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Looking For A Calgary Insurance Broker?

Insurance Broker Calgary

Have you considered working with an insurance broker in Calgary? Many drivers, homeowners, and businesses in the Calgary area and across Alberta have. With insurance rates on the rise, you need to be proactive and take advantage of the benefits insurance brokers provide.

At ThinkInsure, we understand insurance can be somewhat confusing, difficult to understand, and even intimidating. It can be challenging to choose the best policy to meet your insurance needs.

When you work with Calgary insurance brokers, you put yourself in the best position to get the cheapest insurance rates and the best coverage. Brokers are your insurance partners and we are here to help you compare quotes and get cheapest rates.

Calgary Car Insurance Brokers Can Help You Save!

Our car insurance brokers can help you compare car insurance quotes for all types of cars. Whether you drive a car, pickup, SUV, van, crossover, or any other vehicle style, we can help you save.

Want to compare car insurance quotes? Give us a call and one of our car insurance brokers will be happy to help you compare the best rates for Calgary auto insurance.

Why Use An Insurance Broker In Calgary?

Insurance Brokers In Calgary

Calgary insurance brokers have advantages over direct insurers. Brokers are your one stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Here are the top benefits of using insurance brokers in Calgary to for your insurance :

  • Convenience : Insurance brokers do the shopping for you. Simply provide your information and brokers handle the rest. You choose a policy and save money.
  • Service and support : Brokers are here to help. They can answer your insurance questions, help you with insurance claims, offer advice, and more.
  • Selection and coverage options : Insurance agents can only offer the insurance products sold by their company. Brokers can provide you with coverage options from multiple insurers.
  • Cheap insurance quotes : An insurance broker is your best option to get the lowest insurance quotes and best coverage.

Most importantly, insurance brokers work for you. At ThinkInsure, our team of licensed Calgary insurance brokers advocate for you. Your best interests are our top priority.

Let Our Calgary Insurance Brokers Help You

We’ve partnered with the top Calgary insurers to bring you the best rates and coverage. Experience the ThinkInsure broker advantage. Find out for yourself why we are the best insurance brokers to work with :

Best Insurance Brokers Calgary
  • We advocate for you : Our brokers work for you. Each ThinkInsure customer is assigned a dedicated broker. This personalized approach to customer service ensures ALL your insurance needs are met. We can help you compare quotes, choose coverage, file insurance claims and more.
  • You get unbiased advice : Have a question about your policy? Need some clarification? Have a question about insurance quotes? Our brokers provide you with honest and unbiased insurance advice so you can make the best insurance decisions.
  • We’re fully Independent and 100% Canadian : Our insurance brokerage is fully independent and 100% Canadian owned and operated. We are not affiliated with insurance providers.
  • We’re progressive and innovative : As a leading digital insurance broker we utilize innovative technology to simplify insurance shopping for you.
  • We’re fully licensed : ThinkInsure is a proud member of the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC). Our brokers are AIC licensed and have a Certificate of Authority.
  • We work with the top insurers in Canada : We’ve partnered with more than 50 of the top insurance providers in the country.

Whether you read the Calgary insurance broker reviews or find out for yourself, you’ll quickly realize ThinkInsure has the best insurance brokers in Calgary.

Compare Quotes With A Top Auto Insurance Broker In Calgary

When shopping for auto insurance in Calgary it’s important to work with a broker as they can shop and compare quotes. All drivers want to save money. With more than 1 million registered vehicles in Calgary, there are countless drivers who can lower their car insurance rates.

We’ve partnered with the top insurers in Calgary so you can compare quotes and lower your insurance rates. We can get you quotes for all types of personal and business vehicles.

Calgary car insurance costs less than you think when you get quotes with a leading auto insurance broker like ThinkInsure.

Use A Home Insurance Broker In Calgary To Save On Coverage

Home Insurance Broker Calgary

Shopping for Calgary home insurance? Time to renew your policy? For many Calgary residents, your home is the single biggest investment you will make in your life. You need protect this investment with a good home insurance policy and good house insurance rates.

With the average home prices in Calgary at $459,703 (as of May 2018) it’s important to work with a home insurance broker to protect your investment.

Our home insurance brokers in Calgary can help you get the best home insurance rates. We’ll ensure you get affordable rates without sacrificing the coverage you need to protect your property.

Tips To Save When Working With An Insurance Broker In Calgary, Alberta

Auto Insurance Brokers Calgary

Insurance brokers are the best way to lower your insurance rates. Maximize insurance savings by using these tips :

  • Use accurate information : Always use the most accurate information when getting a quote. Failure to provide accurate information can lead to inaccurate quotes.
  • Update your information when things change : Moving? Doing a renovation? Add a security system to your car? Contact your insurance when things change. Your updated information may even save you a few bucks.
  • Get a quote annually : A lot can change in a year. Contact our brokers every year when your policy is up for renewal to explore new ways to save. You never know when you’ll qualify for a new discount.
  • Ask about bundling insurance coverage : Bundling your insurance coverage under a single policy will qualify you for a discount. Make sure you get quotes for all your insurance needs to save more on your policy.

Calgary Insurance Broker FAQs

Have questions about using insurance brokers in Calgary? We have the answers! Check out these commonly asked questions about working with a Calgary insurance broker

Using an insurance broker gives you more insurance options. You can get access to more quotes, coverage options, and most importantly, better insurance rates. Brokers also provide you with excellent customer service and can help you with all your insurance questions and needs.

Yes. Car insurance brokers can get you the cheapest insurance rates. With access to quotes from multiple insurers, brokers have more options to find you better insurance rates than an agent. A broker can compare the best quotes and help you save.

Insurance brokers work for you. Their role is to help you with all your insurance needs. They can help you compare quotes, provide advice about your coverage, help you with insurance claims, and much more. Calgary insurance brokers are your advocate and trusted resources for insurance.

Insurance rates are on the rise in Alberta. Insurance brokers in Calgary can help you find ways to save and minimize cost increases. They can ensure you have the right coverage for your home or vehicle. Get peace of mind in knowing you have an insurance broker on your side for all your insurance needs.

While brokers and agents both sell insurance, they have very different roles and capabilities. Both are licensed professionals but the main difference is who they work for.

Brokers work for you and can get you quotes from multiple insurance providers. Agents work for a specific insurance company. They can only offer you insurance quotes for the coverage sold by their company.

No. Contrary to popular belief, working with an insurance broker is completely free of charge. You will not be charged a fee to use a broker to compare quotes or get coverage.

Insurance brokers are your go to resource for all your insurance needs. They have your best interests in mind and will help you get the coverage you need at the cheapest rates based on your unique situation.

Insurance is regulated by the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC). All insurance brokers and professionals in Calgary must be registered with the Alberta Insurance Council and have a Certificate of Authority.