About Aviva Canada

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Thinking about getting an Aviva insurance quote? It’s important to learn about an insurance company before you entrust them with insuring your vehicle or property.

Aviva Canada has a long history dating back to 1696. They were then known as Hand in Hand and located in London, England. They now serve 29 million customers in 16 countries, making them one of the world’s largest groups and service providers.

The company was established in Canada in 1835. The company officially became Aviva Insurance Company of Canada in May 2003. It was formerly CGU Insurance Company of Canada.

For well over 100 years, Aviva has been one of Canada’s leading, most experienced property and casualty insurers. Aviva insurers over 3 million Canadian properties, automobiles, and businesses. It has 1,500 broker partners, and 27 locations across the country.