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At ThinkInsure we want to help our customers with all of their insurance needs. So we have created a new Insurance Help Centre where we will be providing helpful insurance articles and resources. Our insurance experts will be updating the site weekly with articles about saving money, policies & coverage, driving safety, latest news and much more.

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VIN Number Guide : How To Check And Understand Your VIN

VIN number characters and car
Nov 2, 2020:

A valid VIN is important to tell the story of your vehicle's history. Learn about how to lookup and decode and check your VIN. Get answers to common questions about VINs.

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Vehicle History Reports And How To Get A Free One

old used car on lot for sale
Oct 29, 2020:

Planning to buy or sell a car? Get a vehicle history report. Learn about what they are, why you need one, the details they provide, and how to get a free car history report.

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Is One Way Insurance Enough?

one way street sign
Oct 27, 2020:

Should you purchase one way car insurance? Does it provide enough protection for your driving needs? Learn about the difference between one way and two way insurance policies.

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Car Maintenance Tips 101

a mechanic doing car maintenance in a garage
Oct 22, 2020:

Regular vehicle maintenance can extend the life of your car. Here’s what you need to know about car maintenance and repairs.

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Lease Takeovers And How They Work In Ontario

man handing over keys to blue car
Oct 20, 2020:

Are you looking to get out of a car lease? A lease takeover might be an affordable option. Learn the pros and cons of a lease transfer.

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At-fault Accidents In Ontario And How They Impact Insurance

Man a woman talking after accident
Oct 19, 2020:

Are you at-fault? Get into a car accident in Ontario? Learn about at-fault accidents, how insurance companies determine fault, and how it can impact your automobile coverage.

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A Guide To Getting Ontario Custom Licence Plates

Ontario personalized license plates
Oct 14, 2020:

Are you thinking about getting a custom licence plate in Ontario? Check out our guide to getting personalized licence plates. Learn the rules for vanity plates and read top FAQs.

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A Guide For Car Warranties In Canada

car dealership service garage doors
Oct 8, 2020:

Do you really need extended warranty? Read our guide to car warranties in Canada to learn how car warranties work for new and used vehicles.

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Car Modifications And Insurance

two modified cars
Oct 6, 2020:

If you are working on vehicle modifications, some can impact your insurance rate and are even illegal in Canada. Learn which car mods can improve your vehicle without increasing your premium.

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Rental Car Insurance In Canada

Pick Up Rental Car Sign
Oct 1, 2020:

Do you need to buy rental car insurance? Learn about the types of coverage for vehicles, your options, and get answers to FAQs.

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Does Your Insurance Cover A Hit And Run?

Frustrated woman looking at damage done to a black car
Sep 24, 2020:

Do you have hit and run insurance? Not sure? Learn about hit and run insurance and how it works if you’re a victim.

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Average KMs Per Year By Canadian Drivers

Average KMs per year Canada
Sep 22, 2020:

How much do you drive annually? Find your annual mileage and compare it to the average car mileage in Canada per year.

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Car Safety Features : Which Ones Top The List?

Car safety features
Sep 21, 2020:

Car safety features are an important consideration. Are car safety features worth it? Check out our vehicle safety feature list. Learn if they help you save on insurance.

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Lying On Insurance : Consequences If You Lie To Your Insurer

Lying on insurance
Sep 7, 2020:

Lying to your insurance company can cost you - fines, claim denial, and even jail time. Learn what happens if you lie to your insurance company.

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Ontario Drivers Licence Renewal

Ontario driver’s licence renewal
Aug 26, 2020:

Is it time to renew your driver’s licence in Ontario? Learn about how to renew your drivers licence online, how much it costs to renew, and get answers to common questions about the renewal process.

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