What you need to know about overland water coverage

If your house experiences overland flooding, your home insurance will cover you, right? It depends. Not all policies include overland water coverage. Overland flood coverage is available as an endorsement. If you don’t have this add-on, you may not be covered.

Did you know that water damage is the culprit for half of all home insurance claims in Canada? According to the IBC, $2 billion has become the new normal for annual weather-related damages. So, it might be time to consider adding overland water coverage to your policy if you don’t already have it.

At ThinkInsure, we can help you assess your situation and determine if overland water coverage or another type of flood insurance makes sense for you. We work with the top providers in Canada so we can find the best insurance to protect your home against overland water and flooding. Keep reading to learn more about how overland water coverage works.