About Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance in Canada

Guaranteed life insurance is a product for those who face challenges in getting life insurance. There are thousands of Canadians who have health issues that prevent them from getting a standard policy because they would not pass the medical examination. This product gives you peace of mind in knowing you can still get coverage for financial expenses, funeral costs, and have financial protection for your loved ones.

Below you will learn about what guaranteed life insurance is, how it works, and get answers to common questions people have about this product.

What Is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

It is a product for people who do not qualify for normal life insurance policies. You are guaranteed to be approved for a plan, regardless of your current health or medical history.

Commonly referred to as guaranteed acceptance, guaranteed issue, or “no questions life insurance,” it can fall under the category of no medical life insurance because you are not required to complete a medical exam as part of the application process.