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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created an Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Collision Reporting Centre 101 And Reporting A Collision

range and white vehicle in an accident
May 17, 2022:

If you get into a car accident, you will likely need to visit a collision reporting centre in Ontario. Find reporting centres in GTA and learn about the collision reporting process.

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Alberta Driver’s Licence Renewal

Photo of Alberta Drivers Licence
May 16, 2022:

Learn about the Alberta driver’s licence renewal process, costs and what to do if your licence has expired.

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Reporting An Accident In Ontario

Man taking photos of car damage from an accident
May 9, 2022:

So you’ve had a car accident. Now what? Find out what to do when a car accident happens in Ontario. Here's what to report to the police and insurance.

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Is Rustproofing Your Car Worth It In Canada?

Orange vintage car with rust
May 4, 2022:

Is rust protection worth the added expense in Canada? Learn the pros and cons of car rust protection.

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Lease Takeovers And How They Work In Ontario

woman shopping at car dealership with salesman
May 2, 2022:

Are you looking to get out of a car lease? A lease takeover might be the best option. Here's how lease transfers work and how to can get the process started.

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Find Out The Most Reliable Car Models And Brands

lack couple driving jeep
Apr 25, 2022:

What are the most reliable cars to drive? Learn what makes a car reliable and check out our lists of the most reliable new and used cars.

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Is Pothole Damage To My Vehicle Covered By Insurance?

country road with many potholes
Apr 4, 2022:

Has your vehicle been damaged by hitting a pothole? Find out if your insurance will cover the damage. Learn about tips to avoid potholes.

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What Are The Safest Cars To Drive In Canada?

crash test dummy in drivers seat
Mar 9, 2022:

Check out the list of safest cars in Canada and the top safety picks from IIHS. Driving a safe car will help keep you safe and save on auto insurance.

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Best SUVs in Canada for 2023

SUV driving during the sunset
Mar 4, 2022:

Are you looking for a new SUV in 2023? Check out the top picks for SUVs in Canada this year with our buying guide.

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45 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Piggy bank with Canadian flag
Mar 3, 2022:

Find out how to save big on your car insurance. Why overpay? Check out our top 45 car insurance savings tips and lower your premiums!

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Is One Way Insurance Enough?

one way street sign
Feb 23, 2022:

Should you purchase one way insurance for your vehicle? Does it provide enough protection for your driving needs? Learn about the difference between one way and two way insurance policies.

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Driving High In Ontario

Person with a joint and hand on steering wheel
Feb 1, 2022:

Driving high is dangerous. When you drive while high on weed or illegal drugs, you put others at risk. Learn about the charges and laws in Ontario, Canada.

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Alberta Vehicle Registration : Renewal, Costs And Other Common Questions

Alberta licence plate graphic
Jan 31, 2022:

Is it time for Alberta vehicle registration? You can’t drive without having a vehicle registered. Get all the information you need for car registration. Learn about how to register a car, renewals, costs, and frequently asked questions by Alberta drivers.

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Home HVAC Systems And Insurance

a man working on an hvac system
Jan 26, 2022:

How does insurance work if your HVAC breaks down? Find out if you’ll be covered for repairs or replacement.

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Is Your Home Furnace Covered Under Insurance?

female with green blanket beside thermostat
Jan 25, 2022:

Can you get insurance for a home furnace? Learn if your insurer can protect you if your furnace needs replacement or repair.

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