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About Aviva Insurance

Aviva Insurance is one of Canada’s leading, most experienced (since 1835) insurers in property and casualty insurance. Aviva provides protection for homes, cars, recreational vehicles, groups and businesses.

Aviva provides excellent customer service to its customers from its 25-plus locations across Canada. Aviva’s team of over 3,000 employees serves three million customers nationally.

Reasons To Choose Aviva Insurance

  • Simplicity And Ease Of Selecting Insurance Products : Aviva’s wide-range of insurance solutions & a licenced ThinkInsure advisor makes selecting the perfect insurance package for you quick, easy and straightforward.
  • Aviva’s Claims’ Service Guarantee : If Aviva customers are not happy with the claims support they receive, Aviva guarantees a cheque for the same amount as their current premiums.
  • Aviva’s 24/7 Claims’ Support : Aviva’s Customer Care Advisors are there 24/7 to help you with your claim.
  • Aviva’s Community Fund : A community-minded company interested in giving back. Since 2009, through its community fund, Aviva has contributed $5.5 million to projects across Canada – important projects such as programs for at-risk youth, education improvement, and environmental and cultural protection.

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