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Affordable Medical Travel Plans For Canadian Travelers

Any time you travel outside of your home province or outside of Canada, it’s important to protect yourself with medical travel insurance coverage from ThinkInsure. We'll help you find affordable emergency medical coverage that will meet your unique health and travel needs.

Protect Your Health With Medical Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides you with supplemental health insurance coverage when you travel outside of Canada. Even if you are completely healthy, you should never leave home without dependable emergency medical travel insurance coverage.

ThinkInsure travel insurance provides you much more than medical treatments. It provides you with :

  • Peace Of Mind : Knowing that you have access to high quality medical care, should you need it, will make it much easier for you to enjoy your trip.
  • Protection From Expensive Out Of Country Medical Bills : Even simple medical treatments and hospital visits can be extremely expensive in other countries. Our medical travel insurance ensures you’re covered.
  • Medical Travel Insurance Options : Compare rates from 14 insurers to ensure you find a travel insurance plan that meets your health and travel needs. Our options allow you to get cheap medical travel insurance quotes.
  • Coverage For All Types Of Travelers : Whether you are studying abroad for the summer, heading south for the winter with other Canadian snowbirds, are travelling internationally for business, or are planning a family road trip, we have the medical travel insurance coverage you need for your trip.
ThinkInsure quickly got our family travel insurance coverage for our last minute trip to Mexico. It was easy and not very expensive. So it gave us peace of mind knowing that we would be covered if we needed to get healthcare for any reason while we were out of the country.
Roger, Toronto, Ontario

The Importance Of Medical Travel Insurance

You should never leave home without travel insurance, and you should make it part of your trip planning process. Having medical travel insurance is part of being an informed, educated and prepared traveler. However, only half of Canadians invest in medical travel insurance before travelling, putting themselves at risk if they were to require medical attention.
Why is medical travel insurance coverage so important?

  • Travel Is Unpredictable : You can never predict what could happen to you or a family member when travelling abroad. Someone could fall ill, have a slip and fall, break an arm, or even experience a medical emergency such as a heart attack. When these events occur, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how you are going to pay for health care in a foreign country.
  • Credit Cards And Group Insurance Plans Are Limited : If you have coverage, there will be limitations to the amount of coverage you have and when/if you can access it.
  • You May Be Denied Medical Care Without Travel Health Insurance : Hospitals, clinics, and doctors could refuse to treat you without proof of valid travel health insurance coverage, potentially putting you or a family member at risk.
  • You Could Get Stuck With A Huge Medical Bill : If you don’t have travel insurance, then you will be forced to pay out of pocket for medical care, something that could put you thousands of dollars in debt.

What Is Included With Medical Travel Insurance Coverage?

Medical travel insurance provides Canadian travelers with the best available health care at their travel destination should they require emergency medical care. Here are some of the coverage options available through our medical travel insurance coverage:

  • Hospital / Medical Expenses : The cost of hospitalization in a semi-private room
  • Physicians’ Fees : For appointments and treatments in a doctor’s office
  • Medical Appliances : This covers the purchase of splints, casts, crutches, canes, slings, and other medical supplies required for treatment or recovery
  • Private Duty Nursing Care : Covers the costs of care by a registered nurse for care at your destination
  • Diagnostic Services : Laboratory tests and x-rays required for the treatment
  • Prescription Drugs For Emergency Treatment : As prescribed by a doctor
  • Emergency Dental Care : Fees for the services of a dental surgeon for accidental oral injuries
  • Ambulance Services : Local ambulance services to the nearest medical facility
  • Paramedical Fees : 50% for services by a chiropractor, podiatrist or physiotherapist
  • Transportation Expenses : Emergency air transportation, emergency transportation to the insured person’s bedside, and return of the deceased to Canada
  • Delayed Return Expenses : Coverage for the return portion of an insured trip that is delayed
  • Accidental Death Insurance : Coverage in the amount of $25,000

Tips For Getting Medical Travel Insurance Quotes

When shopping for medical travel insurance quotes, it’s important to give yourself enough time to carefully consider your options and coverage needs. Here are some tips to ensure you get the coverage you need for your next trip:

  • Research Your Coverage Needs : All travelers are different; make sure you choose medical coverage that will meet your specific health needs, especially if you have a unique medical situation.
  • Be Clear About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions : If you have a pre-existing medical condition, make sure you talk to your travel insurance provider to ensure you still qualify for travel insurance coverage.
  • Know What You Are Getting : Before agreeing to your policy, make sure you are crystal clear about the terms, conditions, and limitations of your medical coverage.
  • Make Sure The Policy Covers The Duration Of Your Trip : Double check your travel dates and make sure your coverage is valid for the entire extent of your trip – including arrival and departure days.