Get Kingston's best auto insurance rates

Kingston is known for many things such as being the first Capital of Canada, its strong military presence, and having some of the cheapest car insurance rates in the province.

The city is found where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River come together. It’s a small town that is located between Toronto and Montreal, only a short 2-hour drive to Ottawa. With just over 132,000 residents, it’s a growing city that is seeing more traffic and congestion each year. So, if you want to keep your affordable car insurance premiums in Kingston, you’ll need a good policy.

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How does car insurance In Kingston work?

Getting auto insurance in Kingston is the same as in the rest of the province. Car insurance in Ontario is legally required for all vehicle owners. The FSRAO regulates the industry. You can get insurance from private insurance companies or through a brokerage. Most drivers have more than the minimum to ensure they have adequate protection. You can also enhance your policy by adding optional coverage and endorsements.

What is mandatory car insurance in Kingston?

All drivers must have $200,000 in third-party liability protection. All basic plans include :

What optional coverage is available in Kingston?

You have the choice to expand your plan by adding optional coverage and endorsement. Common optional coverage offered by your insurance company includes :