About sewer backup coverage in Canada

Do you have sewer backup insurance? Many Canadians aren’t sure if their policy will cover the cleanup and restoration related to it. Sewer waste is not as easy as grabbing a mop and bucket – it poses a significant health risk, and you will need professionals to help you remove the waste from your house.

Severe weather, significant rainfalls, and sudden downpours are putting extreme stress on our systems, leading to increased sewer backup incidents in Canada. So, it’s a good idea to add sewer backup coverage.

No one wants to come home from work or wake up in the morning to find a sewer backup in the basement. It's a situation that homeowners fear not only because it can ruin cherished personal belongings. It can also require an extensive cleanup process.

At ThinkInsure, we can help you assess your situation and determine if sewer backup insurance makes sense for you. We can compare quotes and coverage from the top providers in Canada to find you the best rate. Below we’ll talk about sewer backup insurance and how it works.