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Aug 31, 2023

How to make it more difficult for thieves to steal your car

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Did you know that it can take a thief less than 30 seconds to steal a car? Shockingly, around 80,000 vehicles were reported stolen across Canada in 2021. Auto theft is considered a national crisis across Canada and nearly all stolen cars exported by organized crime - some vehicles end up in West Africa, according to CBC News.

Due to the increase in theft related claims, Ontario car insurance costs and providers are seeing an increase in rates, especially on the most stolen vehicles.

You can take several measures to prevent car theft, such as installing anti-theft devices and simply setting your emergency brake. Let's explore some techniques that can help you safeguard your car.

10 tips to help prevent car theft

Vehicle theft is a widespread problem globally, and Canada is not immune to it. In many Canadian cities, this crime has been a longstanding concern. With the increasing incidents of auto theft, it is crucial for vehicle owners to take proactive measures to protect their assets.

Here are 10 tips to help prevent car theft:

1. Stay informed on latest theft trends

It's vital to be knowledgeable about the prevalent vehicle theft trends in your area so that you can protect yourself. Stay informed by keeping an eye on local news, police reports, and community forums to understand the tactics and techniques that thieves are using. This information will help you tailor your prevention strategies accordingly, so you can be better equipped to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Speak with your provider about how car theft and insurance will work in the event of a claim and learn how they are adapting to the latest news.

2. Install an alarm system

Having an audible alarm system installed can be an effective way to prevent theft. Thieves are less likely to target a vehicle that draws attention to their activities. Moreover, modern alarm systems come with GPS tracking technology, which can help in locating and recovering your vehicle in case of theft.

3. Invest in a steering wheel lock

A visible and sturdy steering wheel lock is an effective way to deter thieves. These anti-theft devices make it significantly more challenging for criminals to steer or drive your vehicle, discouraging them from attempting to steal it.

4. Use a kill switch

Installing a kill switch that disrupts the fuel supply or ignition system can prevent thieves from starting your vehicle. This hidden switch adds an extra layer of security, as even if a thief manages to get inside your vehicle, they won't be able to drive it away.

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5. Park wisely

Strategically choose parking spots in well-lit, busy areas under surveillance, and avoid secluded locations. Having a dash cam can also be beneficial for watching your car while it’s parked.

It is recommended to park the less valuable car in a way that blocks the more valuable one, if you have two cars in your driveway. If you have a garage, park your car inside and make sure to lock the doors. Additionally, installing a home security camera system that covers your parking space can provide extra security.

6. Hide valuables

It's important to keep your belongings out of sight to avoid attracting thieves. Laptops, smartphones, bags, and other valuable items should be kept in the trunk or hidden compartments if possible.

7. Consider vehicle etching

Etching your VIN onto your vehicle's windows and major components can make it difficult for thieves to sell parts or disguise your vehicle's identity, deterring theft and aiding in recovery. Be sure also to keep a copy of your VIN on hand.

8. Secure your keys

Thieves have become increasingly adept at stealing vehicles with keyless entry and ignition systems. It is important to understand the risks of keyless car theft. One of the top prevention tips is to keep keys in a secure location at home and avoid leaving them near entry points where they could be easily taken. You’ll also want to consider a port blocker or Faraday bag to protect your electronic keys.

9. Register with a recovery service

Enroll your vehicle in a reputable GPS tracking recovery service such as Tag car tracking. In case of theft, these services can help authorities locate and recover your car quickly.

10. Close windows and lock doors

It is crucial that you never leave your vehicle running unattended and ensure that all the doors are locked. Additionally, remember to close the windows and sunroof to avoid any security breaches. It is recommended that you do not leave any personal information or valuables in the car.

Prevention is the first step towards limiting the risk of car theft

To prevent vehicle theft, it is important to stay vigilant, take proactive measures, and stay updated on the latest security trends. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of vehicle theft in Canada.

Remember, the more layers of security you add, the less appealing your vehicle becomes to potential thieves. Stay informed, stay cautious, and protect your against theft with a proper coverage. We can help you get a car insurance quote for a great rate and make sure your vehicle is covered for theft.