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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created an Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Best New Cars To Buy In Canada for 2023

silver car in sunset
May 1, 2023:

In the market for a new car? Check our top 14 list of the best new cars in Canada.

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Can You Pause Or Put Your Car Insurance On Hold?

red car in parking lot
Apr 25, 2023:

Is it possible to put your car insurance policy on hold? Here’s what you need to know if you are considering pausing your policy with OPCF 16/17.

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OPCF 23A/23B

black woman driving a car
Apr 20, 2023:

Learn more about the meaning, definition, and explanations of OPCF 23A and OPCF 23B.

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OPCF 19/19A Explained

yellow sports car parked on the side of the road
Apr 18, 2023:

OPCF 19/19A have differences, but they can both add an additional layer of protection to help you pay out an auto-related loss. Learn more about this Ontario policy modification and how to add it to your coverage.

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Kitec Plumbing Guide For Homeowners

plumbing pipes
Apr 13, 2023:

In this article, we provide information on Kitec plumbing, including its common issues, troubleshooting issues, essential details about past recalls, and how Kitec plumbing can affect your insurance.

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Hot Water Tanks And Insurance

hot water tank repairman
Apr 11, 2023:

Do you know if insurance will cover repairs, replacement, or maintenance for your hot water tank? Find out in this guide.

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Proof of Loss Form Ontario

damaged black car
Mar 29, 2023:

Proof of loss forms are an important document for drivers to understand. Learn what this form is, how to fill it out, and how it supports the claims process for Ontario drivers.

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Uphill and Downhill Parking Rules

black car parked on side of the road
Mar 23, 2023:

Uphill and downhill parking requires some special considerations due to the additional risk of an incline or decline. Here are the best tips for how to park on a hill safely.

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Ontario Green Licence Plate Program

ThinkInsure green licence plate
Mar 17, 2023:

If you drive an EV or hybrid, you’ll have a green licence plate. Learn about the green licence plate program in Ontario.

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Storage Unit Insurance

Man moving boxes at storage facility
Mar 15, 2023:

Do you need extra storage unit insurance? Find out if your policy will cover your property that is in storage.

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How To Determine Home Replacement Costs For Insurance

Interior of house being repaired
Mar 10, 2023:

Does insurance cover the replacement cost of your home, or do you need extra coverage? Learn how to calculate home replacement costs and of this type of protection for your home.

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Septic Tank Insurance

two men lifting a septic tank lid
Mar 9, 2023:

If you are not connected to municipal water, you likely have a septic tank. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your home insurance covers accidents related to a septic tank system.

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Child Car Seat Regulations in Ontario

young toddler in a car seat
Mar 2, 2023:

Child car seat regulations in Ontario are extremely important for the safety of your family. Learn about the laws, fines and safety tips for car seats in the province.

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HOV Lane Rules, Laws And Fines

hov lane ahead sign
Feb 28, 2023:

As more Ontarians commute, city planners are looking to improve traffic congestion. HOV lanes are one of the solutions. Here's how to properly use them and the fines for misuse.

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Will Insurance Cover Rodent Damage In My Home?

mouse looking outside white cardboard cutout
Feb 23, 2023:

No one wants to have rodents in their home. Thankfully, with proper maintenance, you can limit future issues. Find out if insurance will cover rodent removal or damages.

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