Learn about Saskatchewan auto insurance

Saskatchewan, the “Land of the Living Skies”, is in the heart of the prairies. Most people rely on vehicles to get around, even in larger towns such as Regina and Saskatoon. This makes car insurance an essential part of your transportation budget.

Fortunately, auto insurance is much more affordable in Saskatchewan than in other provinces. With just over 1 million residents in the province, fewer people, less traffic, and more open roads than in other regions. Maintaining a good driving record and comparing your insurance options is still important.

NOTE: ThinkInsure does not currently offer auto insurance in Saskatchewan.

Key takeaways about Saskatchewan car insurance

  • Insurance rates are higher in Saskatchewan than the Canadian average but still much more affordable than in other provinces.
  • Basic coverage is available through Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)
  • Auto Fund is the mandatory coverage. You can get optional coverage through private insurers.