Looking For A Scarborough Insurance Broker?

Using an insurance broker in Scarborough gives you the best opportunity to get the lowest rates. Scarborough is also known for having some of the most expensive premiums in the province. It’s important for drivers and homeowners to find better insurance savings.

Brokers work for you, not the insurance provider. They advocate on your behalf and can help you quickly compare quotes and search for more affordable rates.

At ThinkInsure, we know saving on insurance can be challenging. When you use our insurance brokers, we simplify the process and help you clearly understand your coverage and savings options.

Why Use An Insurance Broker In Scarborough?

A Scarborough insurance broker provides you with the best chance to get the coverage you need at the lowest rate. Here are the benefits of working with a broker :

  • More options : Direct insurers are limited to the products they sell. Brokers can help you find coverage from multiple insurance providers to give you more options.
  • Get cheaper insurance : Comparing quotes is the most effective way to get the the lowest premium. Brokers can do this for you.
  • Convenience : Simply provide your information and let your broker shop and compare from multiple insurers.
  • Access to expert advice : You’re bound to have questions. Brokers can advocate on your behalf and are your trusted advisor for all things insurance related – estimates, claims, renewals, and more.

Can I Switch To A Different Insurance Broker In Scarborough?

You can change brokers if you feel as though your current one is not working out for you. You can switch brokers and keep the same insurance company or find a new one. We will happily help you switch. The process is easy. We can look for better rates also to help you save.

How Do Insurance Brokers In Scarborough Get Paid?

Brokers are paid by the insurer. They are paid annual commissions for each sale and to provide customer service. The amount they are paid depends on the insurer and type of insurance. Consumers don't pay to use their services.