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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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Road Rage Is On The Rise

Woman in white shirt expressing frustration while driving
Sep 24, 2021:

We’ve all been there – the feeling of rage building up when we get stuck in traffic, are running late or get cut off by another driver. That feeling is road rage, and it’s a common occurrence today.

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Does A Speeding Ticket In Ontario Increase Your Insurance?

speed limit sign for 20 km/hr
Sep 21, 2021:

Are you aware of how a speeding ticket in Ontario can affect your car insurance? Here we outline the types of speeding tickets, fines, and how speeding tickets can impact your insurance.

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Third-party Liability Insurance

image of car smashing into a house
Sep 17, 2021:

Third party liability car insurance is one of the most important types of mandatory coverage. In this blog we will explain what is covered with third party liability and how it works.

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Bicycle Insurance And Protection Against Theft

Man cutting a lock on a bike
Sep 16, 2021:

Does your bicycle need insurance? With bike theft on the rise, it is more important now than ever to understand if your policy will protect you.

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Pay Attention For School Zone Signs And Speed Limits

school zone signs in Ontario
Sep 10, 2021:

Need a refresher on school zone signs, speed limits, and rules? Keep your local community safe during back to school season with these school zone driving tips.

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Car Depreciation And What Vehicles Hold Their Value More Or Less

Man with beard looking at a car
Aug 10, 2021:

How quickly a car depreciates is based on a range of factors. Learn how car depreciation works and what cars depreciate the most and least.

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Does Hitting A Deer Affect Insurance?

Two deer crossing the road on a snowy day with mountains in the background
Jul 28, 2021:

80% of wildlife collisions involve deer – are you properly covered? Find out what to do if you hit a deer and how it affects your insurance.

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The Dangers Falling Asleep While Driving And Drowsy Driving Laws

Man Falling Asleep While Driving
Jul 27, 2021:

60% of drivers have gotten behind the wheel when feeling tired. Drowsy driving needs to be taken seriously. Here we take a look at this important driving safety topic, outline the dangers of drowsy driving, laws, facts, and methods for prevention.

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Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance graphic
Jul 21, 2021:

Can you get temporary car insurance in Ontario? In this blog we’ll define temporary car insurance, explain if it exists in Ontario and answer commonly asked questions.

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Pay-As-You-Go Insurance In Canada

man looking at cell phone with car in background
Jul 14, 2021:

Learn about pay-as-you-go in Canada. Find out the costs, how it works, who it’s for and its role in the future of automobile coverage.

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E-Bike Laws In Ontario And Toronto

woman on electric bike
Jul 5, 2021:

The laws for e-bikes are often a grey area. Here are the rules and regulations for driving an electric bike in Ontario.

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Stunt Driving In Ontario

An orange car doing a burnout
Jun 29, 2021:

Learn what is considered stunt driving in Ontario the new rules introduced in July 2021. Find out what happens if you get caught and how it will impact your insurance.

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Cheapest Cars To Insure In Ontario

brown subaru outback
Jun 22, 2021:

See the cheapest cars to insure in 2021. Learn why minivans and SUVs consistently rank among the cheapest cars to insure. Get some great cost-savings tips to help you save on car insurance before you make your next car purchase.

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What's The Trade-In Value Of My Car?

Couple Buying A Used Car Trade-In
Jun 16, 2021:

Curious to when you should trade-in your vehicle for the best value? Here’s how you can find the trade-in amount for your vehicle in Canada.

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No-Fault Insurance And How It Works In Ontario

Rear End Accident
Jun 14, 2021:

Are you confused about the meaning of no-fault insurance? In this blog, we’ll explain how it works and answer common questions drivers ask.

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