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ThinkInsure saved me $375 on insurance for my truck. They took the time too understand my insurance needs and got me proper coverage. I'm so glad I called ThinkInsure.
Andrew, Sudbury, Ontario

The Cheapest Car Insurance Is At Your Fingertips

Ontario is the most expensive province for car insurance premiums. While residents in Sudbury have lower car insurance rates, on average, compared to drivers in Toronto and across the GTA, it is still important to compare car insurance quotes to ensure you get the best rates possible year after year.

With the rise of insurance fraud, the risk of car accidents, and even though the province is taking steps to lower auto insurance rates, taking a proactive approach and getting a quote for insurance before automatically renewing your policy can save you hundreds of dollars, in addition to ensuring you get the coverage you need.

“Life is expensive enough in the north without sky-high insurance bills making life even more expensive. When a driver in Manitoba is paying hundreds of dollars less than the same driver would in Ontario, we have a problem,” say MPP Gilles Bisson to the Sault Star on Digital Journal.

Here are some simple yet effective things you can do to save more on auto insurance coverage in Sudbury:

  • Consider increasing the deductible in your policy.
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of saving by bundling your home and car insurance coverage – combine other policies, as well (cottage, ATV, multiple vehicles).
  • Be on the lookout for potential insurance discounts. For example, you can save by installing winter tires or by adding additional security features.
  • Shop around and get Sudbury car insurance quotes – allow ThinkInsure to help you with this!

Do you want to save money on your car insurance? Here's our Top 10 list of tips to help Ontario drivers save more in their car insurance.

Bundle your home and car insurance and save even more! Compare Sudbury insurance quotes and start saving immediately!

Get An Online Quote To Find The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates

One of the most effective and efficient ways to save money on Sudbury car insurance is to get a quote online with ThinkInsure. We make the car insurance quote process as simple as possible for drivers. Simply visit us online, choose the insurance product you are interested in, and fill out your insurance online.

We’ll take your insurance history and driving information and handle the insurance shopping for you. We’ll do all the work and quickly find you the best coverage on the lowest car insurance rates in Sudbury to save you money.

Sound good?

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Sudbury Auto Insurance Stats

Located in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Sudbury is the largest northern Ontario city. This historic city, famously known for nickel mining and the Big Nickel – a 30-foot replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel, is home to more than 160,000 residents. The city is known for its interchangeable wilderness and urban settings, making driving a unique experience. The city is also known for being home to 330 lakes, mining, Laurentian University and a number of community colleges.

Another thing the city is known for locally is the high cost of car insurance in the region. Even though Sudbury residents are free and clear of the expensive car insurance rates associated with big cities such as Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa, many drivers in northern Ontario pay higher than average auto insurance premiums, and Sudbury drivers are near the top of the list, especially when you compare them to other resource-based cities across the country.

According to a study by the Consumer Association of Ontario and as reported by, Sudbury drivers pay more than $2100 annually for car insurance – much higher than rates in similar cities across the country. While rates are close to the provincial average in Ontario, they are still much lower when compared to Toronto drivers.

Sudbury Driving Tips

With its northern location, highways, country roads and city streets, Sudbury offers drivers a number of unique driving experiences. The city is located along the Trans-Canada Highway at the intersection of Highways 17 and 69. However, there are plans to extend Highway 400 to Sudbury by 2021. While in town, you can also you can take the Georgian Bay Coastal Route and check out the beautiful northern wildlife and landscape.

Regardless of which road you are travelling on, keep the following driving tips in mind to keep your driving record clean, avoid unnecessary risks, and have an enjoyable drive:

  • Adjust your driving, slow down, and turn on your headlights if you encounter fog on Highway 17.
  • Stay up to date with road work and construction, especially on major roads that are used frequently by local drivers.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your car insurance coverage in your vehicle at all times.
  • Winter tires are a must – make sure you have high quality snow tires to drive safely during the cold and challenging winter weather.
  • During the spring, be on the lookout for potholes. The cold winter weather creates countless potholes during the winter. Failure to pay attention could lead to an expensive repair bill if you hit one.
  • Pay extra attention when driving down single lane country roads, especially when approaching road crossings.
  • During the winter, always travel with an emergency kit and make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank.
  • Avoid distracted driving, put your phone away and pay attention to the road.

As with most northern Ontario cities and towns with limited public transportation systems, most people drive as their main mode of transportation. During peak hours, expect there to be a large volume of vehicles on the road. Use the above tips to plan your routes and safely get to your destination.