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Want to get a life insurance quote from Canada Life? Working with a life insurance broker from ThinkInsure will help you explore your life insurance options and understand the types of coverage that are available to you and your family. While there are many life insurance companies in Ontario to consider, choosing one that has a deeply rooted history and name recognition in the industry is always a safe bet – like Canada Life Assurance Company.

Why Get A Quote For Canada Life Assurance?

Founded in 1847, Canada Life was our country’s first domestic life insurance company. Today, it has an international presence as a subsidiary of Great West Life. Canada Life provides a large selection of insurance and wealth management products. Today, they have more than 12 million Canadian customers – many of whom trust them with their life insurance policy.

Here are some reasons to get a Canada Life insurance quote :

  • Dedicated Advisors : Canada Life employees are dedicated to ensuring you get the best life insurance coverage possible. This means life insurance that is aligned with your financial goals and meets your unique needs.
  • Community Support : Canada Life plays a big role in local communities, taking part in more than 900 community initiatives and contributing $12.1 million to charities in 2015.
  • Flexible Life Insurance Products : Canada Life offers flexible life insurance solutions that can provide you and your family with the financial security you are looking for. These solutions can be integrated into your financial plans while you are alive.

Canada Life - Life Insurance Coverage

Canada Life offers two types of life insurance coverage: Term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Learn more about these products here :

Canada Life Term Life Insurance

This is a simple and affordable life insurance option that ensures your family does not have the burden of financial obligations when you can no longer support them. It is less expensive than permanent life insurance coverage, allowing you to purchase coverage that will better meet your unique life insurance requirements.

Term insurance insurance is a great short term option, and you can transition to a permanent life insurance plan when the time is right for you and your family. Policies are also available for business owners.

Permanent Insurance From Canada Life

Permanent life insurance coverage gives you lifelong coverage in addition to the opportunity to grow your wealth. Canada Life offers two options for you to consider :

  • Universal Life Insurance : This type of coverage provides you with flexibility and cost effective coverage that will match your lifestyle as it evolves over time. Ideal for people seeking flexible life insurance terms and options, it allows you to choose from a variety of investment options, set your premium payment schedule, and grow your wealth by supplementing retirement income or fund your children’s education.
  • Participating Life Insurance : This coverage is ideal for people looking for lifelong insurance coverage in addition to having the option of supporting financial goals. This form of life insurance allows you to leave more for your loved ones, grow your wealth and potentially receive dividends.

Additional Insurance Products and Services

Even though Canada Life doesn’t offer car insurance or home insurance coverage, they do provide effective insurance solutions in many other areas – including health insurance. Other insurance products include :

  • Critical Illness Insurance : Financial protection to help cover the costs to recover from a critical or life altering illness.
  • Disability Insurance : Provides financial support if you are unable to work due to injury or illness.
  • Creditor Insurance : This helps to protect individuals and families in the event of a death, critical illness, disability or job loss.

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Your first step to getting the protection you need for you and your family starts with a quote for life insurance. To get a Canada Life quote or to explore your life insurance options, all you need to do is contact our life insurance brokers today!