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About Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada, now commonly referred to as GSC, has offered extended health and dental benefits to Canadians since 1957. They are Canada’s only national not-for-profit specialist, offering a variety of packages for all Canadians.

With companies in 6 cities across the country, they provide coverage to meet the needs of residents in all provinces and are always working on new health coverage options to meet your ever-changing health care needs.

Why Green Shield Canada?

  • Health benefits options : Green Shield provides you with supplemental options, ensuring that all Canadians can get access to the health care benefits they need for their families.
  • Affordable benefits programs : GSC offers benefits plans at a variety of price points and coverage options, ensuring you can find a plan that fits your budget.
  • CHANGE4LIFE health management : Get access to this health management program that focuses on disease management, prevention, advice and access to resources to help you stay healthy.

GSC Products And Coverage

GSC offers a variety of options for people in all situations. Whether you need benefits for your family, you are self-employed or are in any other situation, you can choose from coverage and products such as :

SureHealth ZONE

This is an ideal product for people looking for long term coverage. Choose from 7 package options, including :

  • ZONE 1 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • ZONE 2 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • ZONE 3 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • ZONE Fundamental
  • ZONE 4 Health Questionnaire Required
  • ZONE 5 Health Questionnaire Required
  • ZONE 6 Health Questionnaire Required

SureHealth LINK

SureHealth LINK helps to ensure you have coverage no matter what. When your group benefits through your employer come to an end, LINK plans ensure you still have coverage. Green Shield offers 4 plans to meet your needs :

  • LINK 1 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • LINK 2 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • LINK 3 Guaranteed Acceptance
  • LINK 4 Guaranteed Acceptance

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