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Not everyone has a perfect driving record. For those who require specialized auto insurance coverage or have had difficulty getting coverage from other insurance companies in the past, Pafco insurance is the way to go.

Pafco is a leading provider in high risk auto insurance coverage in Ontario. For more than 25 years, they have provided drivers with specialized insurance products and personalized customer service when you need it the most.

Whether you lack driving experience, have a few accidents on your record, have been convicted of a driving offense, or have had a lapse in car insurance coverage, you could have issues getting insured. Pafco is an ideal solution for drivers seeking to improve their insurance record and get back on track.

Why Choose Pafco High Risk Auto Insurance?

Pafco is a specialized insurance provider that is focused on meeting the needs of drivers who need a second chance and are seeking to improve their driving record and return to the standard auto insurance market. If you find yourself in this situation, consider Pafco for these reasons :

  • Specialized auto insurance coverage : Whether you’ve had some bad luck, made a few wrong decisions, or have a less than ideal driving and insurance record, Pafco can help you get you back on your feet with its non-standard auto insurance coverage options.
  • Community support : Pafco is a proud supporter of the United Way. They were awarded the 2012 National  Employee Campaign for Companies with 300+ Employees.
  • Competitive pricing : Even though non-standard insurance coverage is more expensive than traditional coverage, Pafco offers competitive rates, helping you get the best rates possible, considering your driving and insurance history.
  • 24/7 Claims : Pafco’s claims staff provides 24/7 response. This includes preferred contracting service and repair programs, and high quality repair work with written guarantees on all work. If coverage exists, you will also be provided with alternative transportation while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Independent model : Pafco works collaboratively with independent insurance brokers to provide customers with the best car insurance rates and coverage possible.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance Coverage With Pafco

Getting insurance coverage can be difficult for drivers who have had issues in the past. Where other insurance companies are not willing to take the risk and insure these drivers, Pafco welcomes them and offers non-standard car insurance coverage to help these individuals re-establish their record of insurance while they clear up their driving record.

As part of their non-standard auto insurance, Pafco offers the following coverage :

  • Third Party Liability : Coverage for injury or damage to other people or property
  • Uninsured Automobile : Coverage for injury or death caused by an at fault uninsured vehicle
  • Accident Benefits : Coverage for medical treatment, death benefits and loss of income
  • Physical Damage to the Vehicle : Pays for damage to your vehicle. Types of coverage include comprehensive, collision, all perils, and specified perils.


Saving money and lowering your insurance rates is a top priority for drivers. One way Pafco helps out is through My_BRIDGE – a new technology that is specifically designed to help you save money on your auto insurance rates.

Using a telematics device, drivers are rewarded for safe driving behaviour. Benefits include :

  • Save up to 30% on your car insurance rates.
  • It’s free.
  • It won’t increase your insurance rates.
  • All data collected is confidential.

Ready to get your car insurance record back on track? Get a Pafco car insurance quote today with ThinkInsure. Our brokers are ready to help you re-establish yourself and save on insurance.

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