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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Uber Challenges In Ontario With Insurance And Taxi Drivers Mar 23, 2016:   Uber is here to stay in spite of some of the insurance, driving and permitting challenges it faces at the moment. Other ride-sharing companies will be joining the market. One question though, is how will taxi companies and limousine services respond?   » Read More

Top 15 Tips For Ontario Winter Driving Dec 7, 2015:   Winter in Ontario can create some challenging and even dangerous driving conditions. These 15 tips for Ontario Winter Driving will help you to stay safe! Learn how to prepare your car for winter, be a wise driver and how to drive safely in snowy, wintry conditions.   » Read More

Bill 31 - New Ontario Road Rules In Effect Sep 1, 2015:   Since June, Ontario drivers have known that there would be changes to driving laws – particularly increased fines and penalties for distracted driving. Other changes have been introduced as well. Learn about the new law, about distracted driving and how you can make Ontario roads safer.   » Read More

Top 15 Ontario Driver's Licence Questions Aug 12, 2015:   Get helpful answers to the Top 15 Questions our customers ask us about Ontario driver's licences. Learn about Ontario’s graduated drivers licencing system, driver education, exchanging your licence from another province and much more.   » Read More

Car insurance for new and young drivers in Ontario Jul 30, 2015:   Did you know that there are some excellent discounts available to new and young drivers to help them reduce the cost of car insurance? In this article, you’ll learn about insurance discounts, driving tips, and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) programs to help your new and young drivers access the best car insurance rates available to them.   » Read More

How are Ontario car insurance rates determined? Jul 24, 2015:   Our ThinkInsure brokers get many questions about Ontario car insurance rates and how they’re determined and regulated. This article will help drivers learn about how insurance companies set their car insurance rates and the factors that influence individual rates.   » Read More

Changes To Ontario Road Rules To Improve Driver And Cyclist Safety Jun 10, 2015:   In an attempt to improve safety to everyone sharing roads in Ontario, our provincial parliament unanimously passed Bill 31, a legislation that will increase penalties and fines and amend rules of the road for drivers and cyclists. The bill also permits cities to build more bicycle lanes.   » Read More

Smartwatches and Ontario distracted driving laws Apr 24, 2015:   Distracted Driving in Ontario will be on the front burner again with the release of pre-orders of Apple’s Watch on April 24th, 2015. All smartwatches land in a grey area for Ontario’s distracted driving laws. But with only 720K on the market before Apple’s release, the courts and police have not had to clarify their stand on wearable technology. With 2025 sales predicted between $3-4 million, the popular Apple Watch will change everything for lawmakers, the courts and the police.   » Read More

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In Ontario? Mar 26, 2015:   Ontario has long been known as the province with the highest car insurance rates. Most GTA cities pay the highest premiums in Canada. But the Ontario Government and Car Insurers are working to address these high rates for drivers. The government introduced Bill 15 last November which should save drivers 15% on average. Car insurance companies are offering new products like Usage Based Insurance (UBI) that reward drivers for good driving habits.   » Read More

Bill 15 Passes, Ontario Drivers To Save 15% On Auto Insurance Nov 26, 2014:   What was promised by the Ontario government has now been put into law. With the passing of Bill 15 by the Ontario legislature, drivers in the province can expect to save an average of 15% on their auto insurance rates. When will you begin to see your insurance drop? As if often the case, it depends. Find out why.   » Read More

Self driving or robot car are coming to Ontario Oct 27, 2014:   Check your rear-view mirror. The self-driving car is a lot closer than you may think. And it’s going to change everything from insurance rates to entire industries such as truck driving and cab driving. Take a glimpse into the future.   » Read More

ontario graduated g, g1, g2 licensing top 10 questions Oct 3, 2014:   How much do you know about Ontario’s G Licensing System? Read our Top 10 Questions to see how much you know about this somewhat confusing licensing system.   » Read More

Ontario Election and the 15% Reduction in Car Insurance Rates for Ontario Drivers Jun 2, 2014:   With an Ontario election on June 12, the 15% reduction for Ontario car insurance has become a hot election topic, with conflicting assessments of the progress being made on reducing the cost of car insurance. From Ontario’s NDP and Liberal parties to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a range of viewpoints is being offered.   » Read More

Canada Road Safety Week 2015 Focuses On The Big 4 Driving Infractions May 15, 2014:   As part of the long-term vision of making this country’s roads the safest in the world, Canada Road Safety Week runs May 13-19. Building on progress to make roads safer, police forces are focusing on efforts to address “The Big 4” driving infractions during Road Safety Week 2015.   » Read More