Jul 2, 2020

Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary Car Insurance

Can I get temporary car insurance? This is a common question asked by drivers in Ontario and across Canada. We all know car insurance is mandatory in order to drive. But, there are situations when drivers need unique or specialty insurance solutions to meet a specific driving need.

Situations arise where you may need short term auto insurance, not for the standard one year policy length. Unfortunately, very few insurers offer policies for less than 6 months in length in Canada.

In this blog we’ll define temporary car insurance, explain if temporary car insurance in Ontario exists, discuss short term car insurance coverage in Alberta, across Canada, and answer commonly asked questions.

What Is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance, which is also commonly referred to as short term car insurance, is an alternative type of coverage. It’s a short term car insurance policy solution for drivers who require coverage for less than the standard one year policy length. Coverage can last for days, weeks, or even a few months.

Who Needs Temporary Auto Insurance?

A temporary auto insurance policy may be required in a number of situations. Some of the most common include :

Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance In Ontario?

Temporary Car Insurance Ontario

Can you buy temporary car insurance in Ontario? The short answer is no. You cannot purchase temporary auto insurance plans in the province.

Temporary auto insurance plans are rarely offered by Ontario insurance companies. Standard one year insurance policies are the norm. So temporary auto insurance in Ontario is not an option.

Short Term Car Insurance In Ontario

For drivers looking to get a short term auto insurance solution, you may be able to get Ontario car insurance for a 6 month term. This would be considered short term car insurance in Ontario. However, only a limited number of insurers offer these policies.

Short term car insurance cost will vary based on your driving needs, vehicle type, driving record and other factors. If you want to buy short term car insurance you can contact your advisor or get a short term car insurance quote online. Coverage may or may not be available and you will need to confirm that with your insurer.

Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance In Alberta?

Insurance companies in Alberta do not offer temporary car insurance policies. Drivers must get a standard one year policy.

Where Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance In Canada?

Your ability to get temporary and short term car insurance in Canada will be based on the province you reside. Temporary coverage is available in some provinces. However, the length and type of coverage available varies.

Here is a breakdown of the provinces you car get temporary car insurance :

  • Alberta : No
  • BC : Yes you can get a TOP permit for 1 to 15 days. You can also get short term car insurance for 3 to 11 months in duration.
  • Manitoba : Yes you can get a temporary permit for 1 to 30 days.
  • Nova Scotia : No
  • New Brunswick : No
  • Ontario : No
  • Quebec : No
  • Saskatchewan : Yes temporary permits are available for 24 hours up to 8 days. You will need to purchase a Temporary Insurance Card (TIC).

How Do You Get Temporary Car Insurance?

To get temporary car insurance, in the provinces that offer this coverage, you should follow these steps :

  • Prepare your driver and vehicle information.
  • Find insurers that offer temporary insurance coverage.
  • Compare and find the best rates.
  • Choose the policy that best meets your driving requirements.

Companies That Offer Temporary Car Insurance

There are a very select few insurance companies that offer temporary car insurance. Depending on your province, temporary coverage may be available through your provincial insurance program.

Temporary Car Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the top questions drivers have about short term and temporary car insurance coverage :

You will need to show proof of insurance to purchase or lease a new vehicle. A standard policy in Ontario is one year. You will need Ontario auto insurance to get a new car.

No. But, if you are a university student returning home for the summer, you can get added on your parent’s insurance policy.

No. New drivers or young drivers can get added onto a parent or guardians insurance policy as an occasional driver.

In the provinces that offer this type of coverage, you can get a policy through private insurance companies or the provinces public insurance agency.

No. Temporary car insurance, if available, can only be purchased through an insurer

In the provinces where it’s available, temporary car insurance rates will vary. Get a car insurance quote to compare policy and pricing options in the province you want coverage.

Short term, or 6 month car insurance, costs vary from driver to driver. Your vehicle, location, age, driving history and other factors all affect your insurance premiums.

No a 3 month auto insurance policy is not available in Ontario. A limited number of insurers offer 6 month policies.

One day car insurance is not available in Ontario or Alberta. It is available is some other provinces.

One month temporary car insurance is not available in Ontario or Alberta. It is available is some other provinces.

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