part of Jevco, you will also have access to the resources offered through Intact. Talk to your broker about your options.
  • 24/7 Claims Assistance : Jevco offers around-the-clock claims assistance to help you with all your insurance claims, questions and issues.

Jevco Non-standard Personal Car Insurance Coverage

Your driving record plays a huge role in determining if you have been labelled a high risk driver. If you’ve been denied coverage in the past or had your policy cancelled by your current insurer, then Jevco’s non-standard personal auto insurance coverage is what you need.

Learn more about high risk auto insurance.

Is Jevco Non-standard Car Insurance Coverage For Me?

You may be a candidate for this form of auto insurance coverage if :

  • You have multiple insurance claims.
  • You have more than one recent at fault accident.
  • Your driver’s license was suspended in the past.
  • You have a number of traffic convictions.
  • You’ve had a DUI.
  • Insurance companies won’t offer you car insurance coverage.

Even if you are having trouble getting insurance from other providers, Jevco can help. Our coverage is offered on a six- or 12-month term, and you can pay your coverage in one payment via automatic bank withdrawal, credit card, or monthly via automatic withdrawal.

To ensure you get affordable car insurance rates, Jevco calculates each policy on an individual basis. Cost of insurance is based on your driving record, experience, vehicle, and other factors.

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